Loved the podcast and have been here from the beginning but a So There’s That about an old man bleeding to death in the woods was just disturbing. This is the type disconnect in America that will lead to Trumps second term. Disappointed.
I know what trumps on
He’s a coke head. Look at the mouth movement the swallowing. Just remember those days and the things you did when you might have done some skiing. He’s on blow !!!!
Do yourself a favor...
Jamie, Crappens superfan
And listen to this podcast! Subscribe! write a glowing review because you love Julie & Brandy and these 2 make politics somehow less depressing and you can learn stuff, plus they throw in great music. Then you’ll want to go directly to Patreon, like I did after my very first listen, and sign on up at the $2 level No politics there, just J&B being super funny for 2 separate hours. You’ll laugh along, you’ll think they’re your friends, you’ll probably buy some merch because who doesn’t need a T-shirt!
I am so happy to find these ladies have a podcast; I miss the People’s Couch, only because of them. Been catching up on all the eps, literally just listened to the episode where Julie stays if you just found our podcast who would go back and listen to old episodes, just get on Patreon... but I AM listening to old ones because i love their humor and commentary. This is helping me get thru my days at work. THANK YOU AND YAY
Come on - give it a try
Karen VanderKarr
I love love love this podcast even though I look like an idiot sitting at my desk with my shoulders shaking as I silently laugh with glee. Keep up the great job - oh yeah, it’s informative too. Love you guys. Karen VanderKarr
insightful and real
Christy loves Nacho
love this podcast - intelligent and funny. they are never afraid to call it like they see it and are unflinchingly honest. pacing is perfect. this week’s episode was a deep dive into the dem debates - awesome.
Love it
Normally I just listen to cumtown for all my news but this is pretty good too.
Julie & Brandi are saints
Every Tuesday this is the best part of my week! These two are the funniest duo alive. They are the “for dummies” version of politics that we need.
Love it
Keep it going. It’s funny and educational.
Julie+Brandy=the goddamn best. I follow them to everything they're ever in since I was introduced to them on Hot T and it's always perfect and hilarious! The podcast is pure unadulterated J+B goodness and I LOVE IT. And also: get into the Patreon, girl.
Smarter than they look.
This is the only political podcast I listen to. It puts the fun back into a otherwise uncomfortable conversation.
Only podcast I listen to. My only regret is it took me so much time to find them I'm not one of the original 14.
The only one.
I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is THE ONLY ONE I have ever taken the time to sign up for and donate to on Patreon. These ladies help keep me sane in this bizarre and crazy political climate. After a Julie rant I feel PURGED and can go on with my life for one...more...day. Brandy is the voice in my head living out loud. Thank you ladies I love you! The Patreon IS WHERE IT IS AT! Real, funny, authentic (meaning how women really talk)...SIGN UP FOR THE PATREON and thank me later.
Thank goodness for Julie & Brandy
I look forward to this podcast each week. This podcast is hilarious. It gives you tons of reasons to laugh with a dose of wake up and pay attention to what’s going on.
Entertaining as F$&K
Been listening since the beginning! Always listen while at work and constantly get told to “shhh” because I’m laughing so hard! Subscribe to the Patreon ASAP, you won’t regret it, lots of original Julie compositions to be heard and animals bugging on!!
Meow Meow and Brandy are B-A-N-A-N-A-S
Fifi Jones
I could not love this podcast more. It's hilarious, irreverent, and super-informative. I love the interaction between Julie and Brandy, and wish every day that stupid Bravo would bring back Peoples' Couch or better yet, just give them their own show. Dumb, Gay Politics is exactly what we need in this insane political climate to keep our sanity, laugh, and actually stay informed. Please take all my money on Patreon, too, just keep the content and good laughs coming.
