JK rocks the house 🥳
Julia Slike
I love the mix of practical business strategy— from how to build a business without debt & how to really price your services (episode 300)— to life skills like how make and connect with friends (episode 283)— I feel like I never need to hire a coach again!!! I just need to binge on the Goal Digger podcast 🤩 Thank you to all the sponsors who pay Jenna so I don’t have to 🥰
Love it.
Winwithhim Mike
Great Podcast 🙌.
Forever learning from this lady!
I will literally be listening to this podcast forever. Jenna (and her guests) share SO MUCH useful info, advice, and stories. You can listen to the episodes over and over - picking up something new every time. Her encouraging words and motivating attitude are definitely rubbing off of me. Hello money abundance mindset, not feeling limited to my “real job” income, and waking up excited to create a more flexible lifestyle. Cheers to you lady, thanks for all you do 🙌🏼
Best podcast ever!
Alisha Arnold
Thanks for everything Jenna! I’ve been listening to the Goaldigger podcast for over 2 years. Even though I work in marketing I still takeaway so much from every episode. My son is 3 months older then Coco so it’s been a fun journey to follow you through your pregnancy and see your little baby grow up. Thanks for giving so much to everyone. Xoxo Alisha Arnold
Power Woman
Leona Morelock
I love listening to Jenna interview people and just talk about her life/business. Very real and relatable.
Joceline :)
Need I say more? This podcast is a MUST for all business owners. Always gives me motivation and pushes me to do my best! Love them so much!!
Fabulous podcast for entrepreneurs
Jenna is authentic and wise. I love tuning in to her podcast - I always learn something and get inspired. It’s amazing all that she shares on the podcast for free! Thank you, Jenna, for your excellent content! You all definitely need to listen to her episodes - get ready to be inspired!
So awesome!
This podcast is grounding for me. She not only gives you tips, but breaks it down even further to make sure you’re successful! Can’t wait to listen to more!!
Listening to Brooke, along with starting a fitness practice has truly changed my life to feeling more aligned than I have ever before. I feel so clear, so inspired, so in control. I couldn’t thank Brooke enough!
Love Jenna!
I love how real Jenna is! So motivating!!
So inspiring, educational and authentically from experience!
This podcast has literally changed my life. The way that Jenna makes all the information so available, concise and in a way that is digestible and doable is such a gift. Jenna's work is so inspiring and her energy is contagious. When I listen to her podcast, it lights me up because she shares from experience and is open about her process. If you are an entrepreneur looking to deepen your knowledge and expand your mind (and skills) as well as get extremely inspired by someone who works insanely hard and smart at bringing her dreams to life.... this is it! Thank you Jenna and team for working so hard to get this amazing information out there so other entrepreneurs can bring their gifts to the world. You are a beautiful example of a woman who has a vision and will bring it to life creatively, strategically, and courageously share with others freely and openly. This is what this new age is about. Thank you Jenna for answering the call over and over again. xo Isabel Barreto (@meditationformamas)
Can’t thank you enough
I’m obsessed with this podcast. The recent episodes with Amy Porterfield and Tarzan Kay inspired me to launch an online course which I did within days and already made two sales within a week of listening. This show is inspiring and potentially life changing. THANK YOU, Jenna! Keep it up!
This podcast is truly inspiring and leaves me thinking more about my business in a new way after each episode. I love that Jenna truly cares about her audience and is willing to share all of her secrets to success. I can’t wait to learn more from future podcasts!
Just a massive scripted ad
Let me preface this by saying there are older episodes of this podcast that are informative and filled with practical and actionable tips. Those episodes are the reason I started listening. Now to the critique: Jenna batch works and is a master at repurposing content. What this means is that she reads prescripted podcast episodes written by her team and later posted on her blog (or is it the other way around?) and tries to make it sound authentic by changing the inflection of her voice. After you notice it you can’t unhear it. She also drops the same narrative in every single podcast. We get it, it says “self made millionaire” in your introduction. We’re tired of hearing the same “Craigslist camera” story over and over. You are a real person, but you’ve relied on this narrative for so long that 2019 Jenna seems to the audience to be two dimensional and lacking depth. Finally, this podcast is basically just another channel she can feed her “content” to— content being the questionable word here. It’s just a giant ad for her products and affiliates. Also, there are too many ad breaks. And lose the fake enthusiastic voice. It is sickening! You preach about being “real” and “authentic” — I haven’t heard from “authentic” Jenna in over a year! Also you need to switch up the script writers and maybe the change of staff will actually offer listeners something new instead of the same old tired phrases and anecdotes.
The BEST podcast ever!
Absolutely love this podcast!!! I have learned so much about how to achieve my career goals! Jenna is so open and honest and shares ALL the tips and tricks! Every guest on the podcast is absolutely amazing and provides a new perspective!
Best podcast!
