February 24, 2020
What is your why? What is the true reason you jump out of bed and keep cruising toward your dreams, even when it gets really stinking tough? Getting to the heart of your why is the single biggest factor in sticking with your goals no matter how rough the road gets. And I don’t say this in theory, I say it because I know. Ever since trying this exercise, my vision of my why has never been clearer, and my drive to continue the work that I’m doing has never been stronger. It’s called Seven Levels Deep, and it’s from the only course I took last year called the Knowledge Business Blueprint. Seven Levels Deep is, “a very important tool with the main focus of anchoring in your ‘why’. There may not be a more powerful motivating factor on the planet than knowing your true ‘why’. When you know; in your soul, why you get up every morning and fight for your dreams, you’ll never let anything get in your way of becoming the person you are meant to be.” Ready to discover your why? Press play. Save your seat for the live webcast on February 27, 2020 at GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:
February 21, 2020
There’s a big reason Tony Robbins is so successful, and it’s not just his business acumen. He’s undeniably charismatic and big-time energetic. He dials into your potential and gifts within 15 seconds of talking to you, and boldly encourages you to seek and draw them out. I know Tony isn’t for everyone but I will always seek out the opportunity to learn from people who are different from myself, who approach their businesses differently than I approach my own… Because when you look for leaders who look exactly like you in all ways, you’re never challenged. Tony challenged me over the past year. That’s why I am thrilled to share this conversation with you, so you can learn from a mentor of mine who approaches his life and business differently than I approach my own. We get into the man beyond the titles. I ask his advice for identifying the valuable gifts you’ve got bottled up inside and for evaluating mentors and educators. We talk about the knowledge business and what the future looks like for online educators like us. And I challenge him: Why the heck hasn’t he retired yet? Are you ready to listen in on a chat with this brilliant business mind? Press play. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:
February 19, 2020
You owe the world your knowledge. It’s truly that special.  That thing that you know so well, your superpower, isn’t second nature to everyone, or others would have to work for years to gain the same level of knowledge that you have. And so many times, we’re so caught up with life and working our booties off to reach the next level, that we have no clue what our own superpower even is. If you’ve been wondering where your knowledge and natural talents meet in a way that you, too, can package them up and offer to others, this is the episode for you, my friend. Grab a pen and notebook, get cozy! GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
February 17, 2020
What’s it like to walk that long hallway with the intimidating music, diving head first into a pool of hungry  millionaire investors, hoping quietly that you don’t forget any details of your pitch? What’s it like to be on ABC’s Shark Tank? My friend Kate Field knows and she’s going to spill the tea on the whole experience.  The prep was intense, but Kate told me she could talk for DAYS about the research and number crunching that went into her pitch for Shark Tank, and why that process is helpful for any business owner, not just one looking to impress Mr. Wonderful. This is an episode about knowing your numbers, fine-tuning a pitch, and what it’s really like to be on Shark Tank. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:
February 12, 2020
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… I do not recommend using this method to make any major life decision. Save that for picking dessert. If we’re talking about how to choose your mentors, I have a framework to help guide my decision before I take advice and receive coaching from anyone.  Whether you’re considering signing up for your first mastermind, hiring a one on one business or life coach, buying a digital course or anything in between, make sure you walk through these steps to be certain your money and time investment is the best move for where you’re at, and where you want to go. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
February 10, 2020
This woman is a badass and I made her cry -- more than once. Tiff McFierce is the first woman and first black woman to be resident DJ at Madison Square Garden, for one thing. And with her “Look IN vs. Lookin’” events she combines music with health and wellness, leading meditations, vision board parties, “twerkouts” and more where phones are OFF and connection is ON. Tiff carries herself with such a strong, confident, energetic and positive vibe. It’s contagious. She’s on The Goal Digger Podcast to talk about harnessing your own confidence, connecting with yourself in a world addicted to scrolling, and so much more. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:
February 5, 2020
THE OG JK DAYS. Are you curious about the mechanics, mistakes, and money behind the first course I ever launched in March of 2015?  I get asked all the time about how I got started, how I transitioned from full-time photographer to digital marketing educator, podcaster, influencer, and all the other hats I love wearing now. I’ll share the decisions I made with my first course that I sorta cringe at now, what I think went well, how much money I made, what techniques I’m STILL using today, how I pieced things together for a very haphazard launch, and all the other juicy details about the Jenna Kutcher Course. Yep, that was the name. So embarrassing.  Oh, if I would have known the things I know now… Let me share those with you! GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
February 3, 2020
I see you. You’re buzzing with energy, you’re eager to start, and you know you’re meant for something more than what claims your best working hours each day. But knowing exactly *what* that something is, your true calling… That’s often the roadblock that keeps us stuck.  Finding your calling is a journey that begins with a little tip-toe forward and a lot of inner work and soul searching. Rha Goddess is an entrepreneurial soul coach and she’s just the woman to help you begin the journey to find your true calling. What is your intuition trying to tell you? Press play to find out. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
January 29, 2020
I brought my feminine vibes and maternal energy to a secret mastermind with a bunch of dudes and here’s what happened... A few months ago, I flew 14 hours around the world with Drew and Conley and landed in the stunning lush country that you’ve seen on water bottles, Fiji. I’d been invited to a mastermind led by my business coach Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins.  Here are the 3 most impactful lessons I walked away from Fiji with, and also the most common questions I got from the guys in attendance — some of them might just surprise you. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
January 27, 2020
Sustainability is sexy. If you’re not conscious of the sustainability of your daily habits, this conversation will open your eyes in a new way. It did for me.  I met Manuela Baron at an Aerie Real Role Model photoshoot. I was obsessed with her mission and the way she shows up online for a cause she’s passionate about. She’s raising awareness for going green in a million ways. Beyond reusable water bottles and ditching plastic straws, what can we do? How can we be more sustainably conscious in our lives and businesses? And more importantly, why should we care? Manuela’s mission is important and she’s here to help us think and act a little more GREEN. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
January 22, 2020
What is your true mission? Gaining clarity on your mission helps you uncover what you really care about and how you can contribute in ways bigger than yourself… How you can fulfill that deeper desire of building something that actually makes a difference beyond paying your cable bill. Let’s talk about how to determine your personal mission, how to tie it into your business mission, and how donating some of your earnings can help YOU not only make a difference, but also make more profits. It all starts with getting in touch with what really matters to you.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
January 20, 2020
CAN YOU GUESS? There’s one feature that Facebook seems to be pushing more than anything else. Like they’re even airing their first-ever Super Bowl commercial for this feature… Do you know what it is? Facebook Groups. Yup, Facebook is pushing Groups during the Super Bowl so if you’re not up on the best strategies for your Facebook Group, it’s time to step it up before kick-off.  Our girl, Dana Malstaff is the MVP of Facebook Groups. I asked her if she’d audit the Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Facebook Group and tell the world what we could be doing better in that group to serve YOU. She was up for the challenge.  If you have a group that needs new life or you’re just getting started, press play on this Facebook Group audit episode for the best advice to optimize your strategy. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
January 15, 2020
Are you a list person? ME TOO. I have a new one for you: Your NOT-To-Do List.  With to-do lists taking over the notes app in our phones and emails dinging us all day long, it’s easy to take on the go-go-go mentality and think that the only way to stay afloat is to continue achieving more, doing more, being more productive, and juggling all the things all on your own. Hi, hello, welcome to burnout central. If you’re not there already, you’re probably about to reach it rather soon. I want to introduce you to a NOT-to-do list. Let’s make a list of things that you are committed to saying “no” to without guilt. Sound good?  This exercise made me fall back in love with work, press play right now.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
January 13, 2020
She said “BYE FELICIA” to her student loan debt and now she’s dropping the personal finance truth bombs you need to hear to check your money mindset once and for all.  Regardless of your financial situation right now, whatever your debt, income, or the balance in your savings account… My goal is to bring you experts and resources to reach WHATEVER financial freedom looks like for YOU. With that, let me introduce you to Berna Anat. Berna is the super smart and super funny financial hype woman who will get you thinking differently about debt and finances. I was just watching one of her hilarious YouTube videos about paying off $38,000 in student loan debt and she had me cackling with her celebratory twerk as she walked me through “Felicia’s Wallet”.  Wanna know more? Who’s Felicia? Press play. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
January 8, 2020
