When you want a little more detail
The Girl With Nine Lives
A casual way to get the medical side of information with a bit more details.
Blow your nose
Would love to listen to this latest podcast but ALL I can hear is the nasal whistling of the host. Not great!
No up to date info on the pandemic huh!?
I know health professionals are pretty worried right now about the COVID-19, coronavirus. Not at the Mayo Clinic tho! How are you able to spread up to date health informatics if your podcasts take so long to create? You’re really failing yourself and other health professionals that are looking to you for UP TO DATE info on the virus. But y’all just don’t seem to even be sweating it. Must be nice!!!!
Bad Medicine.
No kidfing bad medicine like Bon Jovi landed me in ER last Month. Always monitor new meds closely. Some meds make me sick! Editor DrGraybeard com/ -0-
Mayo is fantastic
It's so great to hear selected talks from Mayo's conferences. If I missed the conference or was on the wrong track, I would have never heard it! Fantastic series.
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