271: Why Your Business Needs a Blog
Published July 3, 2019
35 min
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    Is blogging dead?

    A woman in my mastermind asked me the question at my mastermind retreat last fall. It wasn’t the first time, and over the years I tend to hear this question more and more. 

    As a girl who started this entire business simply by launching a free Wordpress blog over eight years ago, it’s safe to say that I’m kind of hooked on blogging, and I get a little defensive over it because it was my baby for all of these years. 

    Have you questioned if blogging is even relevant anymore? Or are you just starting a business and wondering if starting a blog is where your focus should be?

    You’re not alone in wondering. Today I am sharing why blogging can have a place in your business and why it should be a priority. I’ll walk you through how to get started, how to actually make money blogging, and what goes into writing the perfect blog post that will benefit your business for years to come.

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