I want to break down how you -- yes, YOU -- can make $1000 in one month. You might have a new online business or one that's 5 years old, either way, I'm going to walk through a 4-week game plan that you can take and use to create your very own workshop course this month. This episode is the definition of actionable advice and tangible tips with a week-by-week breakdown of what you need to do to get your mini-course off the ground and even turn a profit at the end of it. If you’ve felt a little tug to do this course thing, press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
January 6, 2020
This is YOUR YEAR to start, grow, or scale your business and you know an email list is part of that action plan. I want to help you capitalize on all this new year energy and start your email list right now.  Martha Bitar and Rebecca Shostak are the founders of FloDesk. To put it simply, they heard all the struggles, the complaints, and the flaws in other email platforms and decided to do something about it.  I’ll let them share the whole story, but trust me, these women know email list building. It’s one of my favorite topics, and I want you to feel just as excited and confident with your email list building strategy as I do. Let’s talk about the best kept secrets in email marketing and the key solutions to finally start your list in 2020.  If you are ready to start your email list and bust through whatever roadblocks are holding you back, then I’ve got a challenge to get you to your first list threshold of 250 subscribers… PRESS PLAY right now for all of the email list goodness. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
January 1, 2020
Let’s get this party started with 10 of the BIGGEST marketing hacks you need for the New Year! The confetti has barely settled from last night’s festivities but I don’t care because this episode is packed as full as Times Square on New Year’s Eve with some of our favorite Goal Digger guests.  I wanted to share the biggest compilation of advice to jumpstart your new year business goals so I tapped my friends and past Goal Digger guests to give you all the marketing hacks they’ll be using this year. We’ve got Amy Porterfield, Brendon Burchard, The Budgetnista and MORE. So while you pack away your sequin dress and funny 2020 glasses, let this episode keep you company. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
December 30, 2019
Dean always helps me see myself and my business through a new lens — a wider angle but with a sharper focus. We are days away from 2020 and with all of this new energy and anticipation for a new year pouring in, I’m eager to chat with Dean so you can listen in on his advice, too. What does he see as my super power? What should I include in my 2020 goal list? If he were me, what would he do next? I’m putting myself on review with Dean because I think you’ll love hearing his advice, too. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
December 25, 2019
This episode feels like opening up my diary and sharing it with the world… Minus all the mushy love-y dovey stuff, of course!  It's time to talk numbers, what worked, what sucked, where I thrived and barely survived. I'm baring it all (in my cozy sweater in my closet) so that you can learn from my last 365 days. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
December 23, 2019
No. Nope. No, thank you. No way in heck.  Those are a few options you could use to turn down an opportunity that doesn’t quite align or interest you… But today’s guest is an expert in setting boundaries and saying no lovingly. Saying no with love. What does that sound like? I like to think I’m pretty good at setting boundaries and saying no. Actually, my calendar last year was as empty as it’s ever been. But Darrah’s template for saying no that she developed after getting rejected from Brene Brown is something I’m ready to steal for my own life and business. If you are ready to design your life by filling it with the right opportunities and saying no to the ones that don’t align, PRESS PLAY. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
December 18, 2019
DECADE CHALLENGE: Do you recognize the YOU from 10 years ago? How the heck has another year come and gone? I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgia as we approach a new decade and I think it’s time to really reflect on the lessons I’ve learned, what’s gone well and moments I will always cherish. It’s just as important to me to dig into how I’ve messed up, how I’ve grown, pivoted, and transformed, too. This episode is all of that: I dig into what I’ve learned about defining success, the hustle mentality, the value of time, the hard seasons of life, and more. Press play right now and reflect with me. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
December 16, 2019
Our sweet baby girl is ONE! My husband and baby daddy Drew Kutcher is back on the Goal Digger Podcast for a special birthday edition of the show. We’re answering your questions about life, parenthood, marriage, business, and more.  I love that Conley will get to go back and listen to us talk about our first year keeping her alive. I hope she loves this episode as much as we do! Maybe she’ll feel a normal dose of embarrassment over her parents when she listens, but for now I’ll assume she thinks we’re AMAZING.  The surprising origin story of her name, what we’re doing as parents that we said we’d NEVER do, and how we’re keeping our marriage in focus with a little babe in the mix. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
December 11, 2019
It doesn't matter how successful, or driven, or hungry you are to reach the next level, we ALL hit lulls in our businesses at some point or another.  Often times, it's not even because of our actual business. Maybe our business is seasonal? Maybe we’ve been coasting or traveling the world? Maybe we're facing a heartache in our personal lives or financial troubles with our spouse. Or we’ve welcomed a new human into the family.   Whether you just thought what worked in the past would always work or life just got in the way, let’s talk about 5 ways to refresh a stale business. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:  
December 9, 2019
I’m part of a SUPER exclusive club… The Mom Club.  I’m giggling as I write this because the super exclusive club is actually just a super long text thread with my friends Ashlyn Carter and Sarah Adler. Recognize those names? That’s because they’ve been on the show before. Last year, we all had babies at the same time so we’re getting The Mom Club together to talk about it.  Wonder what happened to our businesses after baby? This episode is like a peek into my group chat with these women. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
December 4, 2019
We’re at epidemic status in the business and entrepreneurial world. It's a mindset epidemic more than anything else. The creative- and entrepreneurial-minded often get held back by the belief that an idea has already been done, or the market is too saturated, so they shouldn't jump into a space they're interested in pursuing because too many people are already doing that thing.  If you've been held back by the fear that something's already been done, I want you to know that your individual approach, your unique background and one-of-a-kind experiences have NEVER been utilized and they will NEVER be utilized if you keep falling prey to this lie. There is enough to go around, there is room for you at the table and by the end of this episode, I hope you truly believe that, too. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
December 2, 2019
BEHIND THE SCENES: What really happened when I flew my team first class to a retreat in Arizona… Part girls trip, part dreaming session, part spa retreat. My meet-up with this team of incredible women had it all, and WE want to take you behind the scenes.  For this episode recapping our team retreat, it only seems right to have my team lead you through what it was like, what we did, how it was structured, and what they got out of it. So get ready to hear from the voices who manage this show, answer your emails, write our content, and contribute to this business each day with their own superpowers.  By the end of it, I hope you take away a few ideas for connecting with your remote team and why a retreat just might be the thing you need to get to the next level. I’m so excited for you to meet them all.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
November 27, 2019
I’m about to tell you a big fat lie about your biggest, juiciest dream: You’re too late. There’s no time.  When you think of that ONE thing you'd love to accomplish if you had all the time, money, resources, and confidence to do it... what would it be? Okay, now think of that big dream and run through all the excuses you’ve fed yourself as to why you haven’t started yet. I’ll bet five bucks that “time” is at the top of the list. And it’s a big fat lie. If you've been debating with yourself whether it's too late to start, or whether you have enough resources, or if something else is holding you back from gripping your dream and finally just going for it -- This episode will convince you otherwise. Think of it as a warm hug paired with tangible advice to launch into your dream, once and for all.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
November 25, 2019
Having a hard time getting people on board with your business idea? Press play right now. My guest, Rea Ann Silva, can sympathize. But when her idea for the Beautyblender was shot down time after time, she learned how to make things happen on her own, finetuning her pitch along the way until finally she heard a YES. Actually, it was more like a “Yes, but…” I’ll let her tell the whole story.  Rea Ann is here to share her story of product development, of getting people to see her vision, and her advice for moving the needle forward even when life and distractions pull you away from your biggest goal. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
November 20, 2019
“All of our friends push way too hard and compromise way too much sanity.” Whew. What a statement. I was texting one of my mentors-turned-friends when he said that to me. We were talking about this past year in my business and personal life, I shared I’d worked the least but felt the most success. I was living out the scene of success I had in my head for so long.  The hustle mentality and culture that’s being crafted around entrepreneurship is making us believe that hustle equals happiness. But that’s the opposite of what I’ve encountered because I defined “enough” for myself along time ago.  What would it look like if you defined enough for you and your business, freed up time to explore your passions, side hustles, or just rest? How could that change your life? Let’s find your own threshold of success. Let’s ditch pushing too hard and compromising your sanity. This episode will help you master your own mindset and define “enough”. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
November 18, 2019
