262: Goal Digger Coaching: How to Start and Grow a Podcast
Published June 3, 2019
51 min
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    Podcasting? There’s more to it than you’d think. I’m asked all the time: What do I need to start a podcast? What do you use to record? How do I get sponsors and make money? Should I outsource any step of the process?

    When I started the Goal Digger Podcast, I was balancing my computer on my lap in the car so the dogs wouldn’t bark and mess up the recording. Now? Well, there’s still no fancy studio... all of this happens from a spare closet at my house, with a simple mic setup, some Internet magic, and a whole lot of help from my team. I’ve learned so much from day one of starting a podcast.

    18 million downloads later, my team and I have our podcast system down to a science that allows us to release FREE quality content two times a week just for you. In this episode, I’m answering those questions and more with a special guest, Tori Maloney. It’s another Goal Digger Coaching Session, and I’m at the mic to help work through some podcasting challenges with a Goal Digger like you.

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