Springfield Of Dreams, The Podcast
Published October 24, 2017
83 min
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    "Homer At The Bat" aired 25 whole years ago. "Springfield Of Dreams" aired a whole two (2) days ago. "Springfield Of Dreams: The Podcast" is airing right now, the second you press play on your mobile device. "But Coley, I listen to podcasts on my laptop. Why do you have to assume I'm streaming this on my iPhone or Adroid?" Well, loyal listener. Perhaps you're the type of person who doesn't listen to podcasts in the traditional sense. Maybe you are a laptop consumer, or some sort of other weirdo or vagabond who refuses to adhere to the rules of modern society. To you I say, "A laptop is very much a mobile device. You can take that sucker anywhere your heart desires. Remember what the original computers looked like? How they'd take up several rooms just to be able to print those sheets of paper that you had to tear the perforated sides off of yourself like some sort of common poor? And people at the time only thought computers were going to get BIGGER over time? Unfathomable how dumb people were years ago. Truly incomprehensible."
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