June 22, 2020
Gia, Bexx, Sapph, Scottie and Lysh discuss a myriad of topics focused on the attention, protection and respect of Black women. NoName & J Cole’s conflicting schools of thought, cancel culture, the recordings and history of violence against black women. The ladies also discuss Insecure’s season 3 finale, the rights of a woman’s choice and both Molly & Issa’s growth. The collective shares a special moment of reflection over our individual relationships with our fathers, and sends thoughts and prayers for the profound sprint gone too soon, JasFly.
June 12, 2020
The ladies of BGP are joined by actor, singer, writer, director and star of ‘Da 5 Bloods,’ Clarke Peters. The stage and Hollywood veteran speaks on black brotherhood, black joy, black mental health, black freedom and the necessity of sharing more diverse black stories on stage and on film. You can watch Peters in the new Spike Lee Joint, ‘Da 5 Bloods,’ on Netflix June 12, 2020.
May 17, 2020
The ladies of BGP check in for another quarantine convo. Alysha, Gia, Scottie, Bexx and Sapphira Em discuss Michael Jordan’s “asshole” tendencies from 'The Last Dance’ documentary, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott’s soulful serenade during their #Verzuz battle and Insecure’s latest episode - “Lowkey Movin’ On”. The ladies examine and debate both Issa and Molly’s perspectives.
May 1, 2020
Alysha, Bexx, Scottie, Sapphira and Gia talk about adjusting to their new routines and realities while quarantined and facing the unknown of the COVID-19 pandemic. Breaking news of sexual misconduct throughout the NYC community incites conversation over abuse of power, exploitation, the salacious nature of social media, protecting black women, their courage and the autonomy over the platforms they use to share their stories. If you or anyone you know is in an unsafe situation or has been sexually assaulted, call 800.656.HOPE (4673) or visit Rainn.Org for help.
March 18, 2020
Shayla Cowan joins Black Girl Pod for some real boss talk. The Michigan-native turned Will Packer’s Executive Assistant chats with us about her career rise to Will Packer Production and Will Packer Media’s Chief of Staff, her humble beginnings as a Hennessy Girl, learning on the job, toughening up in a male-dominated industry, protecting her femininity, expectations of greatness, finding her voice and finding her grace.
March 3, 2020
The ladies discuss the statement your life leaves behind. We mourn the death of Kobe Bryant, what his existence meant and will always mean, the balance between thorough yet respectful journalism, and the intense response to Gayle King’s interview with Lisa Leslie. We also take the time to acknowledge another life gone too soon - PopSmoke. We discuss public and private life, the totality of a human being and how we interact on social media versus real life.
January 31, 2020
Back at the mic, Bexx, Sapph and Lysh give updates on what they've been up to since the last recording. Sapphira talks about the excitement of redesigning her studio, Alysha shares stories about her trip to Ghana and explains the awakening that took place when returning "home", Bexx goes into detail about her fearless journey through her work with the Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign.
December 20, 2019
Alysha, Sapphira, Scottie and Gia sit down for the last episode of 2019 as Bexx continues the incredible work she’s been doing outside of NYC. As the young women reflect on who they were and what they were doing 10 years ago, they share what they’ve learned and who they hope to become in the next decade. Happy Holidays from BGP! See you in 2020!
November 29, 2019
Episode 63 of Black Girl Podcast is sponsored by Helix Sleep! While Bexx is on the road working to change the world, the rest of the girls get back in the studio! Alysha, Sapphira, Gia and Scottie give their life updates on what's been going on since ComplexCon. Gia talks about her first taste of being "dragged" on Black Twitter and tells a funny story on how she meet Bad Gal Ri Ri. Sapphira speaks on what the first few weeks of being 30 has been like as well as her experience attending Kanye's Sunday Service. Alysha shares how her 1 year journey with therapy has her feeling "GREAT" and how honored she felt being one of the shooters during Colin Kaepernick's workout in ATL. For more info on Helix Sleep, visit them at to take the quiz and be sure to follow them on Instagram & Twitter @HelixSleep!
November 26, 2019
In this episode, Alysha, Bexx, Gia, Sapphira and Scottie take the stage at their first ever ComplexCon live show in Long Beach, California! As the girls catch up on their personal lives in front of their LB listeners, they also soak up some much needed knowledge and gems from their guest, New York Times Best Selling Author, Elaine Welteroth. Elaine shares her journey on becoming the first African American Editor In Chief at Teen Vogue, not letting time define your destiny and much more! Her book, “More Than Enough” is available everywhere books are sold, now!