Helping us laugh through the pain
I love you Julie and Brandy! I’ve been following these two since their In Your Box Office days (find on YouTube), and they are at their comedic best on Dumb, Gay Politics, helping us all laugh through the pain of the current state of politics while also educating and looking at things through different lenses. In solidarity, sexO, Renessa P.S. BTdubs, my addiction to the thrill of hearing what comes out of their mouths is so strong that I of course became a Patreon member, and everyone should do the same. You WON’T be disappointed.
Exactly what I need in my life!
I want to thank you for ranting for me...I feel like I’m with friends every time I listen. Live you both!
Refreshingly hilarious takes on politics
The political news is really just the cherry on top of this duo’s brilliant chemistry. I love having Julie and Brandy keep me company on my commute, to the point where I actually had to join their Patreon to keep the party going. They keep it so real and, almost more importantly, so hilarious. LOVE them.
These two bug nuts
I’m such a thirst bucket for these two! They make hearing about what’s going on in the world tolerable. Even if this economy crashes, I will still remain a $2 patreon member so I can get even more of these hilarious and relatable women each week.
Beware... WARNING!!!❤️
The side effects of this podcast are as follow: -Laughing in public -people look at you like you’re crazy.. you probably are if u voted for THAT guy - stomach pains - unconsciously learning about politics - makes you want to listen to Gwen stefani But on the real. I have been listening since 2017 and this show is great I laugh, and learn about politics at the same time. Thank you!!
LOVE y’all!
Emijoker toker
The best!
Funny and smart!
Love this show, super funny and still full of really intelligent conversation, bringing up great points I hadn’t thought of.
Accessible politics
These smart and entertaining woman make politics understandable and in the darkest of times enjoyable. There isn’t one episode that I don’t laugh and learn something PS I highly recommend joining the Patreon
The greatest hour of my week!
My favorite podcast of all time! And color me grateful for their additional hilarity on Patreon!
DGP is my Big Salad
I voraciously devour every DGP episode like a Kardashian eats a big salad. Politics make me a broad dime and Dumb Gay Politics Podcast is my Candyman. Brandy is an Earth Angel, diligently processing the current political fodder, even when they are globetrotting and lost in distant lands. Julie has such a way of taking the sting out of incendiary topics while maintaining the burning embers of justice. It’s like getting to ride a Dumpling-like Luck Dragon through the Game Of Thrones battlefield of politics. DGP will hold the door. They present a fresh point of view in the over masticated world of political commentary. No matter what, I always feel more informed after each episode and better equipped for political discussions out in the world. So there’s that.
My premium choice for political news information
The title says it all, DGP is my premium high glamour top shelf choice for dumb gay political information. If I were a legitimate political professional I would certainly consider going on DGP. Keep up the good work gentleladies. Dumb gay love, Listener Number Fifteen
Best Ever
Hands down, best podcast. These two get me through my days and keep me informed. It’s a win-win! All the brrs and grrs should join the Patreon too because Julie and Brandon deserve all our money. (But, I also don’t want anyone else to join because I like being part of an exclusive club.)
Alex James B.
Hands down my favorite podcast. If you ever have the chance to attend one of their lives shows do it! Not just a great time but they are the nicest people you will meet.
J&B are the best. This podcast is the best. Joining the patreon is worth it too.
They take me to skoo
Chasity Valen
I never really kept up with politics. Brandy and Julie changed that for me though. It’s so engaging, interesting, informative, and hilarious. I love their dynamic and feel like they are my two best friends that are taking me to skoo.
Hilarious -
Get’s me through my exhausting work day. Keep up the great work, we ARE listening and love you both
Helps Me Get Through My Week
I love Julie and Brandy and they never fail to make me laugh after a hard day :)
So freaking good!
I left a review a few years ago but I am leaving another one because this podcast is SO FREAKING GOOD. It’s the highlight of my week. Seriously. Julie and Brandy are funny and thoughtful and do their research! They are the best friends I wish I had. If you aren’t listening to their Patreon podcasts, you are missing out. Best $2 a week I’ll ever spend. Full of laugh out loud moments and great conversation. Frankly, three podcasts a week aren’t enough, but the ladies need time for their feelings. And you know, work that pays more. You will fall in love, trust me!