She survived a tiger shark attack at 13-years old and was back on her surfboard four weeks later.  She went on to inspire the world with her courage, dedication, athleticism, and fearlessness. That’s the unforgettable story we already know about Bethany Hamilton.  But there’s more about Bethany that you don’t know yet. There are chapters and seasons of Bethany’s life that left me completely in awe of everything she has pursued and accomplished. Ahem, Bethany just launched an online course… yup! How is that story that the world knows so well intertwined with the woman Bethany Hamilton is today? What is her relationship with fear? How does she redirect moments of comparison and “what if?” What is her world like now, as a mom and an athlete? This woman lives up to the title of her new film. Bethany Hamilton is truly “Unstoppable”. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
November 13, 2019
Any day can be your day one. Is today yours? I feel like I’ve lived many “day ones” in the different stages of my journey. Day one has felt like entire seasons of trying new things and learning what worked. It’s a lot of testing strategies, messing up, creating systems, and investing in new tools and education to keep growing. When I opened up a new “Ask Jenna Anything” on Instagram, I received more questions than ever about getting started. You want to start something right now and you have so many questions about where to begin. I am so THRILLED for you. I know my business looks wildly different from my day one. Maybe you can’t picture yourself in this setting… Yet. But in this episode I’m answering your questions about DAY ONE so we can walk through the start together.  This episode is for anyone wondering: Where to start, how to begin, and what to do when you finally decide to start. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
November 11, 2019
Hey Siri, define Digital Nomad. Location independent, use technology to perform their job. See also, dream job. Jessica Nabongo is the first documented Black woman to travel to every country. All 195 of ‘em. I’m totally enamored by Jessica’s story. The way she documents each country on Instagram and her dedication to important causes along the way will open up a whole new vision of travel for you. How does life work as a digital nomad? Can you actually make money while you jet set? What are the keys to safe and productive solo travel? And really, how does she fight jet lag? I’m asking her all these questions and more. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
November 6, 2019
Need help with your #Hashtag strategy? Press play.  I’m debunking the age-old hashtag myths and preaching some “pound sig” truths. A strong, optimized hashtag strategy can encourage authentic engagement, attract dream clients and followers to your feed, grow your audience, and foster greater community. So where to begin? Should you use the same 30 hashtags on every post? Should you create new tags? Should you just ignore hashtags altogether, hoping they fade away like the landline or AOL Instant Messenger?  This is my biggest hashtag deep dive ever. I’ll show you how to research the best hashtags for your content and teach my favorite strategies for leveraging hashtags to grow your following and business. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
November 4, 2019
She asked me: Why don’t you use IGTV? It’s another Goal Digger Coaching Session on the show and my student, Jaime Fenwick, is calling me out for something we haven’t spent nearly enough time on: Instagram Stories, Videos, Livestreams and more. if you’ve been wondering about IGTV and why I haven’t really leaned into that platform yet, or you’re curious about creating beautiful Instagram Stories that get people tapping the link in your bio, and want to know my elements for a strong Instagram Live, this is your episode.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
October 30, 2019
Whoops! Coming clean on a few things here. Yep, I’m taking ownership of the marketing mistakes I’ve made because, luckily, I learned from ‘em and I want to help you skip the mess up and get straight to the level up.  This episode is laser focused on 5 classic marketing mistakes I’ve made and you might be making -- from drawing assumptions to wasting time in the details.  Marketing doesn’t have to feel manipulative or deceptive. In fact, it shouldn’t! This episode will identify the marketing mistakes you might be guilty of (hello, I was also guilty of these!) and I’ll talk you through strategies to fix ‘em.  If you’re not seeing results from your marketing efforts, or you’re looking to take off in the right direction, this is your episode. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
October 28, 2019
How to turn $1000 into a billion dollar business. With a B.  That’s B for Barbara Corcoran. Listen, I know that first line feels click baity but I promise there’s a pay off here. Barbara Corcoran is taking the Goal Digger hot seat and I am so excited about it.  Maybe her rags to riches story can’t be perfectly duplicated. Maybe she can’t give us the perfect 1-2-3 steps to transform from diner waiter to real estate mogul. But I’m willing to bet that you don’t reach Barbara’s level of success without a keen eye for a good investment, stellar selling strategies, or fearless negotiation. And I want to hear her advice on all of it. We’ve got a Shark on the show and I’m treating it like a masterclass in pitching, selling, investing and negotiating. We’ll get into the fundamentals of her selling strategy so it can be applied no matter what your business looks like -- product or service, online or in-person, new to the game or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
October 23, 2019
Fair warning: We both shed tears during this conversation. “Ed Mylett wants to interview you.” I remember that email landing in my inbox.  With so much time and effort focused on making THIS show great, I don’t say yes to many outside interviews these days. So I am so proud and honored to share this conversation I had with Ed. I’ve never been this real before, and I’m grateful Ed invited me to tell my story in a new way. I invite you to listen with your heart wide open, because that’s how I shared my world with him, talking about the darkness I faced through multiple miscarriages, how trusting the plan doesn’t mean the path will be easy, my deepest insecurity these days and the difference between being business women vs. men.  I hope this interview gives you an even wider and deeper view of the educator, the podcast host, the entrepreneur, and the mother who speaks to you each week. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
October 21, 2019
The cover art for the Ed Mylett Show shows a sunglass-wearing Ed, a guy who clearly spends some time in the gym walking with swagger you can sense through the photo, and his private jet and Bentley providing the backdrop. Who IS this guy? Ed Mylett’s podcast is consistently holding down the top 50 on Apple Podcasts and he is in the Top 50 Wealthiest under 50. Ed decided from a young age that if he was going to work for a living, he was going to work for himself and call his own shots. He is a leading speaker in the business space and with his podcast and YouTube channel teaches millions how to elevate and maximize their lives.  We sat down for a conversation at his Laguna Beach home a few months ago and I’ll be honest, it’s not often I invite men to the show, but Ed’s story is so interesting to me. We kick off this episode with a question no one’s ever asked him before: Who is Ed Mylett beyond the titles? And his answer truly shocked me. Ed Mylett is getting the Goal Digger treatment. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
October 16, 2019
Negative reviews. Angry emails. Refund requests. Stubborn or needy clients. Snippy social media comments. Passive aggressive communication. If you own a business, you've dealt with some, if not all of these -- I’m talking about negative feedback from customers or clients, and if you're a human, you know it never feels good. But rather than harping on the criticism, moping in feelings of rejection, or lashing out against the naysayers, I want to walk you through the exact system my team and I use to deal with unsatisfied customers, negative feedback, and refunds. That's right… In true Jenna Kutcher fashion, we've created a system around even the touchiest of subjects: refunds, feedback, and criticism. And honestly, it was probably one of our smartest moves. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
October 14, 2019
Confession time: There’s one major platform on the internet I’m not using to its max potential.  I’ve got Instagram down to a science, a healthy and effective strategy on Facebook… But there’s still one big one that eludes me and that platform is LINKEDIN.  Like my profile is there, I have a really old picture, a few notes about me… But that’s it. So like I always do when I want to learn and grow new skills and knowledge, I’m turning to an expert.  Jena Viviano is an ex-Wall Streeter turned career coach and entrepreneur who helps go-getter professionals articulate their personal branded career story to land their dream jobs. If you want to leverage LinkedIn to attract new career opportunities, make professional connections, and potentially grow your business, this is your episode. This is a masterclass in all things LinkedIn. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
October 9, 2019
How much do you cost? One of the most challenging parts of running a business, especially in the beginning, is putting a price value that's fair, smart, not to mention profitable on the products and services we offer.  I invite you to hit play on this episode if you’re wondering if your price is right -- Bob Barker style -- that it's not too high and pushing potential customers away, or too low and practically giving away your resources for a steal.  Should your price reflect the late nights? Hours of dreaming? Time, effort, and passion you put into creating this THING and pushing it out into the universe? Pricing isn’t a one-size-fits-all structure, but let’s talk about it. This episode is a chat about crunching your numbers, drilling into them to find a realistic dollar amount to charge, how to create a unique experience to back up your rates, plus my personal philosophy about how to approach discounts.  The price to press play is $0.00, by the way. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
October 7, 2019
What do you want to be when you grow up?  How did you answer that question growing up? It can be anxiety inducing when you’re multi-passionate or when you haven’t quite figured out what your true purpose is. It can be an even worse question when you’re already on one path and realize, maybe this isn’t my thing? Shea McGee is part of the husband and wife team behind Studio McGee, an interior design firm known across the country for a bright and clean aesthetic. But Shea didn’t start there. In fact, she earned a degree in a completely different field before realizing that what she really wanted to do was design. So she changed her path and created the life and business she knew she was meant for. We’re talking about that question: What do you want to be when you grow up? And how to make strategic, measured changes to pivot the degree or experience you have, into the purpose you know you’re meant to serve. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
