239: How Being Decisive Leads to Success
Published March 13, 2019
31 min
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    Decisions, decisions. Are you good at making them or do decisions fill you with fear and doubt?

    I haven’t always been super decisive, in fact, in the past I would’ve categorized myself as a wishy-washy people pleaser. Can you relate with that? You want to make everyone happy so you let others make decisions for you, like where to eat for dinner or what movie to watch. Now Drew would probably argue that I’m a little TOO decisive, but I know what I want and now I don’t really waiver or question my decision.

    I want to walk you through how I became a better decision maker, the things I ask myself when making big decisions, and how you can implement a few simple steps to become better at making decisions and ditch the doubt that sometimes comes with them. This one skill has saved me hours of deliberation and seasons of questioning, and it’s given me the clarity to say my best YESes!

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