098: Everything You Need To Know About Changing Careers
Published November 6, 2017
43 min
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    You asked, and I’m answering: the story of hiring my family. That’s right, I recently hired my little sister, Kate Eskuri, full-time onto Team Jenna Kutcher, as The Goal Digger Podcast manager and producer. So what does a podcast manager do and why did she choose Kate? We are giving you ALL the details. From her transition from nursing to business all the way to my transition from sister to boss…

    While this episode is my personal journey, it can be applied to anyone who is feeling stuck, uncertain, or like they might not be in the right place when it comes to a career.

    Tune in to hear thoughts and inspiration if:

    1) You’re working in job that you don’t like.

    2) You are wanting to make your side gig your full time job

    3) You’re thinking about working with family and don’t exactly know how to navigate it.

    4) You are someone who needs a kick in the pants to follow their instincts and live boldly

    5) You are a multi-passionate person and don’t know where to focus your time and energy

    Sound familiar? Thought so! Let’s do this!

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