Johni gmc
Jenna gives you much value!! She’s a queen!
Jenna is the encouraging mom, mentor, coach, friend and boss you never had
I mean that. I have listened to Jenna for years now, and her voice is just a comfort when I’m feeling unmotivated or like I don’t know where to go next in my business. I listen to her on every business road trip- and if I didn’t have 3 kids at home, I’d probably be able to listen a lot more 😂. Listening to the goal digger podcast has been one of the most transformative things I’ve done for my business. Jenna makes you reach for more, but feel you’re already enough right where you’re at. She takes the big scary things in business and breaks it down to me like I’m 5 (the office reference 😉). I feel like I can accomplish anything every time I finish an episode and immediately start implementing her advice into action. I just hope I get to be half the powerhouse of a woman that Jenna is someday. Thank you Jenna for being that constant in my life even when you didn’t know you were being that for me. Conley is one lucky gal to have you and Drew, carving out a space and life that she will Have the freedom to explore whoever she wants to be, and the support system behind her. Love you guys so much!
Lady Bosses this podcast is for YOU!
Miss Tex
Jenna Kutcher is the most down to earth, warm hearted BFF that you feel like you’ve know forever! Her authenticity makes her the best at what she does! Women, Entrepreneurs, Moms, And everyone in between should check her our! She is so likable and so relatable that you will screaming “PREACH” when you hear her message. Listen now, your mind and soul will thank you!
I love this podcast!
Jenna is real! She shares so much great content while letting you know she is a down to earth person. You won’t go wrong subscribing to this podcast. Thank you
Super helpful and motivating
Love Jenna’s podcast! She is all about sharing the wealth and providing ALL the tips to help other be successful! Thank you for speaking from a perspective of abundance! Her caring attitude shines through on this podcast
Listening to Jenna and her guests is very inspiring and gives a boost and confidence. Anyone and everyone can get golden nuggets from her episodes, practical tips, motivation and insights. One of my favorites is her episode with Mahisha Dellinger 🖤
Thankful for Jenna!
A friend of mine told me about Jenna's podcast and I'm so thankful I tuned in. I'm hoping to be a full time photographer soon and I'm already seeing things that I'm doing right and wrong (mostly wrong) from her podcast. Thank you!
I’ve hesitated to write this review forever because I feel like I don’t have the words to do it justice. This podcast is hands down the best on out there. I learn something new every single time I listen that takes my business and life to the next level. Thank you Jenna for being a true believer in community over competition and sharing your secrets with all of us. ❤️
As a photographer this is one of the best podcasts that has a well rounded view of being a business owner. I love all the gems that are dropped by Jenna and her guests! Thanks so much for being authentically YOU!
I listen to this podcast every morning with my notes app open ready to write down little tidbits. Highly recommend!
Jenna is amazing!
I really love Jenna’s podcast. She is so inspirational and her tips are actually super helpful and actionable!
I love this podcast!
This is, by far, my favorite podcast to listen to right now.
Awesome and inspiring!!! Thank you Jenna!
My go to podcast!
Yes yes and yes
I may not be a boss lady, as I am a 37-year-old man, but I co-own (with my amazing wife) a business we love and work hard at doing well. This podcast has been one of the single most influential & inspiring Business savvy podcast I have listen to that continues to give me great value and practical steps to doing my job better. Thank you Jenna! I recently was at a business conference where I met Brian who sat with you and Dean G. Congrats on your win! You are killing it and inspiring both women and men! Thank you for filling my week with such great tips, and tools! I also bought Amy’s course thanks to your recommendation. Keep up the great work! P.s. (I always like to know how people heard about my company ) I was first introduced to your podcast via the ED MYLETT SHOW ;)
Great variety!
I love that there are so many topics covered from business to personal. Who knew there are period coaches?!
Get it done 💪
Fawn Renae
Jenna, I started listening to your podcast and following you over 2yrs ago. I am a turfgrass manager (managing both people and grass) who (at the time) was looking for resources to push my twin sister along in her film photography business through social media and marketing. You transformed my brain! 🤯 I felt like you were my bestie giving me advice while i mowed fields, ran backpack blowers, and motivated my (all male) crew! You transformed my thinking and helped me see the bigger picture and tickle my entrepreneurial bug as well! Not only has my sis’s business been impacted by you but I have started my own and am looking towards reaching my bigger goals! I have followed your journey through motherhood and listened to your birth story the week before giving birth to my first baby! I hope you know the impact you have on lives and mine in particular!🙌 Rooting for you always babe 🥰🥰🥰 @iamfawnrenae
You helped make my PASSION my JOB!
Cara Bev
Jenna, you have walked me through all of the areas I struggled with when starting my business. I love applying your lessons to my business and watching work!! Thank you times a million. 💕 @coastaldesignstudio
Stoked Speaker!
