251: 5 Things You Didn't Know About My Early Entrepreneur Days
Published April 24, 2019
26 min
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    Maybe you’re sitting in our soul-crushing job thinking, “Life has more for me.” That was me in the early days. The windowless corporate office days. The early entrepreneur days asking myself if I could really make it happen.

    You don’t know much about how I really got my start or what those early days looked like for me… You’ve heard the story about my $300 Craigslist camera but I want to dive into my reality as I took a leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

    Maybe, just maybe you’re sitting where I was those years ago, wanting more but not even sure what “more” could look like or if you could make it happen. So let me pull back the curtain and welcome you into the life of 23-year old Jenna who believed there was more for her out there but could have never dreamed what was ahead… I’m holding nothing back, are you ready?

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