230: The Truth About Therapy (And If It's Right For You)
Published February 11, 2019
52 min
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    It’s time to talk about mental health and normalize therapy. Today’s guest, Elyse Snipes, is a marriage and family therapist skilled at bringing practical solutions to everyday problems with a little creative magic and a whole lot of truth. She works with her patients to unlock their limiting beliefs and build a healthier narrative that makes room for healing, connection, and personal freedom… And she does it all from her restored 1953 vintage trailer parked on the beach.

    I invited Elyse on the show because as entrepreneurs, we’re welcoming a bonus layer of expectation, stress, anxiety, and decision-making into our lives, and in order to be successful in our businesses, and our personal lives, we need tools to manage these often challenging hurdles. I love Elyse’s mission to normalize therapy, and do it a little different than I’ve ever seen before. If you have questions about therapy, or if you think you might benefit from working with a therapist but you don’t even know where to begin, Elyse will walk you through it in this episode.

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