September 23, 2019
Episode 61 of Black Girl Podcast is sponsored by Helix Sleep! Gia, Alysha, Bexx, Scottie and Sapph are back (finally!) with an abundance of updates on what they’ve been up to since Essence Fest. Alysha shares the clarity she’s gained with all the self-work she’s done through therapy and how she is finding her safe spaces, creating boundaries and working through trauma. Gia recaps a successful first season of BlackCoffee, celebrating another year (29!) and discerning between industry and true friendships. Scottie shares the vulnerability of reconnecting with her father during his radiation treatment, the importance of making decisions for self and still finding happy. Bexx opens up about her growth and shares a personal story that helped her reach deeper understanding. Sapph reveals what it’s felt like seeing and living through her parents’ divorce, celebrating a successful summer run of SassBoxx PopUp Shops and her new job with Flip The Senate! | For more info on Helix Sleep, visit them at to take the quiz and be sure to follow them on Instagram & Twitter @HelixSleep!
July 26, 2019
For their second live show in New Orleans, Gia, Alysha, Scottie, Bexx and Sapphira recap their hilarious night partying through New Orleans, and meeting & nicknaming a sixth BGP member (see title). Questions from the audience find the ladies (and crowd) setting the record straight on “good hair,” collectively rolling our eyes over Chris Brown’s controversial “light skin” lyrics. The ladies also share intimate moments with BGP listeners about pacing through your own journey, and discovering the benefits of living and traveling with “me, myself and I.”
July 26, 2019
The ladies of BGP host their first live show at the Pythian Market in New Orleans! “Snowfall” on FX actors Damson Idris and Angela Lewis join the ladies to discuss the black “UK takeover” in Hollywood, finding inspiration for their on-screen characters, growing and maturing into their TV roles and personal identities, perseverance, faith, healing and memories working with John Singleton and the duty of carrying his legacy throughout their on-screen performances.
June 30, 2019
Gia, Alysha, Scottie and Bexx recap what they've been up to for the past two weeks! Gia shares the excitement and gratitude of her new BET show #BlackCoffee, and what it felt like to see so much DC love at the 2019 BET Awards. Alysha - fresh off vacation in Mexico - shares the redeeming experience of "stillness." Scottie's recent trip to Paris provides another full circle experience for her career. Bexx shares how its felt juggling career, family and starting over. PLUS! BlackGirlPod celebrates their big LIVE SHOW debut in NOLA, July 5th & 6th. Tickets available NOW at
June 14, 2019
Rutina Wesley & Dawn-Lyen Gardner from OWNTV’s ‘Queens Sugar’ join the ladies of BGP for an insightful conversation on finding yourself, trusting yourself and being yourself. The ladies also share how their respective journeys have serendipitously crossed paths along the way. Be sure to tune in to Season 4 of Queen Sugar 9p/8p CT on OWNTV!
May 31, 2019
What’s the difference between ego & confidence? Sapphira, Scottie, Bexx, Gia & Alysha discuss the dissimilarities. The caution of “faking it till you make it,” how ego can easily encourage delusion and “false realities,” and of course, how social media can highlight or ruin your sense of self. Sapph's question to the room, - “What would you tell your 7 year old self?” - produces some surprising responses from the ladies. Join the conversation and let us know what YOU would say to self. Be sure to "at" us and use the #BlackGirlPod hashtag!
May 20, 2019
The ladies of BGP get together and crack the mic after a few hectic weeks away from each other. Scottie shares memorable moments from her Paris trip. Alysha talks about her struggles with therapy. Sapphira opens up about her physical health. Bexx celebrates a birthday HER way. Gia has an honest convo about her natural hair and also dives into the importance of her hometown's growing movement, #DontMuteDC which allows Bexx to introduce a challenging debate over blackness vs. individuality. And OF COURSE, the ladies give Beyoncé’s NETFLIX film its proper acknowledgment with a conversation dissecting and discussing the layers of cultural influence, blackness and the work ethic it took to pull off a history-making performance!
May 15, 2019
For the first time, the ladies of Black Girl Podcast invite men to join the conversation; inspired by the incredible life and unfortunate death of Nipsey Hussle. Ebro Darden (@oldmanebro), Justin Carter (@jstnlamar) & Dawan Alford (@dawanalford) share their insights on mental health, emotion, ego, trauma and more. #TheMarathonContinues
April 12, 2019
The ladies recap the experience of hosting an advanced screening of “Little” with their listeners. Bexx shares how she almost got robbed in Houston, Alysha opens up about a therapy breakthrough, and Gia shares what it felt like balancing a huge career moment with the huge responsibility of covering Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service. Go see “Little” in theaters, April 12th! #LittleMovie
March 30, 2019
Episode 52 of Black Girl Podcast was powered by Foot Locker! The ladies discuss "Women in Culture' live from Foot Locker Times Square with special guests Ashley Outrageous and Trish! Closing out Women's History Month, the ladies have a candid convo about the come up! | #WomensKickstoryMonth
March 20, 2019
Gia, Alysha, Scottie and Sapphira discuss personal and exciting updates, their thoughts on the recent Gayle King and R. Kelly interviews and the ​J​ordyn Woods’ feature on Red Table Talk. Coming straight off a flight, Scottie sets everything straight addressing the recent white privileged chatter from YesJulz.
