There has to be more...
I’m considering on organizing a hunger strike if season one of Crime Town isn’t revisited or expanded on. I’ve listened to season one several times, it never gets old. Get on it folks I get hangry, fast!
Not what you might expect!
If you love well told stories about historical events, culture and society you will love this! SO GOOD!!! I am completely hooked. Hurry up Season 3!
Oh my god enough with the music
Just talk. Stop with the stupid Buddy Cianci stuff in between. Good lord how frustrating.
Leave the gun take the canolis
sammy meatballs
This was recommended by the hosts of the scissors and scrubs pod cast and I literally can not stop listening to your show! I’ve told all of my friends and family to check this out!
Needs fact checking
Based on the one episode I listened to bc it happened in my hometown this podcast needs a fact checker. The girl features claims she was suspended for being in a fight even though she was “the victim”.... would a victim yell across a school cafeteria calling someone a baby killer after they dealt with an unplanned pregnancy? Based on the fact she lied about the very reason she needed a lawyer I hesitate to believe a lot about her story. The girls retaliate against her but she committed a heinous act. She’s literally the craziest thing to come out of East Greenwich and that says a lot.
Cookie Penelope
cookie penelope
First Season is an absolute Gem!
One of my favorite shows with delicious audio and fabulous music selection. Stories so captivating!
Epic story telling!
This podcast is one of the best!
This season tops the last!
The season on Detroit is SO much better than the previous season. I can’t wait to get to the next episode. With the last season, I would just listen to it with reluctance and a little dread. Not with this one.
GDad of 4
Almost impossible not to binge listen!
Detroit’s dark side
Thank you for this podcast! It shed more light on our city’s crooked mayor. Detroit will come back!
Love it
I couldn’t get enough is season 1. Loved how it was done and enjoyed every second if it!!!
I love season 2.
I love this podcast and the way it’s done. I wish there were more Detroit episodes!
A Mob Must
Amber Beth
This podcast brings the characters involved in the organized crime ring of Providence to life. Take a journey into the dark underbelly of back door deals, hits, cover ups, a city under control of a powerful mob boss. The real life Sopranos.
Awesome podcast - horrible ads
buddy for mayor
Absolutely love the podcast! But you guys need some new ads. Every time I hear April Belasio say the world “tangible” I contemplate leaping from my moving vehicle. Don’t worry - I opt for skipping through the ad. I’d imagine that a captivating show like Crimetown would have folks lining up to advertise with you. Please consider. Amazing piece of work otherwise. Thanks for all the hard work putting this together.
The best on corruption and the life of a city
One of my all time favorites. This podcast captures the hubris and audacity of elected officials, and gets such amazing interviews from so many perspectives. Listen!
A Must Listen
I love this podcast! It's very entertaining and also teaches a lot of history which I love too. It's very well edited and recorded and I love the host's voice!
Masterful Storytelling
The first season was flawless. Narration, storytelling, editing, all of it — essentially perfect. The second season gets off to a rocky start in my opinion. Several new narrators and scattered story plotting give it a very amateur feel far below the standards of the first season. But stick with it! After episode 5, it really tightens up. The show settles in on one or two narrators who have learned how to give this season its own voice. The editing and story really comes together by doing what Crimetown does best, providing captivating character arcs. Overall, the producers of Crimetown are incredibly adept at weaving numerous characters and plots into a beautifully crafted story arc – something difficult to do with real life events. I can't recommend it enough.
Season 2 WAS BINGE WORTHY!!!!!
I enjoyed hearing all the details regarding the Kilpatricks and Detroit in general! I was very impressed with this podcast station. Check it out! Great research and fact checking too! Ready for Season 3!
Best podcast
Sam Orner
Simply the best. Hosts, production value, intyeriviews, music and research. So worth the wait for season two. Hoping there is a season three. These stories are the best reporting /storytelling on urban America I've encountered since The Wire.
Loving Season 2
Really enjoying season 2 ! Dimitri is awesome! Omg Kwame just can’t come clean He’s making my blood boil 🤬
what an amazing podcast
Mo Donnelly
Thanks to everyone involved in this show. As IO Tillet Wright says—it is a “movie for your ears” and I was riveted. Detroit was a mother lode of “edge-of-the-seat” stories. A great journey. I await your next project.
This is what happens when you have white flight. The truth matters.
Excellent show
Sheba Ginger
I really have enjoyed the narrative! It’s sad that there is so much corruption but exposing it and showing how it has been brought out is great!
Loved it
I was riveted!
One sided in Season 2
It has been interesting listening to information about events that happened in the city I was born and grew up in (and I mean actually living in Detroit in the 80s and 90’s). However, this podcast makes it seems like Black people were the only corrupt individuals in the city and that’s just not true. Thus, I feel a more thorough and complete investigation should have been done in discussing the timeline of Detroit crime. Thus, whoever is listening to this podcast and isn’t familiar with Detroit, know that there are other factors that need to be considered and discussed.
New listener
Light worker 73
This is a good show. However, i don’t care for the jokes at the end of the show. They’re very distasteful. Other than that, it’s a good show.