October 2, 2019
This is your permission to take a day off. Actually, it’s more like an order. Because if I know anything about you, the thought of waking up tomorrow and turning off your phone, muting your email, and tucking your laptop away in your desk makes you feel anxious and frazzled.  But I want to help you take a day off without those feelings. I want a day off to make you feel elated and free! You can't -- and shouldn't -- expect yourself to be connected to work and even social media all day every day and still maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health. This episode is the starter’s manual for protecting your time and intentionally planning a day off… Or maybe even a week or month! So if you’re feeling fatigued, worn out, and tired of it all, let me share with you my methods for protecting my time and why taking a day off can actually get you AHEAD, not behind like it might make you feel.  Don’t wait a single second. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 30, 2019
Let’s play a game of word association. Ready? The word is CEO. What do you think of? I used to think of an old white man sitting in a boardroom leading a meeting. Let me tell ya, that vision has changed big time. It looks like a strong woman, a woman with vision, creating a business that serves others and creates a life she has always dreamed of living. I see her when I look in the mirror.  Claiming that CEO title and seeing yourself when you think of those three letters isn’t easy. You might still think of yourself as a hobbyist, a side-hustler, a small business owner… But CEO? That title is harder to claim when imposter syndrome starts creeping in. In this episode, Mahisha Dellinger opens up about the start of her business, why she prayed to be laid off from her corporate job, and the mindset hacks she uses to own her title to do big things for her business and the women she mentors.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 25, 2019
Would you believe me if I told you that you can make money selling stuff that you didn’t even create, test, or fund? It’s true! That's the name of the game with affiliate marketing, and spoiler alert, you don't need a Kylie Jenner level following to be successful at it. Think about this… How often do you recommend your hairstylist, your favorite hotel, that skincare product that changed your life, or another product or service that you adore to your friends or following online? We all do it to some extent, and affiliate marketing done really, really well can be a monetarily rewarding version of you sharing your very favorite things.  It requires strategy, but it doesn't require a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears that can often come when we launch our own products in our own businesses.  This episode is your guide to tangible strategies to affiliate the right way AKA not feeling phony or slimy. Plus, advice for picking companies to work with that align with what you can authentically sell and what you’re audience wants to buy. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 23, 2019
No one told us THIS about motherhood… and we’re talking about it mama to mama, CEO to CEO. Motherhood changes your drive and focus, it alters the way you see things that were once priorities, it shifts your flow in life and business, it makes other people view you through a new lense, too…  Katrina Scott knows what it’s like to navigate motherhood as a business owner, lifestyle celebrity, and public figure. Katrina Scott is the co-founder of Tone It Up -- If you’re into fitness and have ever been on the internet, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Tone It Up.  She’s a new mom just like me, and we’re both learning to navigate life and business with little babes on our hips. This episode is a mama to mama chat, about this new season we’re in, what it looks like for our businesses, and how we’re navigating the changes to our worlds.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 18, 2019
The thought of doing THIS when I was just starting out made me woozy.  Why is it so scary to hand off a piece of your business to someone else? When you're the one running the show, it can feel impossible to hand over even a little bit of the reigns. It could be a time thing (who has the TIME to hire and train someone?) or it could be a trust thing… Like who could actually do the thing just as good as you? I get it because I've felt ALL of these emotions. I was gripping onto my business with white knuckles to the point where I just felt straight up fatigued, but at least I was handling it all myself, right? …Wrong.  This episode will help you identify if you’re ready to outsource and walk you through how to start outsourcing in a way that doesn’t scare you. In fact, it might actually bring you a great deal of happiness.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 16, 2019
ARE YOU INTELLIGENT? READ ON.  Feelings and Emotions? What’s the big diff? We use the terms interchangeably but understanding the difference between the two, and knowing how our emotions impact our lives, inform our decisions, and lead our success, isn’t innate knowledge we’re born with…we’ve gotta learn. What is emotional intelligence? Can it be measured? Should it be measured? And if it’s measured, what can we do with that metric? All of these questions, plus a whole bunch more… I’m so thrilled to welcome Tieko Nejon.  She is a sociologist, educator, and certified emotional intelligence practitioner and she is here to educate you, and me, in emotional intelligence. It’s a topic I’ve never tackled on the show before, so I am so eager to take notes right alongside you. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 11, 2019
From idea to course in 7 DAYS. Yup, it’s possible.  You might be thinking, "Oh, she has a huge team of people to help her," or "She's already made a bunch of courses so she's way ahead of me."  Yes, I have created courses before, and I did have help from ONE team member, but this is a feat that is totally reachable and doable for you to achieve, too, even if you don't have a team or experience creating courses. In this episode, I’m peeling back the curtain on The Podcast Lab creation and launch process. This is how we strategically created, recorded, laid out, reverse engineered, and launched an incredible course faster than any others I've done. You could be just 7 days away from your first course. Are you feelin’ as giddy as I am about this? Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 10, 2019
What’s the best way to start something that seems a bit too overwhelming? Break. It. Down.  That’s what Amy and I are doing in this episode, Part 2 of a two part series that will help you, once and for all, know you’re ready to create a course and point you to the starting line to make your first course come to life. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of this series with Amy Porterfield, go listen to 290: Tackling Your Course Creation Objections with Amy Porterfield because it is absolutely KEY to making some real change and conquering the most challenging mindset blocks if you’re considering creating a digital course. For Part 2, Amy and I are walking through the idea of a MINI digital course. AKA the perfect way to dip your toe into the pool and get a feel for the water before going full swan-dive into the deep end. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 9, 2019
YOU ARE READY for a digital course. Don’t believe me? I’m bringing in the mentor that started it all for ME to prove to YOU that a digital course is totally in your wheelhouse. Amy Porterfield is back by popular demand for a two-part interview breaking down the thing she does best: Digital Courses.  Is a digital course on your heart but you’re not even sure if you’re ready for it? Maybe you’re new to the idea altogether… Maybe you’ve never taken a full step back to look at your own genius to consider, “Hey, maybe I could do that, too.” I know that mindset, I know that feeling of curiosity and fear.  Before I even launched my email list, my inner dialog probably sounded a lot like yours. It all can feel confusing but you know who walked me through it? Amy Porterfield. And in this episode, part one of two, we will help you discover all the reasons why you’re ready for a digital course. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 4, 2019
  The FIRST online course I ever paid for back in 2015 and the crazy thing that happened next… ya ready?   Before all of *this* I was just a wedding photographer, trading time for money, being a weekend warrior, with hardly anyone on my email list trying to figure out how to be happy, how to create a business that could run while I rested, and how to be successful working for myself in my PJs. And then I threw my credit card at the course after sitting in on a webinar and I committed myself fully to the program. Now, I’m really proud of the fact that I’m one of the success stories... my business flourished because of this mentor’s teachings, and we’re now we’re great pals to boot.  In today’s episode, I’ll walk you through how one course changed things for me and how I approach taking online courses so I get results every single time. I’ll share how I went from an eager student starting at the bottom to one of the greatest success stories of all time for a mentor who turned into a dear friend. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
September 2, 2019
What’s that three word phrase that kicks off a race? READY? Set. GO! It makes a few assumptions: That you have to be READY before you can set yourself up to GO. It might make sense for a foot-race, but otherwise, it’s totally wrong. If we all waited for when we were ready to go anywhere or do anything, we’d never begin. You need to start before you are ready. That’s what Marie Forleo did. Chances are if you’re in the online business space, you’ve heard of B-School and it’s incredible creator, Marie Forleo. Over 50,000 students have learned effective online marketing strategies from Marie’s B-School, and thousands more tune into her online series Marie TV for training in business, mindset, and more.  There are SO many topics I could dive into with Marie, but I wanted to hit a big one that shows up again and again for dreamers waiting for the right moment to make things happen. We’re talking about how to start before you are ready, and how to even figure out WHAT you should start.  This conversation is anything but the same goal setting fluff and tired motivational quotes -- Marie and I walk through actionable steps to place you at the starting line, poised to make your big dream happen, once and for all. Press play right now.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
August 28, 2019