February 22, 2019
The ladies of BGP celebrate their fiftieth show with a LIVE recording at Horizon Media. Gia, Sapph, Bexx, Scottie and Alysha recap their ATL/Boomerang highlights, this exhaustive Black History Month, Steve Harvey vs Mo’Nique, Jussie Smollett developments and MORE.
February 13, 2019
The ladies of BET’s ‘Boomerang’ - Tetona Jackson, Brittany Inge, Lala Milan & Director, Dime Davis - join BGP for a transparent conversation on representation, finding your way, killing doubt, self awareness and mental health. Special thank you to #HouseOfBet & Team Epiphany for the incredible experience. ‘Boomerang’ premieres Feb. 12, 2019 at 10/9c on BET !
January 26, 2019
Sapph, Gia, Alysha & Bexx talk life updates, adjusting to new beginnings, and Alysha shares her response to the overwhelming feedback from EP.47. The conversation flows into updates from therapy, vulnerability with a “healthy” confidant and the relationship between pride, humility and modesty.
January 14, 2019
The ladies of BGP discuss the in-depth, Dream Hampton docu-series that revealed the disturbing truth of R&B’s pied predator.
December 28, 2018
BGP reviews the last 365 days to discuss what they’ve been through, how they got through, the battle wounds they earned & the successes they’re most grateful for. The ladies also highlight their Top 3 black women of 2018, take a look back at their 2016 on-mic goals (did they meet their marks?), and also discuss “gifting while dating.”
December 22, 2018
How many of us have them? Gia, Alysha, Scottie, Sapph and Bexx deep dive into the concept of friendship - our understanding of it, nostalgic relationships, dissolved bonds and opposite sex friendships. The ladies also rate their own performances as friends - to other people and to each other.
December 14, 2018
BGP recaps their Thanksgiving holiday(or lack there of)with their respective families. Gia shares her Soul Train Awards experience and healing process since the passing of her Godmother. Scottie re-starts therapy with a new counselor she's excited about, Sapphira shares her excitement about the new births in her family, Bexx details an eye opening dream & Alysha relives a hectic 3 weeks, including her Paris trip with her mom & nephew.
December 5, 2018
"Icy Gurl” Saweetie joins the ladies of BGP for a lit ass conversation (& some in-studio Henny) about her confident and ambitious climb as the Bay Area’s undeniable new rap star. The recent Warner Brother’s signee talks goals, inspirations, her lyrical skills AND reveals who’d she “F*ck, Marry & Kill.
November 9, 2018
NYC based Psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Clemons joins us to discuss mental health, personality disorders, when/how to know therapy is right for you and expectations before starting your sessions. Gia shares hesitations and Alysha P unpacks her battle with guilt during an honest and hilarious conversation.
October 29, 2018
The ladies take a trip down memory lane, landing in the nostalgia of classic black TV, and fall into a debate over claiming their “Girlfriends” doppelgängers. We discuss FuckBois & Insecure’s season finale, Drake’s appearance on HBO’s “The Shop,” and more!
October 19, 2018
When was the last time you took a really good look at yourself? Gia, Scottie, Alysha & Bexx discuss self-reflection and how much they’ve learned about themselves since last episode. Gia reveals a tough career decision she’s recently made, Alysha shares plans for a beautiful surprise, Bexx reveals how hurt has brought her immense growth, and Scottie reflects on the unhappiness surrounding her birthday & digging for her purpose.
September 13, 2018
What in the world is happening in pop culture?! From Serena Williams’ reaction to an unfair umpire, to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s conflict in couture, BlackGirlPod shares how they REALLY feel about all the madness. Plus! singer/songwriter AND the first woman of Dreamville Records, Ari Lennox, joins the group to talk new music, opens up about mental health, and her search for some good D!
September 6, 2018
The ladies of BGP attended BET’s #BlackGirlsRock Awards show and had the time of their life. In this episode, they discuss the inspiration they experienced while being around their she-roes, and discuss a few wins of their own... Especially our girl Scottie Beam. Check out “Black Girls Rock,” Sept. 9 on BET at 8/7c!
