I’m not writing this because you told me to
I am writing this review because more people need to understand how essential this pod is. Quality content with very smart and HILARIOUS ladies. I tell people that these two are my best friends. Come to Chicago!!!
I’ve listened to almost every episode. Have gone back into before I started listening and everything. They’re both very intelligent and funny.
Life changing!
Very informative and has helped me improve my worldview! Keep it up! 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖
I think my movie taste is problematic...
You gals are very funny but have made me realize my taste in movies is problematic af. I often disagree and would give away way more nipples but love the podcast.
5 Stars
As an adult blonde male, I am often personally disrespected by this podcast. That being said, it’s a fantastic, funny, and insightful show and I will continue to listen!
This show is amazing, love every episode!
This show is absolutely fabulous, and hilarious. This show uses the Bechdel cast as a jumping off point to discuss the portrayal of women in films. This show introduces me to new movies, and helps me rewatch older movies through a feminist lens, helps me extrapolate problematic stories, and tropes, which helps me apply it to anything I watch. There are many times where I’m on the bus an I can’t contain my laughter to what is said in the podcast. There are some issues where the hosts and the guests aren’t able to speak from their perspective but they do a great job of allowing listener thoughts, and ideas which I really appreciate it!
Great show- keep talking ladies!
I love this show! Great guests every week. I love how the conversation is smart and the topic taken seriously yet the hosts don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s the perfect balance! I get my smart feminist critique serves up with some comforting movie talk.
Simply adore this podcast!
I started listening at the beginning of this year when I started a new job that allowed for many hours of working with headphones in. I’m a stickler for the rules, so I worked my way through chronologically. This is now my most loved podcast and I foist it upon EVERYONE I know. It makes me giggle and puts me in such a great mood. I also have two degrees and a certificate in film studies, so watch out Caitlin. And Jamie, I fully support your love of Mr. Molina. My only critique is I’d love more Ashley Judd film reviews. I’m a real Judd Head.
You got some of my money!
Devil Dinosaur
I am very sick, round 2 of chemo, so I’m doing my bucket list. I bought a feminism is the law now tee shirt because you’ve become my favorite show. So when people ask me I should say it’s a line from Captain Marvel?
Long overdue 5 star review
Just realized I have been listening to this podcast since the Harry Potter ep and have never written a review. Even though I don’t always agree with J & C, they are so smart and well-informed!! Love you ladies, keep it up!!
Blade Runner
Okay this podcast is great I’m a new listener, but I cannot stand the episode on Blade Runner....the guy they had on as a guest kept interrupting the female hosts!! Cut it out dude! I was trying to hear that they had to say. This is a podcast about women in film after all
This pod is a national treasure.
Long time listener, first time reviewer. This show is a five star, five nipple affair. Caitlin and Jamie are hilarious, smart, and self aware. They’re so good, they inspired me to contribute to my very first M(p)atreon. Give it a listen. My favorite episodes include: It Takes Two, pacific rim, the craft, grease 2.
Funny and insightful.
The hosts are hilarious, and alien knowledgeable about both film and feminism. The result makes for an entertaining podcast that will forever change the way you look at movies. Highly recommend.
Halloween gift
I realized that I’ve been a faithful listener for ages and while I’ve already rated 5 stars but never have left a review. This podcast is fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who I can engage in movie talk, and even inspired me and my friend to start our own horror movie podcast! Thanks friends that I’ve never met and don’t actually know! I look forward to each new episode!
Funny and thoughtful
I appreciate the thoughtful and nuanced approach the hosts take to examining movies through a feminist perspective. They deconstruct lazy tropes and instead present a balanced perspective that accounts for gender, sexuality, race, time period, and social context. They have a diverse range of fun and informative guests, and the two cohosts are so fun to listen to because you can tell they’re great friends. I’ve listened to their entire backlog of episodes in way less time than I care to admit, and they’ve inspired me to watch some new movies! Listen and enjoy
The Nipple Scale: The only scientific rating system
While the title alludes to the Bechdel Test - a well-known low-bar female representation metric - this podcast is actually about watching and loving movies, even the problematic ones. Each episode opens with a recap of a film's plot, followed by a deep discussion of the cultural and political messages underlying different decisions made by a film's cast and creators. It's a real deep dive into how movies speak to us and how we can appreciate and relate to movies even when they don't represent us well. I give it a perfect 5 nipples: one each to the co-hosts, two that have to be shared among the many wonderful guests, and of course, one for friend of the show Alfred Molina.
