They don’t know the Jazz
Vanilla Thunder Man
I listened to get a national perspective on the Jazz. Wow. They literally don’t know this team. They’ve probably never watched a game. This was as vanilla as it could be in some sections and pretty terrible (wrong facts, false assumptions, lack of understanding) in others. I appreciate the effort to hit all the teams, but it’s probably a waste of everyone’s time — not to mention a detractor from your brand — if you don’t actually try to find out something that’s actually going on with a team.
Exactly what I was looking for
Really great podcast. As someone who hates reading clickbait headlines and locker room speculations, this podcast is always such a breath of fresh air.
My Favorite NBA Podcast
Jpizzle mynizzle offsahizzle
This podcast does an amazing job of being both unbiased and entertaining. The analysts are all very knowledgeable and come prepared to each and every episode. Straight fire NBA pod right here
My favorite NBA podcast
I love that every team is covered, the actual game is being discussed from an analytical perspective, and it gives you a break from national NBA headlines. Keep up the good work!
smart, articulate analysis
Dilk Barber
I love this podcast. The hosts have an encyclopedic knowledge about the modern NBA, yet they don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re smart, modest and funny. This is exactly the sports podcast I want: guys who are thoughtful about the game and don’t try selling you a sandwich every ten minutes. The ongoing series about the Timberwolves has been really great.
All talk..
I’m not sure these guys actually watch the games, rather just ramble while looking at box scores and statistics.. as a trail blazer fan who watches every game, their ‘analysis’ sounds like they’re watching a completely different team
hank's taint
Can’t listen to this guy talk. Sounds like such a goon
Finally a BB that's deeper than loud headlines
This is an interesting sports podcast that doesn't try to win you over by repeating the headlines major networks shout about. To many "fans" of the game, this might seem boring, but to someone who wants to discuss BB and go deeper and repect other opinions, this is wonderful. If you like gossip and repeating the highlights everybody's already heard/seen ad nauseum - this is not for you. If you like long-term strategy, GM decisions and digging stat lines deeper than just scoring/rebounding - you'll like this.
Ajinça and Aşık
Hilarious listening to one of these guys try to pronounce these two names. Audio quality just is not there, zero personality from hosts and fairly simple and boring opinions.
Love the content but sound quality is very inconsistent
Outstanding podcast for hoops fans
I've listened to the Offseason Updates by Full Court Press and frankly they've done some of the best, the most balanced, of all the offseason or preseason NBA podcasts. It's like listening to a coach breaking down a team. If you want a coach's perspective on the game, with a great feel for the NBA and what makes teams, players, coaches, and GMs tick, this pod is for you.
A bit missing
Some nice, hard-earned work. But maybe not having time for a bit more comparative/contextual reporting, renders "suspect" the contention you are always being offered information far deeper than that of an average fan. One recent example is a lengthy bit of time devoted to Tim Hardaway Jr. - whose metrics can and should be aired and debated. As should the salary paid to players at similar positions and with similar stats. That comparative analysis was missing and it sounded like, well, emotional "average fan" insight at times. (Speaking of emotion - there was some gushing over an untested rookie, Dennis Smith, which also eroded the solidity of the other reporting).
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