August 28, 2018
Can love be fun? Should love be fun? BGP discusses the elements of a romantic relationship after Scottie Beam admits to believing the two cannot co-exist. Also, the ladies reveal the craziest sh*t they’ve ever done for a crush or partner.
July 23, 2018
Alysha, Gia, Sapphira and Bex return from EssenceFest2018 with some surprising reviews of their respective weekends. The ladies discuss self alignment, unexpected moments of personal growth and purpose. A fight between Alysha & Gia to claim a Hollywood heartthrob, finds the ladies debating the integrity of ‘love is love.’ Plus, have you noticed something weird about “Insecure"?
July 14, 2018
Just days after their first live show, the ladies of BGP step into the studio and talk about how surreal #BGPLIVE was and how it affected them individually. They each express their gratitude to their families, friends, listeners and amazing sponsors! They also jump into a quick discussion on B.D.E.
June 25, 2018
Five black women walk into an auditorium...
June 15, 2018
The ladies of BGP update each other about their lives since the last episode then dive into a discussion about friendships. They share stories on some of their closest friendships and how they've changed over the years, whether or not there is a need to talk things through during a fallout or just letting time mend the relationship.
June 4, 2018
How well do you know yourself? BGP has a no holds barred, bold-ass conversation about self-loving, vibrators, fetishes, size, partners and more. PLUS - the ladies take a deep dive into #SummerSavagery 101. Professor Scottie leads the lecture.
May 21, 2018
BGP faces their biggest adversaries: ourselves. The ladies share how they REALLY feel about one another, fighting for and LIVING your BEST life, the importance of dialoguing with loved ones, and allowing yourself moments to pause and reflect.
May 1, 2018
The ladies of BGP celebrate their 30th episode with their first guest ever -- Janelle Monáe! The ladies get Janelle to drop some “Hey Black Man” bars, dive into questions about both her personal and career growth over the years, and break down what the title of her newest album, “Dirty Computer,” signifies.
April 27, 2018
The ladies of BGP are back from a month long hiatus. They waste no time diving into hot topics! Bex surprises the group by telling them she started therapy. Scottie Beam breaks down her disappointment and heartbreak with Yeezy. The group discusses the Nicki vs Cardi saga, and Gia makes the group aware of Chikesia Clemons.
March 22, 2018
Gone off of Honey Jack and Rum, Alysha and Sapphira have an uncensored and light-hearted conversation about boobs, and insecurities, and a few other things they have in common. The ladies also discuss the standard of social media beauty, filters, plastic surgery, and more.
March 1, 2018
BGP continues the conversation of worth by discussing the Mo’Nique-Netflix saga, examines the historic success of Black Panther and one rapper’s sizable contribution to social media. Plus, the girls discuss the importance of timing when returning to the relationship world.
February 16, 2018
Gia’s recap of her Roc Nation Grammy Brunch experience, meeting Jay Z and Beyonce, and Bex’s news has BGP asking what exactly is ‘the grind?” Plus, the fine line between abuse & earning your stripes, knowing your value and realizing when it’s time to move on.
January 23, 2018
What exactly is sexual harassment? BGP examines the nuances behind Aziz Ansari’s “date night,” the grey areas of #MeToo and the failure of men to define manhood. Also! - updates on what we’ve been up to and a serious question for our listeners.
December 13, 2017
The ladies of BGP hop right back into the conversation, dissecting Michelle Obama’s recent comments on raising children, challenging Jay Z’s New York Times interview, reflecting on 2017, sharing how meditation truly works and more.
December 5, 2017
The ladies provide an update on their busy lives, relationship/dating experiences and frustrations with feeling unaccomplished. A conversation over Spike Lee's "She's Gotta Have It" and sexual harassment lands Scottie Beam & Alysha P in a heated debate over their conflicting perspectives.
October 31, 2017
Listen to the ladies of BGP talk the importance of experiencing HBCU Homecoming Weekends, celebrate Cardi B’s and Offset’s engagement, discuss their feelings on Justin Timberlake’s upcoming super bowl performance, give a *special* shout out to black men, and explain why you may never want to address another woman when it comes to your man.
October 9, 2017
BGP takes on #ForTheD challenge & life updates since our last episode. Gabrielle Union’s miscarriage news opens up the convo to politics & expectations of pregnancy; Kevin Hart’s indiscretions, brand and apology; & is monogamy really unnatural?
September 20, 2017
BGP celebrates our 20th episode! Would you "friend" an ex on social? BGP talks the disrespect & MATURITY of #InsecureHBO's last two episodes. The girls also reflect over the fragmented details of Kenneka Jenkins's tragic death & are outraged over ESPN’s public “spanking” of Jemele Hill. BGP debates whether black people can be racist, the power of an NFL boycott & the current black recognition in pop culture today. Enjoy!