Glamorizing Crime
At first, I was all in with Season 1 of this podcast. However as more and more was covered, I began to wonder how families of victims feel about all of the focus on the criminals. I was happy to listen to more about the victims’ families in many of the bonus episodes. I’m hoping Season 2 will have more about the good people.
Top notch!
Both seasons of Crimetown are must listen! Well produced and very addictive.
Outstanding and fun!
One of the best podcasts around. The first season is fascinating, funny, and just fun. A must listen. You will enjoy!
Wow! My favorite ever!
NC commuter
Just wrapping up season 1 and don’t want it to end! Awesome job I could listen to the wise guys forever!
A real gem
The way this is produced is amazing. The stories are so engaging. I can’t stop listening.
Well done
So well done!! Binged on both seasons, sad to see it end. So interesting. Enjoyed hearing from the persons involved!!! Thank you for a great podcast.
Season II
Nxt Gen Cowboy
I loved the first season on Providence! However when I found out the second season was to be on Detroit I couldn’t wait!!! I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit’s Eastside and first started paying attention to politics and current events during the reign and aftermath of the Kilpatrick administration! Everyone had an opinion on Kwamme and that period was when I realized it distinct, deep and intense the divide and disconnect between the suburbs and the city were! It was this political scandal and corruption that really ignited my interest in politics! I have been a Detroit history fanatic! I read the autobiography of Butch Jones the Y.B.I founder, grew up hearing of the Coleman Young years, and watching first hand Kwamme’s Saga unfold, following it in the newspaper everyday! From someone who loves Detroit, grew up in the suburbs but spent a lot of time in the city and considered myself a Detroiter, and completely inthralled by Detroit’s history and legacy I have been loving this in-depth dive into the stories cities want to be forgotten but cannot be for they notorious nature of the crime and corruption! Plus I just have to say... BK is the true villain in the tail of Detroit, Kwamme is doing the time Bernard should be doing! I am not saying Kwamme is an innocent man in this situation, however it was his dad who extorted, took advantage, profited immensely from the situation and is most likely opening the Pandora’s Box that resides on any politicians desk! Once you compromise yourself towards corruption even a little bit, that first bribe you take, that first quid pro quo favor you do, that first abuse of power and circumstance committed, the levy has been breached! From then on it can escalate all too quickly because once compromised further compromises become easier and eventually It just becomes standard operating procedure! Absolutely stunning work and in-depth investigation into crime and corruption, even though I Love Detroit I cannot wait for what city is next!
I listened to all of Seasons 1 & 2 and I absolutely loved it! I hope there’s more to come in the future! The stories, narrating, interviews, and topics were so intriguing I couldn’t stop listening! I listened on the way and home from work which I have a long commute! I would sneak an episode here and there at work don’t tell my boss! Loved it, loved it, loved it!
Interesting characters
Great interviews and storytelling. Many lively characters. The episodes build upon one another, but also tell totally different perspectives. Fascinating.
I am addicted to this podcast. I just want more & more episodes.
Kilpatrick is scum and his supporters are a joke
the jellynose
I listen to so many podcasts. Probably 10 hours a day. This is the best. It’s professionally on the edge and thankfully goes over the edge often.
Season 2: Clickbait
Season 2 is a disappointment. Each episode buries the lead because speculation is far more titilating than reality. Clickbait.
Just h8 it
The fastes runner sonic
It is terrible
Great podcast
High quality material, I only give 4 stars due to the theme music. It is akin to nails on a chalk board.
Best crime podcast ever
Clay Bob
The production value, stories, interviews and pure grit found within is astoundingly awesome. I am hooked. Keep them coming!
Season 2 was better.
That’s my review.
Great writing
Dimples's mom
Both seasons have been great. Well-researched, entertaining, and very interesting. I highly recommend!
Season 1 was more entertaining then I thought it would be!
I had heard about this podcast via another podcast about season 2. Well I figured I’d listen to season 1 first and see if it was any good, I didn’t think I would enjoy listening to a corrupt mayor. I was so wrong! Getting all the background on the mob activity and listening to them laugh about how crazy it was back then was great. It’s an amazing the roller coaster ride of Mayor Buddy, it’s like how can people love this guy? Then you hear his interactions while in jail and at his portrait unveiling and you can’t help but love him. He seemed like an interesting guy for sure. I’d love to see Buddy the musical, it sounds hilarious! Now onto to season two!
Here’s to 100K!!
Love this podcast!!
Great stuff in a sea of bad podcasts
Both seasons are really well-done. The in-depth reporting is so good and gives an unbiased, behind-the-scenes look at these cities and cultures. Now that literally. everyone. has a podcast, it’s more difficult to find the good ones. Superb storytelling here.
Rust Belt
Boner in sweat pants
Very enjoyable. Mayor Young was before my time. I never realized how corrupt he was during his time as mayor. All of the side stories were great, too! I’m looking forward to season three.
Season 1 was great. Season 2 is trash
Race baiting pushing the liberal agenda in season 2. Don’t waste your time.
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