225: Answered: Is It Better To Be An Introvert or Extrovert
Published January 23, 2019
32 min
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    Loner. Hermit. Recluse. Antisocial.

    If you search introvert in a thesaurus you’ll find some of these words. Hermit wasn’t in there, but my mom called me that once, so there’s that. But look mom! Introverts can make friends and build big businesses, too!

    Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, being an entrepreneur can teach you a LOT about yourself, your leadership style, and help you to hone in on your skills… But entrepreneurship also has a tendency to point out the areas where you don’t quite shine.

    Is it better to be introverted and extroverted as an entrepreneur? Today I’m going to teach you how to maximize whichever one you are to rock your business! I’ll also break down how I feel like my journey in entrepreneurship has changed me and taken me from being an extremely extroverted girl to someone who is definitely and entirely introverted.

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