OMG Everyone should use this podcast in their classroom
Bonnie Frank
The Story Behind is both informative and thought-provoking, and a there is at least one history lesson in every episode! THIS should be part of every school curriculum.
Isn’t it Aasif MANDVI?
Really. Did he change the spelling of his name?
Music too loud
Robyn D from NJ
What a shame. I really loved the podcast but the background music is too loud and I find it difficult to hear her clearly.
Background Music?
Great content. The review is one star because it’s impossible to listen to with the music blasting behind her. Why would you have background music? I hope this changes because it’s a great format. Short, sweet and interesting.
Titania Red
What a fun topic! Emily is a great host, and I find this show both educational and entertaining.
Fun and fast
This podcast is a great way to get fun, fast and easily digestible breakdowns of different topics. Great to binge!
Great show!
Cutting Class Podcast
Emily’s coverage of the Teddy Bear story was great! This was my first delve into The show but I’d highly recommend any listeners to this well produced show to learn fun facts behind everyday objects. She’s concise, well researched, and a delight to listen to!
Fantastic show!
Turn Of Phrases Podcast
I love history and stories and this show has both. I enjoy learning all the facts and history about everyday things.
Fun, informative stories in a short time
Daniel J. Lewis
Emily Prokop has great experience in finding and sharing dynamic stories (check out her previous podcast, Classy Little Podcast). The Story Behind is just the right length for me. I can't get into the public-radio narrative podcasts, but I look forward to each episode of The Story Behind because it gives me insight into the everyday and often teaches me something I didn't know.
Wonderful, must subscribe podcast!
I was recommended this podcast from #PodcastPD, specifically the episode about PEZ. I was hooked and started catching up on previous episodes. Emily does a wonderful job giving the history of events, objects, people, etc. The topics are eclectic; offering something for everyone. As a teacher, I also appreciate Emily’s due diligence of offering where she finds her information. I recommend this podcast for the curious mind.
Itches The Questions We All Ask
Jonathan Bloom
Ever wondered what the story behind something was? Emily does an amazing make job making a podcast that is fun to listen to and adds trivia to your day.
New Favorite!
Love the quick histories and variety of subjects. I highly recommend it, and you’ll sound super smart with all your new facts!
Fun and Informative!
BassCaster Bros.
Emily does a great job producing each episode! It is interesting to hear the story of items you don't think about much. This podcast is the first on list to listen to when there is a new episode. I would enjoy it too if the each show was a little bit longer. It is cool to tell people random things I learned from listening! -Josh
Super Fun Facts!
Love learning about what I may be taking for granted. The host Emily is very engaging and the show is a great bite sized addition to your queue. Have a good time while strengthening your trivia game!
Fun informative podcast
Photos by Jen McGee
I have only listened to a few episodes but have enjoyed them all. Keep them coming!
Great Conversation Starters!!!
Story Spectacular
I LOVE this kind of content!!! Great pop history and Emily Prokop is such an energetic voice. The topics are all super facinating & I love the mix of interesting history with humor. Highly recommend:)
So interesting
Citrus Sunshine
I love learning about the history of these everyday things.
You will NEVER believe..
Some of the stories behind these products! Emily brings stories from the past and connects them to our present day products we use and love. Very short and clean, can use these in a classroom or listen to them with you kids - who will love these stories !
Fun, and an exceptional production!
I got to know Emily before knowing her podcast, but anyone can quickly get to know her THROUGH her podcast. There are so many great things to say about the content and the presentation and her presence on the mic, but you’ll just have to hit play and listen for yourself. This is one of the best produced indie podcasts out there. Great job Emily!
Love it!
If you love learning new things, you'll love this podcast. It's quick, to the point and filled with great info. Hit subscribe and start learning something new today!
Really loving this!
erin bralesspodcast
I don't usually like short podcasts, but I am really loving this. I learn something new with each episode, production quality is great and the host has a soothing voice that is easy to listen to. Great show, you should subscribe today! Also, I make it a little game: how much of the kitchen can I get cleaned during this episode :)
Cute and lightweight
Emily’s short episodes are a fun addition to my listening routine. Gives me a nice variety of things to think about!
My Thursday #PodTester
Each day I pick one podcast to listen to and then I share it to my tens of twitter followers and rate it on iTunes. This show came as a recomendation from Deana Marie at TwistedPhilly and it didn't disapoint. I specifically listened to the first installment of the Clue Series and had a blast with it, and it was a perfect length. You should Check it out! If you are into Audio Drama, Please check out my show, Breakers Podcast or my Pop Cultureish looking into the ViewAskiewniverse show Do It Doug! If you wnt me to listen and review your show, you can find me on FB at Podcasts We listen To every night! Pod On!
Learn Something Every Episode
I feel smarter after every episode! Topics are unique and interesting. Emily makes it fun! My only complaint is I want longer episodes! Definitely check out this marvelously researched podcast!
I wish my teachers taught history this way.