Epitome of comedy and politics
LKC (@el_carp)
Julie and Brandy have mastered an impeccable mix of laughter, sadness, rage, the 2019 zeitgeist, and great music. I try to get my husband to listen, but he says “I don’t want to because you get so excited to tell me the jokes Julie and Brandy make.” Don't worry, I’ll find a way to give you a 5 star review you from his account too.
Can we have a Julie & Brandy Cult ?
If Julie and Brandy had a cult, I’d be number one of the 14. This podcast and their PATREON has pulled me out of the darkest times of my life. I’ve upgraded my Patreon to only $2 per creation to receive the best content from these two comedic geniuses. Do the same, or you’re a loser. Jk. Lolol. If you listened to the patreon you would know that two lol’s = shady. This review has gone off the rails, but my love for Julie and Brandy is pure.
Love Love Love
Aylöfft electric olive
I even have their paid content on Patreon. Keep up the good work ladies.
Great show
A friend of mine introduced me to these hilarious gals. It’s now one of my favorites!
I love brandy and meow meow
I love them!!! I have been listening almost since the beginning. I started listening about two months or so after they started this podcast. So, I consider myself one of original 15 (not the 14 because of my mild delay). Yes, yes I know I’m super late to leave a review, but I have found the time to do it now. The premise of the entire podcast is what I needed in my life post election. I have been on the same educational journey of politics and policies as them. Our shared views and lack of patience for all of the nonsense makes me smile. Their personalities and their friendship have become a valued part of my week. I look forward to getting the notification that a new episode is up. They are my framily and my grrs! P.S. - Their Patreon is worth it.
The best podcast!
My favorite podcast ever!
What are you WAITING FOR?!!
You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS. Just SUBSCRIBE. Julie + Brandy put together this podcast every week to help us all manage our political-type feelings, fear, rage and incredulity at what is effing going on in this upside down era. It's like you're sitting in a room with them, just hanging out, and having a great conversation, and sometimes amazing guests pop by to spill tea and knowledge. Beyond the political speak, you really get to know THEM, and know that all of their efforts come directly from their angel baby hearts. As the saying goes, "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose" - i will appropriate here to instead say "Peggy Davis Eyes, Floafer Hearts, Two True (with great chemistry). Click that button, yo!
Chuckles all day
Great music and hilarious way to discuss politics! Love them and you will love this podcast.
I love this podcast and my favorite is the Patreon episodes.
This podcast is EV.ER.Y.THING!!!
It only takes one episode you guys. Brandy and Julie are hilarious, witty, informed, relatable, angry, and so so smart. They are also the best of friends and after awhile you’ll feel like they’re yours too. Literally the only way I can handle discussing politics these days. They talk about so much else too. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!
#Scrunchie 19
I look forward to DGP every week! Best podcast EVER! #nothankumrcosby
Simply the best, better than all the rest....
Thank you for bringing joy to the world and to my life!!! #scrunchies 💜😘
Freaking amazing
Kate MacQ
This podcast is the best. Instead of walking around in a fog of rage & fear I feel more articulate & informed and can put words to the fear and the rage. Plus Julie and Brandy are hilarious. I sound much smarter now when I’m talking politics I’m more informed and have a point of view worth sharing. Thanks for making politics fun for the first time ever!
We don’t deserve this podcast
There’s nothing better than this. Would pay $5 per week for 5 episodes per week, just floating that idea out there.
tessa Sigman
Absolutely LOVE!!!! Obsessed with everything from the theme song to the jokes, which makes the political landscape more palatable lol
My loves
I am absolutely obsessed with this podcast. Julie and brandy are my straight up boos! Hilarious, informative, inspiring all in one! They really get you through any types of feels you’re going through!
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