161: This One is Dedicated to the Haters - Handling Criticism 101
Published June 13, 2018
27 min
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    If you’re pleasing everyone you’re probably pleasing no one - including yourself.

    Here’s the thing, you are not going to be able to please everyone. These people that take the time to write you a mean message? They aren’t your people. Focus on the ones that are and the fact that everyone is not going to love you or your message is ok. It’s more than ok.

    The more I do this, the more eyes I have on me, my life, my body, my business. Putting yourself out there open YOU up for criticism but I have to remind myself that when you’re doing the big, hard word, people will notice and sometimes it won’t be the RIGHT people but when you can sincerely learn to focus on the good, to keep your heart open, and to protect your energy to be poured into the right things, you’ll become more convicted in your message and you’ll be more prepared to fight for what you really believe in.

    “You’re fat.”


    “Enough with the underwear pics… you’re a smart girl, you have more things to say, unfollowing.”

    “Do you know that your eyebrows are way darker than your hair? You should change that.”

    “How did YOU land such a good looking guy?”

    “10 emails in 3 days? Go F** yourself. Way to f’in annoy potential clients. F’in idiot.”

    “You’re way too aggressive, I’m out.”

    You might think it’s all rainbows and butterflies over here in Jenna Kutcher land, and it’s true - we have the most supportive, loving and just all around amazing tribe. But. I’ve found where there is a success, ugly things can creep in and try to attack too. I love to say “More followers, more problems” and a lot of times, we’re fighting battles behind our screens that people never see. I want to dedicate this episode to the haters today and share how I handle criticism.

    To prove I’m not invincible, I thought I’d read you some emails that have landed in my inbox. These were hard to find because my team does a good job protecting me from them, but here are a few we could dig up: (I’m thankful that we had to actually dig to find these because it’s a testament to the great people we have supporting us!!)

    This episode is dedicated to getting you through the harsh feedback, trolling, and haters. This is for business women, for you, for me. Let's do this.

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