#127 That Python code is on fire!
Published April 25, 2019
24 min
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    Special guest: Kenneth Reitz

    Brian #1: inline_python (for rust)

    • “I just made a Frankenstein's monster: Python code embedded directly in rustlang code. Should I kill it before it escapes the lab?” - Mara Bos
    • Writing some rust, and need a little Python?
    • Maybe want to pop open a matplotlib window?
    • This may be just the thing you need.
    • see also:
      • https://pypi.org/project/bash/

    Kenneth #2: Requests3: Under Way!

    • Requests 2.x that you know and love is going into CVE-only mode (which it has been for a long time).
    • Requests III is a new project which will bring async/await keywords to Requests.
    • installable as requests3.
    • Type-Annotations
    • Python 3.6+

    Michael #3: 🔥 Pyflame: A Ptracing Profiler For Python

    • Pyflame is a high performance profiling tool that generates flame graphs for Python.
    • Pyflame is implemented in C++, and uses the Linux ptrace(2) system call to collect profiling information.
    • It can take snapshots of the Python call stack without explicit instrumentation
    • Capable of profiling embedded Python interpreters like uWSGI.
    • Fully supports profiling multi-threaded Python programs.
    • Why use it?
      • Pyflame usually introduces significantly less overhead than the builtin profile (or cProfile) modules, and emits richer profiling data.
      • The profiling overhead is low enough that you can use it to profile live processes in production.

    Brian #4: flit + src

    • Currently a WIP PR.
    • flit is easy.
      • Given a module or a source package.
      • flit init creates pyproject.toml and LICENSE files.
      • commit those to git
      • flit build creates a wheel
      • flit publish (builds and) publishes to whatever you have in your [.pypirc](https://docs.python.org/3/distutils/packageindex.html#the-pypirc-file)
    • Changes in this PR
      • The flit project already has 2 types of projects.
        • just a module, like foo.py
        • a package (directory with __init__.py), like foo/__init__.py
      • This would add a 3rd and 4th.
        • just a module, but in src, like src/foo.py
        • a package in src, like src/foo/__init__.py
    • May be cracking open a can of worms, but I’m ok with that.

    Kenneth #5: $ pipx install pipenv

    Michael #6: cheat.sh




    Kenneth (optional):

    • PyColorado CFP
    • PyOhio CFP
    • PyRemote!


    Don’t know if I’ll do all of these, but I like them. 🙂 Brian and Kenneth, feel free to add yours if you have some!

    MK: Ubuntu users are apt to get these jokes. MK: How many programmers does it take to kill a cockroach? Two: one holds, the other installs Windows on it. MK: A programmer had a problem. He thought to himself, 'I know, I'll solve it with threads!'. has Now problems. two he

    (mildly offensive) KR: What’s the difference between a musician and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four.

    (In collaboration with Jonatan Skogsfors) Python used to be directed by the BDFL, Guido. Now it’s directed by a steering council, GUIDs[0:4].

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