September 16, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Anthony Rizzo talks about his ankle sprain, Theo Epstein reacts to the injury and Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan and Tony Andracki discuss how the Cubs will fill the void in the lineup. 01:00 - How Rizzo is doing a day after the injury 03:30 - Anthony Rizzo discusses his injury 06:00 - Will we see Rizzo again in the regular season 08:00 - Theo Epstein discusses Rizzo's injury 10:00 - Who will play first base in Rizzo's absence? 12:00 - Need to continue the offensive surge
September 16, 2019
We discuss the injury to Anthony Rizzo, the Cubs offense coming alive against the Pirates and the playoff chase with 2 weeks left in the season.
September 12, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan, David Dejesus, Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki react to Theo Epstein's comments about his club, changes in the scouting department and struggles at the leadoff spot. 01:30 - Latest odds to win the NL Central after the Yelich injury 03:00 - Brewers make up 5 games in the standing in 6 day 04:00 - Reaction to Theo's comments on defensive struggles 08:00 - How do players change the narrative of the season? 10:00 - Was 2016 the outlier year for the Cubs? 12:00 - Jason McLeod's new title with the team and a new look in the scouting department 16:00 - Struggles at the leadoff spot 19:30 - Who is the player who runs the clubhouse? 21:00 - Since 2017 did the Cubs believe they could turn it on when they had to? 24:00 - Cubs broadcast bumped for "Bachelor in Paradise" 27:00 - Darvish bounces back to be their best starting pitcher this season
September 10, 2019
00:01:00 Luke, Kelly and Tony talk with Mick Gillispie - play-by-play voice of the Tennessee Smokies - who saw every Double-A game that Nico Hoerner ever played. 00:07:00 Mick talks about who Nico Hoerner is as a person and what should make him a successful MLB player. Mick gives a great example of what makes Nico a great leader on the field. 00:12:24 Mick talks about Nico's defensive abilities - including playing shortstop, second base and center field. 00:15:00 Asked if Hoerner has any glaring weaknesses in his game, Mick says he doesn't see any. 00:20:00 Luke, Kelly, Kap and Tony discuss Kris Bryant's knee issues, K.B. getting a cortisone shot, and what it could mean for Bryant as the Cubs 2019 hits the home stretch. 00:23:00 Tony talks about the seriousness of the Bryant knee injury - and how much the Cubs need their former MVP down the stretch. 00:31:15 The state of the Cubs infield and not putting too much pressure on Nico Hoerner after his MLB debut.
September 9, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Kelly Crull, David Dejesus and Tony Andracki discuss the Cubs struggles in Milwaukee, the numerous injuries the Cubs are facing, and if there is enough time to catch the Cardinals in the NL Central
September 7, 2019
00:42 - Craig Kimbrel gives an update on his right elbow. The Cubs closer sounds very optimistic after an MRI came back clean. 04:03 - Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan and David Dejesus discuss "Plan B" if Kimbrel is out for the stretch run or a possible playoff series. 06:51 - Luke breaks down the incredible story of the Cubs most recent call-up, Danny Hultzen. Included is a portion of Luke's 1-on-1 with Hultzen from July with the Iowa Cubs. 10:14 - Luke, Kap and David talk about what a special story Hultzen's comeback has been - and could be if he turns into a big factor for the Cubs in September. 14:34 - The guys discuss the Division race. How close do the Cubs need to be to the N.L. Central leading Cardinals before the first game of their series at Wrigley Field September 19-22?
September 4, 2019
00:00 - Luke Stuckmeyer, Doug Glanville and David Kaplan break down the Cubs injury situation with Kris Bryant, Javy Baez and Yu Darvish banged up. 05:15 Offense gets Ben Zobrist and Willson Contreras back - but how will Willson's hamstring hold up in the cold weather down the stretch? 08:20 - Appreciating the Cubs trainers, getting a lot of work this season. Doug talks about his experiences in the trainer's room. 12:30 - Kelly Crull sits down and talks with Nick Castellanos in the Cubs clubhouse.
September 2, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, David Kaplan, David DeJesus, Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki try to figure out what is wrong with the Cubs offense, discuss Ben Zobrist's return to the Cubs and Darvish missing Sunday's start 01:00 Ben Zobrist reurns to the Cubs 04:00 How Zobrist can help the team's struggles at the leadoff spot 07:30 Baez injury scare 10:00 Darvish missing Sunday's Start 15:00 Cubs chasing the Cardinals in the Central 18:00 The Cubs offense looked worse on Sunday than they did on Saturday 23:00 What should the offense's approach be at the plate? 25:00 This isn't the fault of the hitting coach 27:00 Cubs getting solid pitching 29:00 How should the Cubs approach the Mariners the next 2 games 30:00 Do you start pressing looking at the scoreboard?
August 30, 2019
Nick Castellanos is still red hot since being acquired at the trade deadline. Luke Stuckmeyer, Eric Strobel & Nate Poppen compare Castellanos' start with the Cubs to other similar "hot starts" in Cubs history. We also catch up with Castellanos in the Cubs clubhouse after their big win over the Brewers. 00:00 - We break down what continues to be an unbelievable start to Nick Castellanos' career with the Cubs. 04:08 - Comparing Castellanos' red-hot start to his Cubs career with past similar hot starts - including Aramis Ramirez, Kerry Wood and Kyle Schwarber. 12:13 - Nick Castellanos talks to reporters in the Cubs clubhouse after hitting 2 home runs in the Cubs 7-1 win over the Brewers on Friday. 17:10 - We discuss the roller coaster ride that has been the Cubs 2019 season. Getting swept by the Nationals, then sweeping the Mets and beating the Brewers.