Raise your hand if you love selling. Anyone? Anyone? No? I see way more people with their hands way down. I get it. We’ve all been sold to in a way that feels sleazy, pushy, and manipulative and we don’t want to be those people.  As consumers we’re naturally inclined to be skeptical of whatever product or service is being peddled. That mindset block transferred over to me as an entrepreneur, and it took some careful undoing to finally realize that I can sell differently. And you can, too. This episode will work to retool your own mental blocks around selling. I will walk through the actual steps you can take in your business to sell with authenticity and realness, rather than feeling like you're bothering your people or, worse, losing members of your audience simply because you're selling the things you believe in. Ready to sell with confidence and really move the needle in your biz? PRESS PLAY.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
August 26, 2019
BAD ADVICE: Don’t even THINK about launching until you have [insert arbitrary number here] subscribers on your email list. GREAT ADVICE: There is no minimum number. You can have a successful launch with a small list. You just need a strategy. Tarzan Kay is here to help. She argues that you don’t need a BIG email list, you need a mindset shift and a new approach that will turn your list, at any size, into a money-maker. It’s not a one-and-done process, but a launch of any kind is the most crucial phase of the whole process and believe me, it’s worth the mental energy and effort you’ll put into it.  Tarzan Kay has worked with Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, and so many other massive names in the online space… And she’s here for YOU. If you’re feeling burned out from creating your offer and need some guidance on how to launch it successfully with your small but mighty list, don’t wait to press play. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
August 21, 2019
Relationship Status: It’s Complicated I’m talking about my relationship with money. Ever wonder how the heck you find stability as an entrepreneur when it comes to getting paid? Yeah, no one ever taught you that, right? My complicated relationship with money is still evolving, but as I figure it all out, I want to continue to dialog on the podcast about getting paid as an entrepreneur.  In this episode, I’m diving into how your values guide your salary strategy, what different pay structures look like in the business owner world, and what steps you can take right now to make the most of the income you’re pulling with your business. Press play. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:  
August 19, 2019
What does she have that I don’t have? You ever ask yourself that while scrolling your Instagram feed? Raise your hand if you’ve ever compared yourself to someone you saw on social media! Hi, I see you there. Comparison wears us down and stomps on our gifts as if we bring absolutely nothing worthy to the table. You might be tempted to chuck your phone right out the nearest window (trust me, I’ve been there) but hold up. Not until you press play on this episode.  You can redirect that instinct to compare and rewrite your inner dialog that starts up as you scroll your perfectly curated feed. Arielle Estoria is on the show to help us STOP our comparison fatigue and guide us to a healthier relationship with social media. She is one of my most favorite people to follow on this little app, for all the light and warmth and REALNESS she brings to those squares.  If you’ve ever felt less-than thanks to social media, press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
August 14, 2019
Are you lonely? Making and maintaining friendships as an adult can be HARD. My friends aren't just a group of ladies to grab a glass of wine and gossip with -- these women are the people who know my soul, want to hear about my heartaches, and ignite some of the deepest belly laughter and go-get-em inspiration ever. But finding friends, building these life-giving relationships that fill me up instead of wearing me down? THAT IS HARD. Making friends as an adult is not easy. Can you relate? If you've been feeling like there's a hole in your relationships and like you need a friend, this is for you. We’re talking about making new friends, sustaining old ones, and all the reasons why your circle matters. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
August 12, 2019
You can DECIDE to be rich. Don’t believe me? That’s what our highly requested guest on this episode did. You’ve asked and we finally got her! Jen Sincero was tired of being broke. So one day she just decided to get rich. Now, it’s not *that* simple. But it did start with that “badass” decision, and what came next was a massive mindset shift that lead her to not only reaching her financial goals, but landing her You Are a Badass Books on the New York Times Bestsellers List.  Can positive affirmations really help when it comes to upping your cash flow? In what ways do we need to think DIFFERENTLY about the money we could potentially make? And can you be a Badass at making money? Press play. Jen Sincero is answering those questions and more.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
August 7, 2019
GUESS: 58% of humans do THIS first thing in the morning. If you’re one of the 42-percent who probably use the bathroom first thing, good for you. Because the majority of the population is laying in bed, holding it, while they CHECK THEIR EMAIL. People want to see what they missed and email is a direct tie to whatever they’ve got going on in their world. Email marketing is my favorite topic, and I want you to appreciate the possibilities your list holds. This isn’t a list-building lecture though… I’ll teach you how to write copy that will make your subscribers know, like and trust you.  By the end of it, you’ll learn my secret formulas to writing catchy subject lines and captivating copy your people will actually read.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
August 5, 2019
If your products could speak, what stories would they tell? Ali Hynek is the CEO and founder of Nena & Co. It began with an appreciation for her Guatemalan culture and exploring the country with her mother, learning about the beautiful handwoven textiles and the people who create them. Ali is a masterful storyteller. The stories behind each piece of fabric, and every single hand of every indiginous artisan that touches her products, are beautifully communicated to the customer, creating a strong connection that have turned her pieces into cherished works of art.  She stays true to her “why” and the mission to provide reliable and sustainable income opportunities for the artisans that help create her products, all while building a for-profit business with a heart. This episode is rich with clear, actionable advice for purpose-driven product-based businesses.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
July 31, 2019
Are you cut out for this? Could truly be successful doing what you love?  I approach my business, and this podcast with an abundance mindset -- there’s enough to go around for me and for you. And there’s one thing I know for sure: It doesn’t matter if I give you every step laid out in an easy to follow roadmap… Because there are a few key factors that come from deep inside us, things you already possess as an individual that will determine if you’ll be successful.  Today I’m walking you through five things that will determine if you’ll be successful… The five intrinsic factors that will lead you to reaching that big God dream on your heart.  Use this episode as a gut check: Am I in this for real? We’re talking alllll about success today. All external factors aside, will you be successful? GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
July 29, 2019
Composing the perfect pitch is an art.  You have to know yourself, your business, or your offer SO well, and then be able to extract the information that is most important to the person or business you’re pitching. The perfect pitch is engaging and informative, and it inspires interest or better yet, action.  Today’s guest knows what makes a great pitch. Jules Pieri gets thousands of pitches a day as the Co-Founder and CEO of the product launch platform called The Grommet. Do products like FitBit, OtterBox, SodaStream, and S’well sound familiar? Jules and the discovery team at The Grommet have helped make those a household name.  With her experience, you know she’s seen some awesome pitches, and some not-so-awesome. Jules is here to share her advice for a great pitch, especially when it comes to the product world, but also how her advice applies across the board. We also chat about innovation and standing out in a crowded market. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
July 24, 2019
Imposter syndrome is feeling out of place in the scenes you’ve dreamed up for yourself. It’s reaching that big goal and looking around thinking, “I don’t belong here, someone is going to call me out, I’m not supposed to be here.”  Imposter syndrome plagues even the most accomplished, successful people because it has nothing to do with our qualifications or experience. Imposter syndrome attacks your confidence and changes your inner dialog, and it can impact your productivity, big time.  Imposter Syndrome is psychological, and I’m not a psychologist… However, I muscled through the feelings of “not good enough” and “who do I think I am?” so I want to share with you my own personal experiences, how I tackled my own imposter syndrome, and mix that with careful research from some trusted sources.  I want you to have the tools you need to push away that nagging self-doubt and do the big things you were born to do. At the very least, this will be a jumping off point for you to recognize your Imposter Syndrome and begin working through it to claim your title and place in the world with pride. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
July 22, 2019
There are riches in the niches. Have you heard that before?  It means the better you know your ideal customer and audience, and can fine tune your offer to meet their needs, the BIGGER you can make it in your own little sliver of the market.  Some entrepreneurs are so gifted at niching down that they actually invent and pioneer a market for something no one even knew they needed… Today’s guest falls into that category. Christine Lucas is doing BIG things on Etsy as the creator of Lula Flora, the company that pioneered the mini piñata party favor trend! She carved out a niche in the party decoration market in 2014 and quickly climbed to the top 1% of Etsy sellers, averaging over a quarter million dollars in sales the last couple of years. Christine shares about finding her niche, about growing within it, about the Etsy selling experience, how she grew with a product so highly specific, and her advice for others excited about the idea of selling their products on Etsy. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
July 17, 2019