I love listening to this podcast with this energetic, fun, positive energy. It’s a great motivator for after dropping the kids and before starting work.
10 straight hours of Jenna!
I took a road trip recently to visit my family and as someone who LOVES music, it’s unheard of for me to drive 10 hours without playing a single song. I spent my 10 hour drive back listening to Goal Digger and I’ve never been more pumped to keep crushing my business goals. I adore Jenna & this podcast so much! ❤️
My personal mentor ♥️
Mahalo Nui! You have been the constant voice in my car, home office and shower!!! The insights, knowledge and ease of learning has been amazing. I’ve been able to grow and build the knowledge and confidence to push my limits and business. Simply the best.
Jenna is the mentor/friend/little sis I never knew I needed
Im a full time mom of 3 boys running 3 small businesses. Until I started listening to Jenna, I always saw myself as ‘just a mom with some hobbies’. But listening to The Goal Digger Podcast has inspired me to turn my hobby businesses into actual businesses and make profits from them. Whether it’s help with branding, Instagram, or juggling home and work life, there seems to be an episode for all my pain points.
Jenna is a dream come true
I can’t say enough about how much inspiration, knowledge and motivation this podcast has given me. I literally listen to her every day and feel like she’s talking straight to me. She teaches you step by step and gives tangible advice from her own experiences, holding nothing back. The universe knew exactly what I needed when I heard her on Rachel’s podcast. She’s the mentor I never knew I needed!
Jenna is Great Company
I listen to Jenna while working out, while driving, and while getting ready for work. I love her positive but honest vibes, and she truly models everything she puts out as advice to others. I love her authenticity.
Actionable motivation!
Eclectic Lexi
So helpful, Jenna is abundantly generous with her business tips. She definitely models her own advise to serve first!
An absolute must.
If you are a creative working in the digital space, you can’t miss this podcast. It’s not just fluff or clickbait. There’s REAL, tangible information you can put to work immediately. I love JK and can’t recommend Goal Digger enough.
OMG...The last podcast on outsourcing was amazing. I’ve been raised with the idea of getting help with work or house cleaning etc is selfish and frivolous. Hearing from Jenna was like a light bulb being turned on. I feel like I work 24/7 and just spin my wheels. I’m at the gym but am so excited to get home and start the list of everything I do and break down what only I can do. So maybe I can get back more time and invest it in the areas only I can do. Thank you so much for being a loving, encouraging voice of reason and helping me stop the insanity of my life.
Very digestible
Pretty Niquey
Jenna is so inspiring! I love how she takes a conversational approach and relates to her audience. I recommend her to all my friends who want to start a business because she liberals down each topic so that you can take in the information easier. I love learning from her.
Binge Listening!
I recently found this podcast and have been pretty obsessed with it since then. The tips, resources, and interviews Jenna shares on her podcast have been so insightful. Thank you Jenna for everything you are sharing with your audience.
Great Start
You are amazing!!
I just want to say that your work truthfully has changed my life in a positive way. I just started listening to some of your podcast episodes, but have been following your Instagram for about 2 years. At the time I started I had almost no self worth and definitely had no idea what self care was. I have no idea who I’d be without your messages on Instagram. I know it’s crazy that your posts, over the first few months of following, made me realize my worth and uniqueness, but they did!! I truly think I would still be believing most of the lies I told myself without having your image and message in my life. Thank you thank you! Please don’t stop sharing your story and messages because they could save someone. You are so beautiful and amazing!! And thankfully with your help, I can say the same about myself!! Which I didn’t think would ever be possible!! THANK YOU <3
Bama to Brooklyn
Jenna. You have inspired me like I cannot even tell you. I wish I could give you a thousand stars. This is pure gold and you are pure gold for sharing.
Mad Crazy Value!!!
Jenna’s podcast is soooo jam packed with value it’s insane! A binge worthy podcast for👏🏼 sure👏🏼! She’s so easy to listen to, her vibe is real and authentic, and her teachings offer SOOOO much VALUE!!! Thank you Jenna for creating such amazing content and for sharing your knowledge! So much Love!! XOX Jennie
Used to love this podcast but...
Mama of Lily
I miss the days where I binge-listened to the Goal Digger Podcast. I was SO excited to hear the tips and tricks Jenna gave me and put them into action. Now it just feels scripted, unrelatable, and I just get weird vibes. I hate when favorites change, it’s so disappointing, but I’ll keep giving it a try and hope she can get back to her old ways.
I have only recently discovered the Goal Digger podcast but it has changed my business practices. Jenna provides tools to grow and motivation to get to it!
Religiously listen to this!
I have been listening to The Goal Digger Podcast for a few months now, but have gone back and listened to a majority of her content. I cannot believe all of the free content Jenna shares on here!!!! I am starting a business and this has been my go-to. I cannot wait until a new podcast comes out each time! It's amazing and I am so grateful for it!
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