163: 5 Easy Ways to Promote a Freebie and Grow Your List
Published June 20, 2018
25 min
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    Ready to save HOURS every week?! We need to flip the script and instead of creating new content 90% of the time and marketing them 10%, we should be creating less and marketing them more. Last year we created over 50 new opt ins! Growing our email email list was our number one priority and so we created a ton of new material that quite honestly, didn’t all need to be made. I recently talked about how to create less content with more impact and today I want to take it a step further and show from start to finish how we continuously share one opt-in. This year we’re prioritizing working smarter (not harder) and have come up with a plan on how to share what’s already been created and get the most mileage out of our existing content. Whether you’re like us and are content creating machines, or if you have limited content and sometimes don’t know what else to share, today’s episode is going to walk you through 5 ways to promote your opt-in.

    The sky is the limit with creatively sharing your content! Here are just a few ideas I can think of off the top of my head: create an FB ad pointing to your freebie, promote it on a podcast, collaborate with another freebie, target a different audience, etc. The point? I hope this episode inspired you to make the most of your content and work more on SHARING it to get the most bang for your buck! Goal Diggers, take this as your sign that it's officially time to work smarter, not harder.

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