No one told you that becoming a business owner actually meant tons of hours spent tethered to your computer becoming: a masterful blog writer, a customer service representative, an accountant, a branding genius, and a social media expert.  Let’s go back to that customer service bit... Because we all want happy clients, but we aren’t sure exactly how to get them every single time. Don’t worry, I’ve got you. This episode is your guide!  I am sharing my 5 secrets to getting happy clients in a service based business and how you can create a system to ensure client satisfaction. I want to help you avoid those sleepless nights thinking about your client base and the emails that make your stomach totally drop.  Some clients just aren’t the right fit — and that’s okay. But with these secrets I know you can make your dream customers feel worthy and valued, and LOVE working with you. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
July 15, 2019
My business mantras include -- One: Done is better than perfect. Two: Nothing is urgent. And Three: Don’t build your business on a platform you can’t control.  I can’t tell you how many DMs I get every time Facebook or Instagram does down, hundreds of panicked people wondering how they’ll get their message heard if they can’t post to Instagram that day. You know I like to show up on Instagram and it’s always been a great way to connect and communicate with my audience and ideal customers, but there’s something I’ve learned and I am so passionate about it, I’ll never stop sharing the importance of it: You need an email list.  When Instagram goes down -- No sweat. I can still reach my audience, and even more directly, with my email list. Instagram is the handshake, but email closes the deal. Today I’m working with one of my students, Natasha Smith, for a coaching session all about email lists. She’s a little apprehensive about building her list, she doesn’t want to sound sales-y and she’s not entirely sure what would convert best for her business. Class is in session! GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:  
July 10, 2019
I was afraid to have a baby. I wasn’t a maternal woman, I loved work so much, I enjoyed every ounce of freedom, I wanted Drew to myself, I didn’t want to “ruin” my body and I required 10 hours of sleep a night...  There were so many reasons why I worried about becoming a mom and yet this yearning came on, 5 years into marriage after we vowed we’d never have kids. That was the start of a caption I shared just one month into motherhood. It’s how I felt before I knew how I would morph into a new version of myself, one I never imagined myself becoming.  Maybe it’s because we waited three long years or we prepared for the worst. I realized those fears were taking up space that could have been filled with dreams. Being a mom is the BEST thing I’ve ever done and it’s stretched me in new ways. With this episode, I want to speak to the women who want to become a mom but feel fear. My fear ran deep, too. Today I’m sharing how motherhood has changed both me and my business, and what I’ve learned that told me I never had anything to be afraid of at all. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
July 8, 2019
I can picture you sitting there at your desk, glancing around those stark office walls, the ping of your email inbox echoing in your ears, and you’re thinking: There’s more for me than this. Jane Lu was an accountant, she had a stable job in the corporate world, but after starting a business on the side she became so distracted that her work suffered. So she quit. And she didn’t tell anyone. And then her business failed.  Now what? No job, no promise of finding another one, and no business. But now Jane is the founder of Showpo and sitting on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, on track for $200 million in sales. There’s so much between point A and point B… Actually, Jane’s story is more of a point A to point XYZ. Jane is funny and unfiltered, and she’s sharing her story that all started with a decision to quit. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
July 3, 2019
Is blogging dead? A woman in my mastermind asked me the question at my mastermind retreat last fall. It wasn’t the first time, and over the years I tend to hear this question more and more.  As a girl who started this entire business simply by launching a free Wordpress blog over eight years ago, it’s safe to say that I’m kind of hooked on blogging, and I get a little defensive over it because it was my baby for all of these years.  Have you questioned if blogging is even relevant anymore? Or are you just starting a business and wondering if starting a blog is where your focus should be? You’re not alone in wondering. Today I am sharing why blogging can have a place in your business and why it should be a priority. I’ll walk you through how to get started, how to actually make money blogging, and what goes into writing the perfect blog post that will benefit your business for years to come. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
July 1, 2019
Some days you feel totally in your groove, creating absolute magic and checking things off your Big Three to-do list without hesitation. Other days you move slower and can’t seem to get out of your own way, no matter what tasks are piling up on your plate, and your inner mean girl makes you feel totally awful about it, too. What if you could predict those days? What if you could pinpoint when you’d be in the best mental state to work creatively or when you’ll be totally in the zone, sharp, and focused? Would you even believe me if I told you… You can? Today’s guest, Claire Baker, is a life coach… More specifically, a PERIOD coach. Claire teaches women how to live in sync with their menstrual cycle. She’ll walk us through a broader understanding of the seasons of our cycle, and then we’ll do a deep dive into working with these seasons and understanding how they impact our every day. I could’ve talked to Claire all. day. long. If you’re ready to understand your body even better, don’t wait to tune into this episode. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
June 26, 2019
The one change I made that lead to major Instagram growth? Posting photos of ME. And ever since I started sharing more of ME on my Instagram feed, I’m asked who takes my photos. People wonder if I hire a photographer or go to a fancy studio every time I need a new shot for my feed. I don’t and you don’t have to either. All you need is this episode and the willingness to try something that might feel a little uncomfortable at first. I’m a photographer, and I know how to get the best shots of other people, but I’ve also adapted some of those same techniques to take photos of myself, and not just an iPhone selfie as arms-length away. And because you might be looking for advice on posing and feeling natural when someone else is taking a photo of you, I'm serving up some of my favorite tips for when you DO hire a photographer to get the shot (or bribe your husband or partner to do the job!) These are my tips to feel confident taking photos of yourself and getting shots you can’t wait to share in your feed. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
June 24, 2019
So much has changed in my world since the last Ask Jenna and Drew Anything. We recorded it waaay back before Conley was born, and before we knew just how much that sweet little baby girl would shift everything we thought we knew about ourselves, about my business, and about how we do life together. We’ve talked about everything from our first kiss to how we balance our roles as husband and wife on the show, but now Drew and I are in a new season with our daughter as a centerpiece of our lives, and I wanted to share how we’re feeling and what we’ve learned since day one of parenthood. We’re answering your questions from Instagram and Facebook, and in true Kutcher form, we’re not holding back on this. I’m so excited to welcome my husband, Drew Kutcher, back to the show for another Ask Us Anything. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
June 19, 2019
Becoming an entrepreneur has you writing a lot these days: Captions, content for your website, messages in emails… It’s a TON of work, and you don’t love being a copywriter. I get it. Here’s the thing -- Words are like the connective tissue of our brands. They make you easy to relate to, connect with, and understand on a deeper level, and they hold your brand together with a cohesive story across several platforms. See, our businesses aren't just the things we sell to other people. The WORDS that lift up our businesses shed light on more than just what we're selling. I’m sharing 5 EASY copy fixes that you can make TODAY. Tune in, then log off and put these tips into motion. Because your words matter and it’s time to put some confidence behind yours. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
June 17, 2019
I strive every day to check my privilege. I want to DO BETTER as a white woman to celebrate the diversity in this community, and recognize where I can be a positive force for inclusion and representation of all of the wonderful ways we are all different.  I’m learning how to better speak about the tough topics. I’ve been SCARED to say the wrong things, so I’ve said nothing at all. But I know that there’s always room for growth and progress through having these tough conversations.  In this episode, I’m having a tough conversation. When I first spoke to Sarah Rose Summers, she was nearly halfway through her term as Miss USA 2018 and preparing for the Miss Universe competition in Thailand. I loved our conversation, but it never made it to air. You might remember the headlines that came out of the competition, the story about Miss USA and the comments she made about another contestant. We held off on airing her original episode, because my team and I knew we had an important responsibility and opportunity to face a tough topic head on and have a larger conversation about what happened and what we’ve all learned.  I am thrilled to welcome Sarah Rose Summers to Goal Digger today. Yes, we are two white women, stepping up to the mics to talk about diversity, race, and inclusion. I want to have a real, honest conversation that gets us all thinking of ways to do better, grow, be challenged, and show up after we’ve messed up. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
June 12, 2019
Pick a lane, commit to it and follow through. That’s what I tell my students, because it’s true, consistency is one of the biggest factors of success. So, are you consistent with your email marketing? This is one of the KEY areas you need to dial it in. It’s the most reliable way to reach your audience. It should be on your short list of places you’re going to show up consistently.  Maybe you’ve listened to my advice and started a list but you’re struggling with the consistency part. Or maybe it’s been at the bottom of your to-do list for the last two years, or maybe you’re just not sure you’re doing it right… If you’re panicking, take a deep breath. I’ve got you -- today is a training in email lists, how to nurture your peeps, and serving your audience well and all you’ve gotta do is listen. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
June 10, 2019
