Bonus 014: 5 Ways To Outsource Your Life
Published March 2, 2018
9 min
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    Trust me when I tell ya, I didn’t always do things like this. I was that one-woman show who believed she could do it and I lived like that for a few years… I was white knuckling my business and thus white knuckling my life and until I started to loosen my grip on control, I couldn’t see my way out.

    BUT (there is always a but...) Once I started outsourcing, I couldn’t stop.

    Five ways you can outsource your life and claim back your time! I’d love to remind you guys that time is a non-renewable resource but money? It’s renewable. If you want to have a full life you have to make sure you’re spending each day filling it with the things that light you up and inspire you. Of course, you can do a lot of these things on your own but that doesn’t mean you have to.

    Here are 5 ways we are outsourcing our lives this year and let me tell you, it’s been worth every single penny.

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