107: The One Thing No One Tells You About Working From Home
Published December 6, 2017
29 min
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    Alright, goal diggers… This is a topic that I have personally wrestled with but have rarely talked about, and I think many of you can relate. WORKING FROM HOME CAN BE STRAIGHT UP HARD. People often glamorize working from home and having your own schedule, but there are some challenges we just don't talk about, aren't there?

    It can be lonely and draining and it is easy to go literally days without seeing anyone besides your roommate or husband. We’ve all been there . I used to be a self-proclaimed “hermit” until I realized that I genuinely needed outside interaction to be my best self. So if you're like me, in today's show I share how I combatted the loneliness that can come when you work for yourself from home with my top 10 tips to navigating loneliness in working from home.

    Working from home will be lonely at times, almost without fail! But you can take charge and make small changes in your daily routine that’ll leave you feeling renewed, energized and fulfilled! Let's do this!

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