Today’s guest, Sazan Hendrix grew up the daughter of immigrant Middle Eastern parents. Her family valued hard work, but a career in the public spotlight was not encouraged. She faced cultural opposition and yet she pushed through to find her voice and identity, inspiring women across the globe to do the same. Sazan’s success is undeniable, right? A million followers, sold out products, a top-rated podcast. But she reached a point where the world saw her as one thing, and she felt totally out of alignment with that image. I loved hearing about Sazan’s life before she grew her business, and the changes she made when her sweet baby entered this world, so she could show up in a way that was totally true to who she is now. If you’ve ever felt conflicted and out of sync with the person you are inside and the one showing up in your squares on social media, this is your episode. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:   
June 5, 2019
I’m sharing the EXACT steps we take to produce each episode of the Goal Digger Podcast. It’s all laid out in this episode! First off, let me say THANK YOU to you for listening and helping to grow this thing. Secondly, I have to tell you that there is so much that goes down behind the scenes to get to this, a finished episode streaming directly to you. I think of producing a podcast like building a pyramid. The very tip top is the final product -- the episode that we send out into the world and share with you. But before the capstone is put into place, there are many steps and pieces to build, and I am sharing our blueprint with you today! It just might shock ya! GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
June 3, 2019
Podcasting? There’s more to it than you’d think. I’m asked all the time: What do I need to start a podcast? What do you use to record? How do I get sponsors and make money? Should I outsource any step of the process? When I started the Goal Digger Podcast, I was balancing my computer on my lap in the car so the dogs wouldn’t bark and mess up the recording. Now? Well, there’s still no fancy studio... all of this happens from a spare closet at my house, with a simple mic setup, some Internet magic, and a whole lot of help from my team. I’ve learned so much from day one of starting a podcast. 18 million downloads later, my team and I have our podcast system down to a science that allows us to release FREE quality content two times a week just for you. In this episode, I’m answering those questions and more with a special guest, Tori Maloney. It’s another Goal Digger Coaching Session, and I’m at the mic to help work through some podcasting challenges with a Goal Digger like you. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
May 29, 2019
Productivity is a tug of war and staying focused seems like a finicky art we’re all still trying to master. You know what you have to finish in a day to reach those goals, so why is it SO HARD to get it done? My guess -- because it comes from experience -- you need a makeover. I’m not talking hair or clothing or anything that, because you look GREAT... I mean your routine. If your productivity is lacking, you need to rework your current workflow habits to find a new groove to do your best work. I’m breaking down my “work smarter, not harder” tips that keep me focused and productive during the long days growing my business, from how to make a to do list that moves the needle to ways you can improve your space for optimal workflow. Hit “play” it’s time to get productive up in here. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
May 27, 2019
There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who open their bank app on their phone without a single worry or anxiety, and those two squirm and cringe just thinking about it, or maybe even pretend the app isn’t there. Nearly 1 in 3 women in our country are discouraged about their finances with over 68% feeling overwhelmed by debt. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I am thrilled to welcome Tiffany Aliche, AKA The Budgetnista, to the podcast. We’re talking about the types of debt, how to get out of it from ANY starting point, when to invest in your business, and simple strategies to contribute to your savings that won’t leave you feeling cash strapped at the end of the month. She’s so much fun to talk to… I laughed and learned and now it’s your turn. Press play right now.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
May 22, 2019
SE-Oh no, what does it all mean? Search Engine Optimization, the beast we all have to tame if we want our content to get seen on the world wide web. And best case scenario our content isn’t only SEEN, but it’s ranked high up on that Google results page and gets those coveted clicks. I’ve covered SEO on the show before but I’m seeing the question pop up more and more ‘cause it’s just one of those things that continues to challenge us, confuse us, and keep us from even starting. The Google algorithm judges our pages with over 200 different criteria -- Trying to master them all would be a full time job, and you’ve got bigger things to do. So what will actually move the needle? How can you rank ahead of your competitors? What’s worth the fuss? It’s all in this episode.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
May 20, 2019
You don’t need 10K to start your business as an influencer. What do you need? Today’s episode. Today’s guest, Ali Grant, knows influencers. She launched her business as one of the first agencies working on influencer outreach and collaboration. I’m asking her your biggest questions: How many followers do I need to start making money? What are the secrets to NAILING a brand pitch? And really, how much do influencers actually make per post?  Remember when “Influencers” weren’t even a thing? Like when advertising on the internet was mainly in the form of pop up ads and spam emails? I can’t say I miss those days -- I love the Influencer Marketing world we live in today. You probably know that I’m an influencer and I make money from sponsored posts, but the reality is if you have ONE follower you are an influencer. Getting paid to post? With the right strategy, I know you can do it. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
May 15, 2019
I don’t have time. My dream is too big. Where do I even start? Our big dreams can take a backseat to everyday life. It’s so easy to push them away, fire off every excuse for not leaning into our biggest goals, and ignore the little pull they have on our hearts. I wholeheartedly believe that these big ideas that both excite and frighten us are the only things worth pursuing at all. Let me warn you from the beginning that this is not going to be an episode on general goal setting or how to be more productive and stick to your goals. This episode is about figuring out that one thing you should be doing and then reverse engineering your way to achieve the result you want. The first three steps to take plus how to hop right over whatever roadblocks come your way on the path to making it happen… I’m sharing it all. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
May 13, 2019
Work smarter, not harder. How many times have you heard that in your life? That’s the goal, but it’s not always the starting point. It can take years to get your business to a place where it’s running itself, you’re making money while you sleep, and you’re not burning the midnight oil every. single. night. I love sharing my own strategies on this show for efficient workflows and staying productive, but today with my guest, we’re looking at the science and data behind it all. What are the proven methods to being more productive while actually doing less? And get this… the productivity hack relating to our menstrual cycle that actually BLEW MY MIND. Kate Northrup teaches data-driven and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress. Check, check and check, right? She’s an author, an educator, a speaker, and today she’s on Goal Digger. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
May 8, 2019
There are a ton of educators out there, am I right? Your Facebook and Instagram are inundated with free webinars, downloads, and guides to help you accomplish the next big thing -- heck, you probably see ads for MY trainings and programs! If you’re anything like me, you’ve signed up for things left and right but only leave unsure of what will actually move the needle for you. I’ve been an educator for over 5 years, I’ve watched a ton of trends come and go, I’ve seen people rise and fall... I’m breaking down how you can choose the right educator for you and how to sift through the fluff. I’m sharing what I really think about the rise of online education and how you can make the right choice for you and where you are headed. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
May 6, 2019
You already have what you need to build a course. Now let’s turn that knowledge of yours into profits. She’s back, my sweet friend Amy Porterfield, because when talking about courses and online education, she’s got a way of walking us through the overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating parts with total ease. We’ve been talking a lot about course building on the show lately… But Amy is here with concrete steps to take what you already know (ahem, because you’re an expert in SOMETHING) and turn it into an income stream. From the first phase of extracting your knowledge, to building the blueprint that will give your audience results, and how to approach pricing… If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a course, start here. So pour a cup of coffee, open up that notebook, and get ready to scribble down your roadmap for creating your very own course. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
May 1, 2019
A few weeks ago, I was standing on a balcony in Puerto Rico… The sun was setting, I was staring down at the beach, holding a glass of champagne and I had a moment. One of those moments when time freezes and you see this sort of highlight reel of a part of your life. For me, it was this flashback to when I started this whole thing and here I was in this reality that was a total *pinch me* moment. I came back to earth when a photographer walked up to me and I asked him what lens he was shooting on. Our conversation took off and he asked me ONE question that inspired this whole episode. He said, “If you had $5,000 and had to start all over again, where would you spend it and what would you do?” Wow. My free strategies to get started, places to save a little cash while growing, and the most important investments… I’m sharing what I’d do with a blank slate, $5K and the knowledge I have now. Listen in right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
April 29, 2019
