165: How to Pay Yourself as an Entrepreneur
Published June 27, 2018
30 min
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    YUP, THE TOPIC NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT… I’M GOIN’ THERE: How To Pay Yourself as an Entrepreneur

    So you own your own business which means you’re the boss, and as the boss - you get to determine how much money you make. Awesome, right? Considering how often I get asked this question, it seems to be more stressful than awesome for most business owners.

    If you ask the average entrepreneur what they make, they’ll likely tell you their profits for the year. “I made six figures last year” often means the BUSINESS made six figures. But what did you, the business owner pay yourself? And how do you come up with that number? And what should your business goals be to align with your personal salary goals?

    Safe to say there are a lot of things to consider and I wanted to break down how we’ve figured this out (while working through the seasons of crazy and the seasons of slow). When I first started, I realized quickly that I would have seasons where I would make a lot of money and then seasons where it would be nothing and I knew that in order to be smart with my money, I wanted to figure out a way to make sure I felt comfortable in all seasons....

    Want to find out how I did it?? Click the link in bio and get ready to learn how to ensure there are always $$$ in that bank account! (These tips and tricks will surprise you!)

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