August 31, 2017
[When] is it ok to discuss your finances with your partner? #InsecureHBO has got #BGP screaming #TeamDaniel & debating oral sex etiquette. A convo over Oprah's new series 'Black Love' finds the ladies deep diving into the definitions, the balance, the lessons and the risks of love.
August 16, 2017
How open are you in an open relationship? Can you flip a fuck-buddy into a boyfriend? BGP dissects #InsecureHBO's recent "Hella LA" episode. News of the Charlottesville riots turns the convo into a passionate dialogue about race. @Scottiebeam talks the affects of her #KnockdownCenter experience and seeks counsel with the ladies.
July 26, 2017
BGP talks Insecure season 2 premiere, our experience at #Curlfest and #SouthNTheCity. ALSO: can arguing be healthy for a relationship? Alysha comes closer to getting out of her own way.
July 12, 2017
Is it love before respect or respect before love? BGP discusses the 'PEMDAS' of loving your significant other, and dive into Jay Z's 4:44. The ladies also take a surprising position on the Blac Chyna v. Rob Kardashian scandal and get real about body imaging/sculpting & more!
June 21, 2017
Where's your* head at when it comes to sex? How do you critique your partner's cunnilingus? How can you tell you're good at oral? Has porn hurt or helped your abilities? The pleasures and pitfalls of threesomes. The news of Bill Cosby's mistrial, rape culture & double standards in 2017.
June 7, 2017
BGP unwinds with some casual girl-talk! How would you feel if your friend got engaged at your wedding? Fact or fiction: sex burns a lot of calories? How to eat healthy for your lifestyle. Our apathy over Kathy Griffin's tearful retraction, Bill Maher's audacity and Keyshia Knight Pulliam's decision to stand by her TV-dad Bill Cosby.
May 31, 2017
Alysha comes to a tearful conclusion about her struggle to accept help. In part two, BGP examines the presence and absence of God in our lives; & how this informs, supports and guides our journeys.
May 24, 2017
Alysha explains how she often battles with asking for help, even when she knows she needs it. BGP unpacks the challenges of "the ask" - both internally & externally imposed.
May 16, 2017
The future is defined by the choices we make. BGP discusses career decisions, risk & faith. And also, the fine line between autonomy and decision-making with your partner.
April 14, 2017
Scottie returns from Africa with new found peace & an unbelievable truth about Cape Town. BGP talks "distance" while in a relationship, establishing boundaries & non-negotiables & breaking points.
March 22, 2017
[Episode 9] "Ex-Factor." by blackgirlpodcast
March 3, 2017
BGP is back!...and we waste no time diving in to the controversies surrounding the Grammys and Oscars, as well as all things Remy v. Nicki. The discussion then transitions to a very broad examination of dating in our generation, from sending nudes to meeting parents.
February 4, 2017
Let's talk about sex. BGP reveals the places, the partners and their past experiences; sexting 101, health conscious relationships, dating someone with a child and answering questions from our loyal listeners!
January 19, 2017
How much credit do you give yourself? BGP talks pride (in self & work), their individual experiences either quitting or losing a job, being dissatisfied with their place of employment, and balancing between valuing yourself and remaining humble.
January 5, 2017
Serena Williams's recent engagement sparks a conversation around love, sex and the place each should have in the context of relationships (2:24). BGP then takes an unfiltered look at race in our society, that then grows into a heated dialogue on activism (33:24).
December 21, 2016
2016 has been an amazing year for Black Women (14:30). We share who has inspired each of us (25:28), what's in the pipeline for 2017 & send our holiday wishes to all.
December 19, 2016
After bringing some much needed holiday cheer, BGP examines the situation surrounding Kanye West (3:17). Shi*t gets real when the crew discuss HBO's Insecure finale (29:05), and examine the impact of social media on a relationship (56:10).
December 12, 2016
BGP unpacks heartbreak with an honest recollection of love stories gone terribly wrong (15:14), and the lessons of both being fcked over & fcking someone else over (25:07).
December 7, 2016
In our first episode, Scottie Beam (@scottiebeam on twitter/IG), Sapphira M (@sapphiraem), Alysha P (@AlyshaP819/@AlyshaP), Gia Peppers (@giapeppers) and Bex (@blvckdaria) introduce ourselves and our backgrounds in the entertainment industry. The conversation highlights the 2016 presidential election(9:15), self care (17:18), embracing womanhood, massaging your ambition and accepting when you're wrong (25:23).
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