Goal Digger Coaching is back and you get to listen in as a listener gets coached on AIR by me! Create a course? Teach people online? Who… Me? Be kind and rewind to 4 years ago when I was asking myself those same questions. Now, I’m an online educator bringing in 90% of my profits with my courses on Instagram, Pinterest, Email List Building, and more. Now the only question is: Could YOU create a course? My answer is YES. I’m going one-on-one with today’s guest, Meg Wheeler. She’s a student in my List to Launch Lab, and she’s toying with the same course questions that you might be facing in your own business. How do you know you’re ready to offer a course? What should your course be about? And how do determine what your audience needs not what you think they need? All that, plus more, going all the way from the basics through launch in this coaching session. If a course is on your mind, press play and listen in on this coaching session with a Goal Digger like you. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
April 24, 2019
Maybe you’re sitting in our soul-crushing job thinking, “Life has more for me.” That was me in the early days. The windowless corporate office days. The early entrepreneur days asking myself if I could really make it happen. You don’t know much about how I really got my start or what those early days looked like for me… You’ve heard the story about my $300 Craigslist camera but I want to dive into my reality as I took a leap into the world of entrepreneurship. Maybe, just maybe you’re sitting where I was those years ago, wanting more but not even sure what “more” could look like or if you could make it happen. So let me pull back the curtain and welcome you into the life of 23-year old Jenna who believed there was more for her out there but could have never dreamed what was ahead… I’m holding nothing back, are you ready? GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY:  GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM:  GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:  
April 22, 2019
I’m on a total high right now. It’s how I always feel after a call with my business coach. I’ve taken courses and joined masterminds and chosen my mentors carefully. Did you know every coach I’ve ever hired has been led by a male? Enter: Dean Graziosi. I saw Dean speak about a year ago, and even though he’s been in this game for a few decades, he still lights up when he talks about what he does. I never stop learning or investing in my development and these calls keep me moving forward. I always record our calls (because I seriously cannot scribble notes fast enough!) so I’m peeling back the curtain big time and letting you listen into a session so you can hear what it’s like to be coached and what I am asking. It’s kind of like the old-school landline days when you could pick up the phone and listen to your parents talk from the other room… Except it’s an unscripted, raw, and unedited call with the business coach that always leaves me fired up and focused. I get really open and honest about where I’m at, the feeling of contentedness, my fear of selling, and MORE. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
April 19, 2019
I have never sat up to the mic with a male guest. Until today. I’m ending the all-female streak in this bonus episode because I know this guest brings with him a truly transformational message and a reputation in the world of business that precedes him. Today I welcome Tony Robbins to The Goal Digger Podcast. Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author and philanthropist, and the number one Life and Business Strategist in the country. More than 50 million people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Tony’s business and personal development events, webinars, and one-on-one coaching. Tony helps people live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life, and close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. I’m talking to Tony about how we, as women, can step up to the plate, the 5 steps needed to really make change, why sometimes it takes investing in ourselves to truly transform. His closing call out to ladies gave me goosebumps. Listen in on our conversation. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
April 17, 2019
Your calendar is empty. Some people might LOVE all that blank space, meaning it’s more free time. But if you’re a photographer or other service-based entrepreneur, I’m guessing an empty calendar makes you feel the opposite. No bookings, no money… Alllll the stress. If you rely on booking clients in your business, whether you’re a photographer, calligrapher, florist, wedding planner or something similar, and you’re in a slow booking season, this is your episode. And heck, if you’re none of those things, you can still pick up some really great tips on how to generate interest in whatever you’re selling, so don’t go anywhere, k? I’m walking you through the 5 main strategies I used to fill my calendar each year so I could rest easy knowing that I had hit both my client workload and income goals. These 5 tips could not only help you boost your bookings but can also guide you in creating a marketing plan. Stop stressing about when your next paycheck or contract will come in and press play. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
April 15, 2019
Boundaries. Is there such a thing? As we’re building our businesses, creating our personal brands, and sharing the good, bad, and *real* moments on social media, where is the line between our public and private lives anymore?  We scrapped the interview questions for an honest conversation with our guest today, Kate Arends. She created the lifestyle brand Wit & Delight and what started as a personal project to get to know herself became a resource for her 3.3 million followers to feel less alone in the ups and downs of their journey through life. She shares food, design, and travel, and publishes deeply personal essays to explore her journey through divorce, mental illness, and an undiagnosed learning disability. Through it all, Kate expertly crafted a deeply personal brand with a focus on her passions. I ask her about the whole process, how she creates boundaries while maintaining a brand that is so personal, and what she would do if she started over today. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
April 10, 2019
A $300 Craigslist camera launched my photography career and turned into all of this. Stop me if you’ve heard this one… I’ve told it a million times because it’s a reminder of how I got this whole thing going. When I speak to entrepreneurs, many aren’t sure they want to be doing what they are currently doing ten years from now. Wedding photography wasn’t something I could see myself doing 10, 20 years down the road. But I made a powerful pivot and what came next was my dream business. In this episode I get into the HOW of my pivot and hopefully inspire you to start thinking about what’s next for you. You don’t have to back yourself into a corner, I want you to already be thinking forward about the next step so that when your passion fades, you’ve got a powerful pivot ready to propel you forward without sacrificing profits. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
April 8, 2019
I dare you to post a video to your Instagram Stories right now. Show up, wherever and however you are, and talk to your audience. Is your heart nervously racing at the thought? I’m with you… Video is scary! We might feel comfortable posting a selfie after some editing and applying our favorite filters and presets but video? So much more difficult to SHOW UP in that way. But video is important. We’re getting clear signs every day that if we’re not using video for our businesses, we better start. Today’s guest, Sunny Lenarduzzi has nearly a decade of experience in creating thriving brand strategies using social media and video marketing. When I wanted to dig deeper into the struggle of feeling comfortable on camera (for selfish reasons, really, I could use some help in this area) I knew Sunny would be the best guest to offer actionable tips to make us ALL want to show up on video for our businesses. Does it feel corny to say Lights, Camera, Action? I already said it anyway… So here we go! We even have a challenge for you! You in? GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
April 3, 2019
There’s so much information out there, isn’t there? You’re constantly feeling like a chicken with your head cut off and wondering if anything you’re doing is RIGHT. Sound familiar? If you’re feeling that way right now, I want you to take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and remind yourself that doing ANYTHING is better than doing nothing. This episode is dedicated to the top 5 mistakes I see entrepreneurs making right now (and hey, they are mistakes I find myself making too, so I’m not guiltless!) Let me walk you through the 5 biggies and give you solutions to stop making these silly mistakes with your time, your money, your words, and your beliefs. It’s time for you to get to work and I want you to do it with confidence that you’re not messing up… Because you, my friend, are anything but a mess up! GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
April 1, 2019
Have 90 minutes of time today to devote to your dreams? What if one tiny act of kindness could change a life? Today’s guest, Ashley Reale, built her entire business on that question, and she launched it with just 90 minutes a day as a stay at home mom with two kids under 4 years old. You will love Ashley’s story of turning her hobby into a profitable endeavor (with limited spare time!) and how she continues to cultivate a passionate social media community around her products to keep her business growing. Consider this episode an audio love note. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
March 27, 2019
Oh Instagram, the app we are all trying to maneuver with grace and ease but behind the scenes we’re pulling out our hair, spending way too much time Googling things, and agonizing behind every image and caption -- and don’t even get me started about things like hashtags and IG stories, am I right? As someone who has educated thousands of people on how to use the app better, I wanted to take a little time to tell ya the 3 trends that NEED to stop -- like yesterday -- because they are hurting you and not helping you on the platform. This isn’t an episode telling you to do MORE. Instead, it’s shedding a light on some frightening trends that are robbing you seeing results on Instagram. Are you ready? Let’s talk about the 3 things you need to stop doing on Instagram. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:   
March 25, 2019
The customer is always right. Sure, you know that, but as an artist how do you balance your own creativity AND give your clients exactly what they want? And what happens when “following your bliss” isn’t actually paying the bills? This guest found the perfect balance of her own creativity and a client-centered strategy to really give the people what they want AND grow her business. Olivia Herrick is MY graphic designer, working on all things Jenna Kutcher, and she’s the artist behind the new Goal Digger branding that we launched at the beginning of 2019. Olivia calls herself a chronic creator, and today she’s sharing how she creates value for clients, the one thing she does EVERY morning, and how educating your clients can make you BOTH happier. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
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