RfR Podcast
We binge listened to this podcast on a very long family roadtrip. It's sparked so many questions from our kids that led to great conversations. Who doesn't have time for a seven minute long episode? Subscribe and get smarter or at least sound a little smarter to your friends.
Emily Has Taught Me More Than Some of My Teachers
Film Roast Podcast
I am consistently saying "who knew?!" when I listen to this podcast. Emily is an excellent narrator and I find these little stories fascinating. Each episode is about an otherwise ordinary object or act and she has the ability to make it so interesting. I get to learn a lot and I can enjoy a well produced podcast. Win win!
Heard you somewhere else
After hearing what you did for Daniel J Lewis episode 300 I knew I'd love your work so I'm happy to subscribe. Keep up the good work!!!!
Foggy Star
Try to pronounce the names correctly. You actually made me laugh several times bc you screwed up some names😅
Short Sweet, and Fun
David Jackson
I really didn't think I would like this show. It's trivia, like who cares about this stuff? Well when you do it in a fun and informative way, I do. I LOVE that these are so short and to the point. This way if its a topic that I don't really care about the show is over before I can even think about getting bored (and I've armed and dangerous now when it comes to dinner party talk). Keep up the great work. -Dave Jackson
Good stuff!
G-Eazy is the realest
Emily has a unique pod here. I like these "fun facts" and she keeps it nice a short so you can binge when needed!
Fast, Fun, and Informative
Podcast Rob
The short format fits this podcast perfectly. Emily gets across fantastic information in a fun way without extra padding. It's straight to the point yet highly entertaining. As a big fan of CLP, it's great hearing her once again espous on the background of interesting topics. -Podcast Rob
Excellent bite sized little nugget of podcast awesomeness!
Paul Csomo
It's always interesting and smart without being pretentious. I absolutely adore this delightful podcast!
Great bites of fun information
Odd Dad Out
I am a fan of strange trivia, and this show has that in spades. Whether it's the many origins of pretzels, or a deep dive into the legend that is Betty White, Emily always delivers great infomation with just a pinch of humor. Her pun game could only be matched by my wife's. You will come out of every episode smiling having learned something cool. Five stars all the way.
Witty, informative, entertaining
Daniel Repholz
This show is is fantastic for people who love to learn about random topics. Emily does a wonderful job at making seemingly mundane topics interesting. Her show is short and direct without feeling rushed; and I always walk away feeling a little smarter. Now I can look like even more of a douche bag when I can correct my friends about nuggets of wisdom about potato chips or treadmills.
Amusing, Delightful, Educational, and Fun
Rich Grimshaw
I love this podcast. It's just the right mix of education and entertainment, delivered ever-so-well by Emily Prokop. (I love her voice.) It reminds me how much about the world I *don't* know, and how wonderfully satisfying it is to learn something new. Go ahead, subscribe. You'll be glad you did.
Great show, great topics, great format. So it's great. Did you get that?
Dan Brenic
As a purveyor of useless trivia, this show has the perfect format, quick episodes that are perfect for the morning commute.
Very Entertaining
Rock Your Retirement Show
I love listening to this quick and interesting podcast. I always learn something, and I don't even have to speed it up. Value packed.
Such an incredible show!
Epic Film Guys
I met Emily back when we were first starting out on the Epic Film Guys podcast and she was only a couple months into the Classy Little Podcast, and I'm proud to call her an amazing friend. Her passion for podcasting and for random facts and trivia has brought her back with the brand new Story Behind, and it's just perfect. Bite-sized and binge-able, informative and fun, this show literally has it all. Subscribe and kick back and enjoy this amazing show from an even more amazing host. We love you Emily!
So insightful and educational!
I enjoy the podcast so much! Emily always has information that can educate you, and amaze you! She's got the voice, and makes this a very GREAT podcast!!!
The Story Behind - is incredible!
Sometimes you stumble into an interesting story. Sometimes you have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a new discovery. And sometimes, the stories find you. Today I landed on this podcast by searching with the #podernfamily hashtag. What I was rewarded with was a fascinating listen and a real surprise. The EP about Mt. Rushmore was enough to make me subscribe and while I'm waiting for the next EP, I plan to binge listen to all the previous ones! Great podcast! Highly recommended! [Steve | Drift & Ramble]
Education worthy!!
This show is so much fun and it's packed with tons of interesting information. I really enjoyed listening to it. I give it 5/5 and recommend. Subscribed!
10 minutes or less...perfect
Emily and The Story Behind will make you smarter, allow to appreciate the history of everyday things, and even help you relive your childhood. The podcast is so relatable and her voice I could listen to all day. Please give this podcast a shot because all you need is a few minutes. What a well packaged little snippet.
Quick, Informative, & Entertaining
Most of the time, listening to a podcast is an hour long commitment, but I love these shorter episodes! They are fun to listen to and have information I don't already know (and I know a lot of random crap). Overall a great quality podcast, easy to fit in your lineup!
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