The babiest babes in crime
You guys are played during my shopping, good times bad time all the time! Love listening to you guys and dad jokes. Team Gibby!
Hey! Who do we contact to inquire about a case? I have one that many many people are so entangled in. It’s from 1995 in Texas. I’d love to hear more!
First rate
How am I just now finding this podcast? The research is thorough. Gibby is the best! He makes all the points I would find myself yelling at the hosts of other podcasts. He is objective and pragmatic... qualities I love in a host!
Worth the nightmares
They research things so thoroughly! It took me awhile to figure out that Gibby is not a bad guy and that is just a funny side act. As I say above, worth the nightmares.
Great true crime!
Love how detailed the podcasts are...4 episodes and I am hooked!
Get rid of the dumb one
I would love this podcast but for your sidekick who adds literally NOTHING to your show! Cannot stand his moronic comments. Too bad, because otherwise your show would be great.
Pretty good
Pretty good podcast good topics host have good chemistry a lot of ads tho
Favorite podcast!
I just started watching TCAT about two weeks ago and fell in love with the podcast! I drive all the time for work and it makes me excited for longer drives! I love that it’s so informative and you learn a lot, even if it’s more famous cases. Their personalities flow very well and try to lighten the mood while also being very respectful to the victims and give such an informative podcast. Keep it up!! If you enjoy true crime mixed in with some extra personality, these are your guys
The Best
I absolutely love the way you present your podcasts!
After you guys talk about nonsense for 74 minutes the podcast is pretty good.. but you truly need to fast forward for a solid half hour- say hello to your fans at the end.. no one wants to listen to you list off 7,852 random names!!
Pretty decent. Not the most entertaining duo and they don’t seem to be the most informed on all aspects of the cases (example: all the other theories on who may have killed Laci Peterson).
Love you guys!! I listen 5 days a week for 8 hours helps me get through the day.
Best ever!!
Awesome! Keep them coming!
I listen at work and it gets me through the day! I have actually learned a lot and how to be better aware!
Enjoy the podcast
Been listening to ya’ll know for a few months and really enjoy you guys. Keep up the good work.
Don’t listen to the haters!!!!
This podcast is the only one so far that I had to listen from the beginning to the very last episode. I even became a Patreon member. I figure I’ll listen to the unsolved now because my name wasn’t called in the main podcast. I hope they keep it up and go team Gibby!!!
These guys are fantastic!!!
I really enjoy TCATT and unsolved!!!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast! ❤️
I love Mike and Gibby! They do such an amazing job telling the stories and they have such a great chemistry together. They're just the right combination of factual information and humorous banter. They are a part of my every day life! I'm constantly listening to TCATT and TCATT Unsolved. 😁
Can’t get enough
Delaney wlly
I started listening to the podcast a few weeks ago and am hooked! Mike and Gibby do tremendous research which provides the listeners with captivating, all be it, terrifying stories. I am on episode 29 so I have a little catching up to do but really enjoy listening while working out and driving. Keep up the great work!
Easy and relaxed
Listening to these two men tell their story, is very easy. They both have great voices, good diction and are not “ faked annoying trying too hard.” There is also very little cursing and no hard swear words and I really appreciate that. This podcast isn’t for kids or preteens though and they are very clear about that.
Great podcast! Thoroughly researched, and Fergie does a great job narrating.
These guys are two of my favorites in podshere
Ace fan in swva
Two clever dudes that do great research and present the content in a Seinfeldish manner. I’m only disappointed in that it took me so long to find you guys.
Awesome Podcast
Love you guys and the work you do!! Happy I found this podcast!
Waste of time.....
Used to like it, but they spend so much time talk about nonsenses and not going into the case details. Waste of time......!
Took a little bit
Really enjoy show now. Took a bit to get into the rhythm but now I love the guys.
Best in True Crime
Just so impressed with Mike F and Mike G - our hosts!!! “Chemistry” in a relationship either happens or it doesn’t and these two have it! The subject matter is always grim but these two manage to go over each case they research, giving us the facts and details while naturally interjecting humor in appropriate places. They maintain the utmost respect for each of the victims in all of their case reviews. Let’s face it, the details they are presenting us in every episode are often so horrific, covering the most depraved individuals of the human race - true evil - a little humor goes a long way! This podcast has been great to listen to on my way to and from work with a long commute! They present in such a way that it leaves me feeling informed, more aware in general, not paranoid! Some podcasts and shows I have listened to or watched in the past leave me with a much “darker” feeling and kind of a paranoid state of mind. Mike and Gibby truly have a gift in retelling these cases! I hope they keep up the good work and “keep their own time ticking”!
Here I am
I don’t even like crime shows and here I am, hooked to the cases and laughing at the antics of Gibby and Mike. Great show
I guess these guys think they’re funny. I only made it 17 min in before I had to turn it off.
Really good true crime podcast
Can’t remember how I found you, but I’m glad that I did. Great editing and commentary. I look forward to new episodes every week.