Love it!
Jamie uses the phrase “uncanny valley” a lot and I don’t think she really knows what it means. Other than that, great podcast!
steampunk rules
Tip for listeners: don’t start with a movie you love. As a comedy podcast, this is pretty great. As a podcast looking at movies through a feminist lens, I think the hosts can be too literal and miss when something is intentionally problematic and the audience knows it. Even though I don’t agree with all of the commentary on every movie, I love this podcast. I think everyone should listen to a few episodes to broaden their understanding of both the cultural influence and cultural reflection that film provides.
this is my favorite podcast! hilarious and engaging! jamie and caitlyn are such great hosts!!
5 nips
While they have given me a lens that has ruined almost every single movie I have ever loved I am eternally grateful for these delightful humans.
Such a nice addition
There are tons of podcasts about movies but this one is a refreshing change for the genre. Hearing a woman’s perspective on the treatment of women in movies is so validating. They don’t bash the movies, they rate them based on the treatment of women even though they may love the movie. This podcast is like a warm blanket hug for the soul. :)
Bingeable & Lovable
This is a great podcast for any self-respecting feminist and/or movie fan. The podcast never claims to be an academic critique of filmmaking, but more of a lighthearted look at women in film, so the people who are writing negative reviews because of this are barking up the wrong tree. I love listening to these episodes back to back while at work. The hosts can sometimes spend too long on tangents, but overall each movie discussion is a fun and interesting listen.
Good podcast sometimes really good
When they both enjoy the movie it is a much better episode(The Addams Family episode was great) When they both dislike the movie it’s hit or miss- sometimes it works and is a good listen and others it is a slog. When a certain one (not gonna name which one) doesn’t like a pick she seems to have a hard time letting the other cohost or guest like it and it makes for some awkward or downer podcasts. When I first started listening I tried to do every episode but I definitely pick and choose which episodes to listen to now based on the first 2-10 minutes or so. Overall a pretty good podcast about women in film.
Funny and Interesting
I love the podcast! It always has me laughing!
Simultaneously infuriating and amazing
This podcast has helped me realize just how truly underrepresented women are in movies, even when we think we’re doing well. It can be depressing at times to recognize this, and Caitlin and Jaime do a phenomenal job of making me laugh even as I want to punch every movie in the stupid face. I love that the show has a structure without being rigid, enjoy the guests, and learn a bit every week.
