Wedding Luck & Superstitions | Wearing White, Bridesmaids, Rings, Rice, Cake and More (TSB047)
Published March 30, 2017
8 min
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    Ever wonder why brides wear white or why they wear veils? Or maybe what the point of bridesmaids were and why they’re dressed alike? There are tons of wedding traditions you probably dismissed as being just that -- traditions, but in fact, many of them stemmed from superstitions.

    It was hard to stick to just a few for this episode. So we’re going to touch on a bunch.

    For the month of March, I’ll be looking at the stories behind common superstitions and symbols of luck.

    I’m your host, Emily Prokop, and this is The Story Behind Wedding Luck and Superstitions

    This episode is dedicated to my friend Tracy and her soon-to-be husband Chris who are getting married in a few short weeks. (I have yet to consult Emily Post to see if dedicating a podcast episode is considered a good wedding present, though.)

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