Fellow Ohio born
The first few words you spoke on your first podcast i knew you were from Ohio lol Ohioans have a distinct accent. Late to your show so binging your podcast. Love it!
Great podcast
Excellent podcast, reminds me of True Crime Garage, both are in my top five podcasts. Highly recommend.
My first and favorite podcast
i walk for a living
You guys are awesome. I am new to podcasting and will definitely be sharing and listening to all your episodes
The hosts spend most of the time reading off random people’s name and going “yeahhhh brandyy”. Or just yeahing and each other. It’s really too bad these two can’t just be straight to the point because they have decent audio and voices. So much potential, so much waste.
Informative and super dialogue between the two. I do enjoy their selection of cases.
I listened to other podcast like dirty John and dr death and could not find another podcast that I loved until I found this one! I love the way y’all talk about each crime and each episode is another “wow”. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I cannot imagine the work y’all put into this! Recommend to everyone!
Introduced me to podcasts
This was my first introduction into podcasts and I’m so thankful I found it! I love Mike & Gibby so much! They’re really friends & they have great chemistry. I love all the detail & still all the fun banter. I look forward to the new episodes every week. Keep doing what you’re doing guys!! Stay safe & keep you’re own time ticking!
Serious and lighthearted
These guys are amazing, seriously don't know why they aren't higher in the charts. They take cases seriously, but lighthearted at the same time. Excellent information and commentary on horrible people.
Got me started on podcasts
I started listening to podcasts about a year ago and this was the first one that popped up. Since then I’ve been obsessed with true crime and this podcast. I’ve been catching up and I love mike and Gibby. You can tell they are great friends and can carry a conversation. They also make me laugh and are very respectful when it comes to talking about the crimes and victims.
TCATT Junkie
TCATT Junkie
These guys really nail crime on the head!! I love the podcast and it just gets better and better🍦
Awesome Podcast
I love Mike and Gibby both. I love their friendly banter and kidding around. They have wonderful personalities. While they don’t just tell you what happened. They make it very enjoyable to spend time listening to them. You can tell that they are a couple of great guys. I highly recommend this podcast.
Amazing show
I enjoy shows that feel personable, informative, and runs us through the life and timeline of a criminal and their crimes. This show does just that and it is amazing! Very entrancing, the commentary is entertaining and doesn’t drag on like some others, you always know what’s going on it never gets lost in the talking. The hosts are amazing and do a great job! If you like true crime and learning about these criminals and their lives this show is perfect! I’m only a few episodes in, but I’m glad I found this show!
Awesome Show!
Cookita Linda
These guys have a great show! Love the chemistry and banter between the two coupled with respect for victims and a thorough coverage of the crime. Download TCATT! You’ll be glad you did! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
a road trip life saver
We are obsessed with listening to Mike & Gibby on all of our road trips (and we travel for work so that is literally all the time). They do quality work to tell the story with respect all around. They also allow their personalities and humor to seep into the show which feels like you’re just chatting with some friends. Definitely one of the best true crime podcasts out there! And these guys truly respect their fan base - taking nearly 10min every episode to show them love and also talk about upcoming events / special episodes they’re doing. Keep it up guys - doing great work!
A must listen.
Subscribe, download, listen, be happy.
Answer to one if you’re question... Dillion’s is a grocery store chain !
Cindy Crocker
Love you’re podcast I work in a factory 10 hour day’s and listening to you guys sure helps the time go by faster , so thanks for all you do and keep your own time ticken Bye
Love these guys.
Great true crime podcast! I’m hooked! Serious topics mixed with off-colored humor which, let’s be serious, is needed when talking about severe crimes sometimes so it’s not all blood and gore. Highly recommend!
Great chemistry!
Sincere Auto Care
You guys are great! Definitely have faces for podcast.
Wikipedia without the facts
People love this podcast for reasons that allude me entirely. It claims to have two host. In reality there is a host and a parrot. The host talks a great deal about all his preparation none of which is evident. Most episodes have factual errors that would be so simple to correct beforehand. The content is like reading a Wikipedia article out loud and poorly. Put a layer of endless speculation over the top with touches of “yea” and “right” from the show’s parrot and that’s it. As for funny, no, just no. The host and yea parrot have an obsession with last meals. Death isn’t good enough for the the condemned just need a bad meal to go with it. I suppose it could be worse, they could have to listen to this mess.
was looking for a new true crime podcast, i’ve listened to all episodes of my favorites. thought i would give this one a try, and was left feeling disappointed. basically just story telling, with bland personal views & no scientific opinion or knowledge behind their point of view. “no emotion, he’s freaky, how scary, no morals, what a bad person” yes obviously talking about a serial killer, their story will be “freaky” just very basic and boring theories & opinions. if you’re going to give your opinion on serial killers atleast come with something more than wikipedia knowledge. only 2 stars because the one i listened to did correctly explain the story. just not entertaining or interestingly.
This is my FAVORITE true crime podcast. Mike and Gibby are so funny! They do tons of research on the cases and are very respectful to the victims and their families.
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