The best podcast on AI and ML
Gopi Gopalakrishnan
This is the best podcast that I have listened to which is truly mind expanding. Each episode is unique in its on way from the context of understanding how AI and ML is impacting every walk of our life, industry, government and society. Thank you Azeem for your outstanding work!
One of the Few Podcasts I Follow
I have stopped following most podcasts because they are usually trying to sell something. Exponential view provides pure content, without an emphasis on selling something. The interviewees are experts in their field. Some guests do not get close enough to the microphone, thus making it sometimes difficult to hear. I always "binge listen" to these podcasts on long drives. Theses podcasts provide a broader context for artificial intelligence.
Informative and Lively
I’ve been a fan of Azeem’s newsletter for a while now and the podcast is the perfect logical extension. The topics discussed are always relevant but with a fresh and different perspective that is distinctive from many other podcasts out there that cover technology and it’s cultural implications. You’ll absolutely feel smarter and more informed after listening and be exposed to insights you probably would never have expected.
mack rosea
To understand our collective future, and the implications of technology’s influence on our personal, political, financial, and spiritual lives- all thinking people need to listen to this podcast.
Excellent podcast
Insightful and informed exploration of technology and technology-related matters. Low-ego host who skillfully guides conversations with guests to move listeners through a compelling exploration of the week’s topic. Highly recommend!
Incredible insights and information
Great podcast
Highly Recommended
Exponential View is proving to be an excellent podcast that is thoughtful, intelligent, and well focused. Azeem is an exceptionally astute and thoughtful interviewer. Highly recommended.
Constructive and useful outlook
Explores the intended and unintended consequences of major technology trends and progress without being alarmist or unquestioningly optimistic. Recognizes progress while also acknowledging its risks.
A great podcast. Azeem and his guests always provide fascinating insight.
Great podcast
Important and fun
Azeem, I approached this podcast with an investor’s mindset. How do I soak up enough of the right kind of information to give myself an advantage? But your episode on surveillance capitalism woke up dormant concerns in me. I see you as a curious capitalist and I’m not sure you agree completely with all the arguments made in this episode, but you give them space to breath - and they are important arguments. This episode earned my five star rating. Excellent work. Keep it up.
eclectic and informative
I have been following Azeem Azhar since I started subscribing to his Exponential Views email newsletter. His podcast goes into more depth on many fascinating issues about the effect of technology on society. Enjoyable, eclectic, and informative.
I appreciate the variety of guests and the way Azeem approaches each one with an open mind. Truly an engaging podcast with lots of thought-provoking themes.
Easy to listen to
I find the content easy to listen to during my commute. Azeem does a good job helping guests explain some complex issues.
Lacks content
Azeem is a charming and conscientious host, and his guests. The show just gives some of the topics it discusses (AI in particular) too superficial a treatment to be useful. If you are curious about HOW artificial intelligence will change the world, you will not get that here. If you didn’t already know that it will change the world, you’ll find the podcast revealing.
True Quality
This is the only podcast I listen to regularly. Azeem addresses critical topics and interviews people at the cutting edge of the next paradigm. He dives below the surface on a range of subjects and includes interviewees from a diverse set of disciplines. Finally, he keeps it short enough that it is an easy podcast to fit into your life. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
Excellent podcast
Expand my knowledge base with each podcast
I loved the episode with Dr. Eric Topol
Loved how you two discussed how important it is now more than ever to revisit the curriculum for future physicians. Including ethical concerns. Physician burnout rate is so real. I was at a recent IU conference and they discussed it as well.
Amazing podcast
Niko Peters
One of the best podcasts on Artificial Intelligence. Love how it doesn’t necessarily dabble in tech business, but rather the general world of tech that transcends business and startups :)
Staple podcast
Innovative, analytical, thorough, clear, thoughtful ... I can’t thank and praise Azeem and his team enough for the insight this podcast and his weekly “wondermissive” of the same name being to the table. If you can’t make sense of the pace or content of innovation, then this podcast is required listening. And if you can then it’s likely because of it.
Great podcast!
Relevant and current podcast
Utterly fascinating and indispensable
Kenneth Cukier
This is the best podcast that exists that spans technology and innovation to touch on essential questions of society, business politics, economics and more. Great guests and brilliant questions. A pure delight.
A rare find
it's my simulation
In a natural and engaging way, Azeem takes conversations deeper and covers new ground with highly influential people. I subscribe to several podcasts on AI, tech, startups and society, and this is my new go-to.
To my kids
Listen to this. It’s the closest I’ve come to what your world will look like
Important for our current times
Lets make our cities great
Technology, private industry, and government. How will these three forces come together to support the kind of society we want. These podcasts provide some ideas.