A difficult review
** edited: I had to unsubscribe. After the Hunger Games episode, I drew the line. The lack of research and actual caring to learn something about the material is too much to tolerate. I had high hopes and stuck around for a while but I can’t listen anymore when there are far better film podcasts out there. It’s a shame because discussing movies with a feminist perspective is critical. This just isn’t good at it. ** I enjoy and appreciate what the show is trying to do; namely, addressing female representation in movies. It has helped me analyze and watch media content with a different lens. On to the critiques, which I give out of the hope the show can be better. One, the running inside jokes can be a bit tiring—especially when repeated every episode. Two, Caitlin and Jamie don’t do enough research. This really undermines their ability to advocate for women when they can be easily knocked down for saying things that are not accurate or are poor assumptions. For example, on the Bend It Like Beckham episode there was zero appreciation for the history of racism against the Irish—especially Irish Catholics—on the part of Brits. Could we debate whether it compares to that experienced by Indian people? Yes, but that’s not what was done. As another example, in Crazy Rich Asians, though no one knew what game theory was, Caitlin felt the need to say that because Rachel was an Econ professor she should have addressed issues with class and wealth distribution. One, not all economists agree with equal distribution of wealth. Two, game theory is more often applied in micro Econ, not macro so income inequality probably wouldn’t be in Rachel’s wheelhouse. I know both of these probably require more knowledge than the two are willing to seek out but consider this: Caitlin and Jamie didn’t even know what Singapore was. THE ENTIRE MOVIE WAS SET THERE AND THE SETTING WAS CRITICAL TO THE MOVIE. I can maybe forgive not knowing what game theory is or being familiar with Irish history, but this latter point is answered by looking at Wikipedia. They would serve their cause better by striving for the level of research and concise discussion Holly and Tracy do on SYMIHC (an in-network podcast for comparison). Finally, they need to let their guests talk more. I find that I want to hear more of what the guests have to say because often their perspective is not part of the narrative we hear, from films to even critiques. This is why the Black Panther episode was so good. The guests had great knowledge, were personable, and actually had time and space to speak. Compare that to Crazy Rich Asians or some other episodes where Caitlin and Jamie do a disproportionate amount of talking. Instead of uplifting different voices, they just give a token amount of time to others in between their own conversations. It can be so bad that I sometimes forget a guest is there. Overall, I’ll still listen. But I wish it could do better.
Hilarious and Critical
I love this podcast! The hosts and guests always have great takes on some of my favorite movies, criticizing them where necessary, but having a lot of fun along the way.
Love this pod
This is in my top 5 fave pods. Sad that loser guys have their egos hurt so much that they have to leave bad reviews, but ignore them. You’ll love this show if you’re not a sexism stan! 5 stars!
Love yall, hate josh fadem
liz drayna
I’m giving this review 5 nipples bc I love Caitlin and Jamie and this podcast So Much and I don’t want to bring down their average but! (and maybe this is no longer relevant....) I was just trying to listen to the Gigli episode and I literally had to STOP like 10 minutes in bc Josh Fadem was by fAR the most OBNOXIOUS man to ever be on this podcast and that is saying a lot. I hated him so much I felt compelled to type it out. That’s it love yall byee!!!!!
frances ha!
i’ve been a long time listener and fan of this pod, and for the most part, jamie and caitlin are spot on with their criticisms. however, some nitpicks objectively go too far. adam driver attempting to place his hand on greta gerwig’s shoulder and immediately retracting it when she objects is not “near sexual assault.” :/
I was excited and subscribed at first but the hosts have no threshold for satire or irony. It is ironic, though that the podcast features women who work in comedy, but have zero sense of humor among them. If you enjoy the least fun people at any party bitterly dissecting silly movies with unabashed heavy-handedness, this is for you.
The hosts act like they don't want to be there and constanly ignore the cultural impact of whatever film they have decided to rag on. One of the hosts keeps mentioning her wothless degree and I am not certain that she was even smart enough to earn it so she is probably lying about having a degree in anything other than being a loud-mouth slag.
lia hodson
Literally makes my day. The funny feminist film discourse is exactly what I need.
Team Wet Scabs
Hey Bechdelheads! I love this podcast. Not only does it make me laugh out loud on the T (whaddup Boston!?) but it has also changed the way I watch movies. As a feminist, I thought I was doing a good job consuming media. But I have been listening the Bechdel cast for about a year+ now and can honestly say I have even more language/tools to examine and consume movies more responsibly. (Sorry not sorry to all my friends and family to be such a Killjoy to watch SATC with). Love this show. Lots of laughs. It’s a gas. 10/10 would recommend.
Love it, but it is unnecessarily vulgar
Fun but long
Love the humor, wit, and chemistry between the hosts. The premise is ace and their selection of movies has been great. My only complaint is that every episode is reeeeally long. Some episode are almost 2 hours. I don’t know of any other podcast with episodes longer than an hour, and there’s a reason for that - The average attention span isn’t great, but also, after a while the conversation tends to repeat itself and really drag. I would assume that listeners are familiar with the movie being discussed, so you probably really don’t need a 40-minute synopsis.
