The Misery Machine
This is excellent - what a great show! Will definitley be binging this at work for sure <3 We're both big ST fans and are now fans of your show! <3 Yergy & Drewby
So good!
So I’ve been obsessed with Stranger Things since it came out, but because it’s been sooooo long since the last season I kind of put this show in the back of my mind until season 3 came out this year lol so my obsession has sparked again! I watched from the beginning so I was looking for some podcasts that discussed the show & a Stranger Things group I’m in on Facebook suggested to check y’all out & I’m sooo glad I did! I love your energy & insight on the episodes, characters & overall filming of the show. I’m only in the beginning episodes but I’m hooked for sure! I can’t wait to hear the rest & I hope you continue when there’s season 4!
Great podcast
These two ladies have come a long way and created a really special podcast for fans of the show. Professional, funny, insightful, they were born to podcast :)
They never lie
Cause friends don’t lie Ps this is an awesomely great pod
Great, unique content & charming hosts!
These funny Atlanta-area sisters get all kinds of interesting content (cast & crew interviews, set visits, etc) that nobody else has. Best co-host: Kilby. Highly recommend!!
Totally Tubular!
Love the podcast! Highly recommend for all Stranger Things fanatics. Stay Strange!
Amazing performance by two lovely gals
this podcast continues to make my day when ever ash and tori release an episode! I love their content and love the energy of the podcast!!
I love the enthusiasm and wholesome sibling vibes.
Amazing Podcasts
Kaniya F
The podcast is amazing and Ash and Tori are wonderful.Their truly great souls. I can’t thank them enough for a once in a lifetime trip to the pumpkin patch from stranger things.
Fun to dive deeper
I love hearing the interviews and local insights. Fun!
Just came across this podcast . Very entertaining love the reviews and trivia . Hosts are adorable keep up the good work
Totally Binge-Worthy!
I absolutely love this podcast, and listen to it anytime I get the chance! Ash and Tori are super entertaining to listen to, and you can tell how passionate they are about the show, which I totally relate to. I needed a new way to fill the Stranger Things sized hole in my heart, and this is perfect ❤️
Homesick for Atlanta & Withdraws from ST
Alexis Tucker
Let me just start off by saying that I’m extremely jealous of these sweet girls for the locations they get to visit and actors they get to interview. I moved to Germany a few years ago and this podcast helps when I’m feeling homesick for Atlanta. These ladies are so professional & their podcast helps my withdraws. Also I too love Joe (aka Steve) so I understand your obsession. He is totally someone I would chill with irl.
Cool Podcast!!
Brooke Ranson
I was Dustin and Noah's stand-in/ photo double for this second season as well as I'm a fan of the show! It's so cool to hear the passion from you guys for this show and to hear from the different guest actors I got to work with. :) keep it up!
Awesome Podcast
Amazing podcast! Ash & Tori work hard on bringing great interviews & awesome content. If you love Stranger Things this is the perfect podcast for you. I can only rate out of 5 stars but this podcast is an 11 out of 10! Keep it up you guy! 👍
I’m one of those people who can’t even count how many times I've watched season 1 of Stranger Things. If you are anything like me then you need to listen to this podcast. These ladies provide some awesome content and give you a behind the scenes look at the show. Looking forward to the next episode!
This is my favorite podcast! I listen every time I get the chance, and I follow them on instagram. I love how they share pictures of the locations Stranger Things films at, to show those of us who don't live near Atlanta what the sets look like in real life! Every episode kf this podcast is informative, funny, and put together well. I especially enjoy the interviews with Barb's mom and the movie theather guy! They give an interesting new point of view to my favorite show. You can tell that Ash and Tori work hard on this podcast!
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