Discovered this podcast through a LinkedIn article. Impressed and normally not a podcast person. Well done.
Jam packed with value and thought provoking insights!
i love real food
I look for the newsletter every Sunday and thoroughly enjoy each podcast. You get a global perspective, meet relevant, future-forward thought-leaders and learn a ton following the Exponential View!
Chicken Soup for the Mind
Slimboy fat81
This is an amazing podcast. There is so much rich information that I listen to the casts several times during the week to think through the topics in greater depth. Thank you Azeem.
Tech and entrepreneurship via european values
Exceptionally thoughtful, well-informed conversations about the intended and unintended implications of AI-infused technologies. Maybe most importantly, I can rely on Azeem (host) to challenge his guests' valley/US-centrism with charitable precision. Highly recommended for any social scientist interested in studying the implications of technology for the world of work.
Tech as if humanity matters - be still my...
Kristin in PDX
Yay Azeem! The content in your newsletter and podcast is excellent. Top notch. I look forward to it in both media. I also hugely appreciate your effort to *ground* the big ideas/data/tech discussed -- to place them in time and embed them in community context. It undermines the kind of "it's-inevitable-get-on-board!" dynamic that often pervades these discussions and emphasizes our own agency and responsibility instead. (Tim O'Reilly as a guest perhaps?) Thanks a million.
🥺my brother cry’s at some stories .
Hilarious 😮 Also your new realaunch of the pod cast theme song is👍
Go to future tech
The newsletter and podcast have quickly become goto for me to stay on top of the big tech trends
One of my favorites!
Great guests and even better conversation, this is a must if you’re interested in the intersection of technology, society and culture.
Great guests and ideas
This show definately makes you think. A lot of the ideas expressed on the show I don't agree with, but that's part of the reason I like to listen.
Refreshing, deeply engaging, and worth every unit of attention you cive it
One of n users
This podcast has been very helpful to me in providing the varity of opinions, observations, and hypotheses about the often very confusing world in which we live. As someone that works in technology but wants to pull in a more profoundly human direction, as a person that wants politics to solve problems instead of be problems, and as a reluctant futurist but optimistic person, I find that this podcast and Azeem in his very thoughful and patient conversational style provide me with the tools to better explain my own thinking, and the exposure to things I have not yet thought about. Really brilliant stuff.
Tremendous insight
Azeem does fantastic work building a picture of the future from a variety of perspectives. Guests top notch.
A very enjoyable and informative podcast
I eagerly wait for it every week. Great guests, very thoughtful and intelligent conversations about the impact of technology on the world.
Essential for those interested in technology and society
hessian informatics
Fantastic guests, many of which fall into the “how had I not heard of them before “ category. A gifted interviewer with insightful questions and responses. A consistent podcast in my rotation.
Little Astronomy
This podcast blows my mind with every episode. Exceptional guests and exceptional conversations.
A Must Listen
man in a band
Azeem's newsletter has been a staple in my information diet for years. His podcast is of the same caliber and should be mandatory listening!
A step backwards
Great podcast and sunday blog
Must-listen to
Azeem is brilliant, leads some of the deepest discussions about technology and its impact on society
Great podcast
Really love it
Exponential View is the best!
More so than any other source around the world, the Exponential View is the one publication and now blog (thank you!) that bring insights, provocations, and deep thinking together to help us grapple with the roll technology is playing in our lives. As the cofounder if a technology and design center working in frontier tech, I am grateful for Azeem’s dedication to bring fresh voices together!!
Engaging. Current. Relevant. Top 5 List
From tech and science to philosophy, finance, economics and so much more Azeem’s podcast and blog defines a A true Renaissance menu of intellectual Insight - nutrition for the brain in language for all...
Really good content
Really good content in the interviews. But quality of sound is sometimes bad - either in interviewer or interviewee. I’m sure he will fix that over time.
Very interesting on a number of issues
Great podcast touching on a number of very important issues. Insightful questions and discussions!
Educational, Fun, Inspiring and Thoughtful
M Radigan
Exponential View is an amazing newsletter and podcast. EV finds content that is often missed in the other feeds, and highlights and clarifies the value proposition of the content. The podcast does a great job of getting valuable and new information from his guests, and still aligns it to the future impact for finance, technology and beyond. Highly recommend.
Exponential View
If you love the weekly letter you will find these podcasts similarly mind-expanding The curation of ideas remains first class but the voice format brings out Azeem’s warmth and probing intellect. Required listening
One of my favorites
Justin, DUMBO, NYC
Very intersting content and guests that I love listening to in addition to his weekly newsletter!
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