Better than the msueum placard!!
I love listening to Museum Archipelago because it approahes cultural institutions with such an open mind. It has changed how I think when I go into a museum myself. Bonus: the host has a great professor voice.
Excited for Deep Time
This podcast is wonderful! The most recent episode includes a very interesting history lesson about the fossil hall at the Smithsonian, and it made me incredibly excited to (hopefully) visit the new Deep Time exhibit in the near future!
Really Good and Additive
So much to learn about the underlying structures that make up museums and a global reach!
Ziqi Ma
Ian的广播站内容丰富同时又影响广泛,期中对博物馆和社会的思考与分析令人印象深刻。尤其是有关废弃游乐场的第七篇,让我想起了以前看过的一篇关于废弃的游戏虚拟世界的文章,引起了有趣的共鸣。诸如此类的闪光点还有很多,期待以后能经常更新。我会把这个推荐给感兴趣的朋友们,让他们一定不要错过如此精彩的电台。 It is becoming more and more interesring. And I listened to it in China. Hello Ian! Nice job.
Great podcast!
I really enjoy listening to this podcast! As a former museum interpreter and museum lover, I look forward to each new podcast. Ian is concise but never cursory and I love the broad swath of museums— it’s like a mini trip in 15 minutes!
Fascinating Museums
Phonetics Guy
The variety of museum locations, museum types, and museum staff members makes this podcast consistentent fascinating to hear. Each episode is a unique gem of information that makes me want to go to the museums in the podcasts.
Great quick listen!
One of my favorites when wanting a quick listen. It’s always interesting, and Ian explores lots of places you’ve never heard of. Love it!
interesting and surprising
This is a great podcast about museums and musuem professionals all over the world. Ian Elsner asks insightful, interesting questions and I always learn something unexpected. I also really enjoy that it's only 15 minutes! Well worth your time.
Most Premium
Short but entertaining vignettes that make me hungry for more information about museums, people, and institutions I had no idea about until each episode. I look forward to each new one!
Engaging and Diverse
Attention to detail and deep curated research is evident in each episode. Ian does a great job making each story accessible for all kinds of listeners offering truly diverse content.
Fantasic Podcast!
A must listen for anyone who enjoys museums.
Thoughtful and Thought Provoking
Very enjoyable as a listener who works in museums!
Nice Podcast
I love to listen to this podcast on the way to work. The descriptions of exhibits, their histories, and their impacts are detailed but compact enough to stay interesting.
We needed this
Hannah Rae3
Finally a podcast for museum professionals that's well-produced, engaging, and short! Have been binge listening to this today. Highly recommend
Survey of museum topics
A great survey of museum topics. Ian keeps it short and to the point. More episodes!
That voice!
Bison on Horseback brought back some great memories.
Kasey Cole
Up there with the best!
Ian's attention to detail and production value is staggering and among some of the best the medium has to offer.
A great podcast!
You should listen!
A true delight
What a joy it is to listen to the dulcet tones of Ian Elsner! Each bite sized episode is sure to pique the interest of any museum goer. Episode 19, Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre is my favorite so far. In this episode, like in many others, Elsner has helped me see, hear, and even feel the atmosphere of a place that I may never be able to travel to in my lifetime.
Well Done
Insightful commentary. Who knew museums had so much to offer? Ian did!
So good
Literally the best museum podcast I've ever heard.
I like the name change. Used to be called Museum of Museums. Museum Archipelago is almost sinister.
Bite-sized museum musings
Ian does a great job of exploring unique topics in the museum world (literally, the whole world of museums, with a few Eastern Europe specials) in great, digestible pieces. Gets right to the point on some really cool questions of relevance! Looking forward to hearing more!
I think it is good
Every other Monday
Museum of Masterpieces
I love listening to this show on my morning commute. When a new episode comes out, it takes priority over all other podcasts I subscribe to. It does a great job conveying interesting aspects of museum design that the average person doesn't really think about. I also feel like I get to travel around the world to exciting places without ever having to step outside of my cozy town.
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