#23: An Open Conversation for Moms: What Your Husband Really Needs
Published August 16, 2017
29 min
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    Today’s episode is a continuation of last week’s conversation for Dads. This week, however, we talk to Moms. But that doesn’t leave husbands off the hook. Guys, it’s imperative you join the conversation. Without your input, it’s hard for your wife to know what motivates you to pursue her.
    To reemphasize, our conversation in this episode comes from our own crooked picture frame. Our story is not your story. My (Josh) needs may be different than those of other husbands. However, we hope this conversation is what you and your spouse need to talk deeper about your own relationship and how you can better support one another–especially when the going gets tough.
    Once again, based on a blog post I (Josh) wrote, we talk about the valuable lessons we continue to learn as it relates to connecting deeper in our marriage, particularly after kids.
    Let us hear from you. Join the conversation with us and share the lessons you are learning from your own picture frame.
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