114: How She Did It: Use Client Feedback To Transform Your Biz
Published January 1, 2018
40 min
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    "Done is better than perfect" is a phrase you've probably heard me say a million times on this podcast, but it's only because I believe in its message so darn much! But, I get it, it is straight up HARD to put yourself out there-- flaws and all- but guys, there will never be a perfect moment! Start today, adjust as needed, and grow!

    Which is exactly why I couldn't resist asking the adaptability queen, Bethany McDaniel, onto the show. Bethany owns the most incredible, all-natural skincare brand Primally Pure, and has adjusted her sails constantly along the way. In this episode, Bethany tells us how she made the "jump" into pursuing her hobby as a business and how she blew full steam ahead despite the imperfect beginning stages.

    Not only is her story crazy inspiring, but she also gives her top tips as to how YOU can engage your audience, receive feedback, and GROW your business. We'll cover everything from how to receive your feedback (both good and bad!) all the way to tweaking your product (and BONUS, you'll hear this expert's TOP tips for glowing, radiant skin!) Not only is this super episode relatable-- but is SO important for moving your business forward! As we approach 2018, it's time to live out our mantra: DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. Let's make stuff happen, Goal Diggers.

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