Literally laugh out loud funny
This is honestly the funniest podcast I listen to. Caitlin and Jamie have a hilarious and fresh perspective on movies and have some of the best guests. Love this podcast!
Feminism is the law now
So y’all better listen to this podcast cause it’s the best
Fix your sound!!!!!!!!
LoL (Lots of Love!)
Jon Snobody
Came for guests that I knew, stayed for movies I recognized, & now, I stan for the two amazing hosts
I Love These Women!
Caitlin and Jamie keep me laughing through each episode while making fabulous points during discussion! I recently signed up for Patreon (Matron) and it was $5 well spent such great content ! 💕
Thank you!
I love this podcast, you all help me expand my mind, relive favorite movies, and laugh along the way!
Needs editing
I tried to listen to four different episodes, and I finally gave up. This a great idea for a podcast, and at times the hosts provide insightful comments, but there is SO much time wasted by unncessary information/going off topic. It often takes at least 10-15 minutes to even start talking about the movie at hand. It makes listening to this frustrating and boring. The sound quality is also quite uneven.
Peggy Suss
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It always makes me laugh, I find the commentary to be insightful and sharp, and most of the time I really enjoy the guests (especially since they’ve stopped having male guests tbh). However, I have to take away a nipple due to the absolutely confounding sound quality. Not sure if it’s just me or what, but I’ve tried listening to this show on multiple platforms and the volume is always SO low I can barely hear anything the hosts are saying without turning the volume up as far as it will go. And then when an ad comes up, it hurts my dang ears. What’s up with that? I thought when they joined the Howstuffworks network the quality would get better, but nope! And live shows are of course even worse. It seems like with every live episode they need to have a disclaimer about “audio issues.” I really love the content of this podcast so it really bums me out how off-putting the sound quality is. I don’t know if it’s the equipment or the sound mixer or what, but something’s got to be done about it.
I’ve tried and am moving on.
I’ve been trying so hard to enjoy this podcast. It’s an important topic to address. However, many episodes later, I’m moving on. The hosts are easily distracted, unnecessarily vulgar, and not nearly as clever as they act like they are. One of them even gloated about not actually watching the movie. Once and a while, the guest host gets an interesting conversation started (The Carol episode was good), but those moments are too few and far between for me.
Feminist Icons
This podcast is hilarious and thought provoking- For anyone who loves movies!
Best podcast, best movie critics, best comedy
This is the only podcast I subscribe to. I believe Caitlin and Jamie provide some of the best movie criticism anywhere today. I’ve learned so much from them. The episodes always make me laugh. I listen to episodes even if I haven’t seen the movie because Caitlin’s recap provides enough context and this podcast has given me new movies to watch. Their humor is incredible. <3
First of all, I am becoming a woman in STEM and that's important! Ater class I prepare for some highly feminist studying and relaxing (Hermione GRanger vibes! Sorry Jamie) by listening to The Bechdel Cast. Just recently listened to the Scream episode and laughed aloud after the concept of "Wes Anderson-directed Scream' was floated. Funniest, smartest podcast around.
Let guests talk
Super frustrated to not hear more from Maggie Maye when she suggested the movie.
I really wanted to like it...
I tried. I listened to the first episode and stopped due to the random tangents and lack of actual analysis. I thought I’d skip ahead to a later episode when they had some practice. And then another. It frequently takes 7-10 minutes to announce the guest and introduce the movie. Then there is a tangential, way-too-detailed summary of the movie that lasts half the episode, then lots of complaining about the movie in general (what’s wrong with the name Daniel Ocean?), unless it’s a Cohen brothers movie because they are all SO GOOD (repeat “SO GOOD” 5 times but not actually explain or be specific as to WHY they are good). I don’t want this podcast to be academic; however, some actual analysis would be nice. Let’s talk about the acts of the movie, character development, the male gaze, the actual Bechdel test. I was really excited to learn this podcast existed. I am disappointed at its execution.
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