Ep74 - Richard Speck
Published April 16, 2018
80 min
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    Richard Speck was one of the most infamous mass murderers in U.S. history. On the night of July 13th 1966, moving into July 14th, Speck would force his way into the dorm of 9 female student nurses. Over a period of hours he would assault and murder 8 of the nurses. But one nurse was able to hide herself under a bunkbed and would live to tell about what happened to her classmates that awful night. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the horrible crimes of Richard Speck. What happened over the first 25 years of his life that would lead Speck to commit such a heinous act? He started heading the wrong path at an early age and would rack up a string of small crimes in a small amount of time. But the murder of the 8 student nurses would shock the world. You can support the show at patreon.com/truecrimeallthetime Visit the show's website at www.truecrimeallthetime.com Sponsors: Omax - Go to MY OMAX BOOST dot com slash TCATT today to save over 60-percent on Omax Cognitive Boost! You’ll get your first 30-day supply for just $19.95, PLUS free shipping! Havenly - Visit Havenly dot com slash TCATT and get twenty-five percent off your design package Credits: Writing/Research - Maggie Dobschuetz
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