253: If I Had $5,000 to Launch My Biz Here's What I'd Do
Published May 1, 2019
42 min
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    A few weeks ago, I was standing on a balcony in Puerto Rico… The sun was setting, I was staring down at the beach, holding a glass of champagne and I had a moment. One of those moments when time freezes and you see this sort of highlight reel of a part of your life. For me, it was this flashback to when I started this whole thing and here I was in this reality that was a total *pinch me* moment.

    I came back to earth when a photographer walked up to me and I asked him what lens he was shooting on. Our conversation took off and he asked me ONE question that inspired this whole episode. He said, “If you had $5,000 and had to start all over again, where would you spend it and what would you do?” Wow.

    My free strategies to get started, places to save a little cash while growing, and the most important investments… I’m sharing what I’d do with a blank slate, $5K and the knowledge I have now. Listen in right now.

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