August 28, 2019
The crew discuss the latest Yu Darvish outing, the team's struggles at the leadoff spot and what to expect from Ben Zobrist when he makes his return.
August 26, 2019
Fresh off the heels of the Cubs’ worst series at home in nearly two years, Luke Stuckmeyer and Tony Andracki tackle the most important topics surrounding this team right now. 0:30 – CubsTalk Podcast from an alternate universe where Nicholas Castellanos’ 10th-inning fly ball was actually a walk-off. 2:00 – A tale of two offenses. 5:00 – What’s the cure for what ails the Cubs lineup? 7:00 – Cole Hamels looks to be rounding into form. 9:00 – The Mets are shaping up to be another formidable matchup for the Cubs this week in New York. 11:00 – An update on Anthony Rizzo and his back injury. 13:30 – The Cubs badly need Javy Baez to get hot. 15:00 – Wrapping up with some positives, including Craig Kimbrel and the Cubs defense.
August 23, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by David Kaplan and Doug Glanville to discuss Yu Darvish responding to Kap on Twitter after his home run-plagued outing Wednesday night. Kap gives the reasoning behind his initial tweets (2:15), before Joe Maddon humorously weighs in during his pregame media session (4:15). Then, the guys debate how Twitter has changed the game and its media coverage (6:30), before Kap recalls another, more anger-filled media/player interaction involving Kent Mercker in 2004 (17:30).
August 21, 2019
00:00 Luke & Kap talk about Nick Castellanos, the impact he has had on the Cubs offense, and the possibility of signing him before he hits free agency this winter. 10:34 Kelly Crull sits down with Kyle Schwarber. Topics include the team’s return to Wrigley Field, the Cubs quest for the N.L. Central title, and “Schwarber’s Block Party” – Kyle’s third annual fundraiser to help first responders. 20:35 Luke & Kap chat about the Cubs bullpen, including Craig Kimbrel, Rowan Wick, and which starting pitcher would move to a relief role IF the Cubs make it to the postseason.
August 19, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer sits down with David Kaplan, Chris Kamka and Nate Poppen to discuss Jose Quintana's dominant stretch, the importance of this upcoming homestand, and the best moments of the LLWS Classic. 00:00:25 Examining the roller coaster week that ended with the Cubs winning their first road series since 00:02:21 Jose Quintana appreciation: Chris Kamka delivers some spectacular stats to back up Q's tremendous run since June 29th. 00:07:28 If the Cubs make the playoffs... would you pitch Quintana in Game 1? 00:08:28 The guys pick their favorite moments from the Little League World Series Classic. 00:10:03 Since we are talking about Little League... will we ever see a return to "situational hitting" and "small ball" in Major League Baseball? 00:12:53 Since the ball is "juiced" in 2019 - why are Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo not hitting more home runs? Chris Kamka thinks he has the answer to that question. 00:14:57 Chris Kamka examines the Cubs awful road record - which could have more to do with bad luck than people think. 00:18:16 Preview of this week's homestand, keeping in mind that the Brewers and Cardinals will face each other 6 times over 10 days. 00:20:53 Kap gets in his time machine and plays "what if" the Cubs didn't make a few trades/signings before and after the 2016 World Series. 00:24:45 Kap discusses the "level of expectations" that Cubs fans have now.
August 17, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, we get to know Kelly Crull. Kelly tells Luke Stuckmeyer about her love of bowling growing up, why she became a reporter and some of her favorite moments covering the Cubs. 01:00 Kelly's love of tennis at an early age 04:00 Following basketball while growing up in Indiana 06:00 Possible tennis showdown between Kelly and Megan Mawicke 09:30 Kelly talks about working in London & interviewing J.K. Rowling 14:00 When did she decide to become a reporter? 15:00 What is her favorite food? 16:00 Kelly's go-to karaoke song 18:00 Kelly's favorite NBA story (it involves Kevin Durant) 21:00 Favorite moments covering the Cubs 24:00 Dealing with the weather at Wrigley Field 28:00 Something we don't know about Kelly 31:00 What does Kelly enjoy watching at home the most?
August 15, 2019
David Kaplan explains to Luke Stuckmeyer and Tony Andracki all the reasons why he's so down on the Cubs right now. 01:00 Kap has lost confidence in the Cubs 04:30 The road woes are totally in their head 06:30 What happened to "R-E-L-A-X" Kap? 08:20 Why does this feel different than the 2015 team? 13:30 Do last year's struggles give you hope for this year? 15:45 Kap doesn't want to see Almora starting games 16:40 Tony wants to see Bryant leading off 20:20 Kap's message to Cubs fans
August 15, 2019
The Cubs Talk Podcast crew discuss the legend that is Kyle Schwarber, breaking down his stats and discussing what type of player he can be.
August 13, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan, Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki discuss what bullpen moves the Cubs will have to make when guys get healthy, Kris Bryant being a clutch hitter and Joe Maddon's future. 01:30 Dillon Maples struggles at the major league level 03:00 Who gets sent down when Kintzler and Kimbrel get healthy 05:00 The Cubs all-time all-lefty lineup 09:00 Highlights of the 2020 Cubs schedule 13:00 More spread out off days in next year's schedule 16:00 Kris Bryant is clutch 18:00 Joe Maddon's future with the Cubs 21:00 The possibility of David Ross managing the Cubs
August 9, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer talks with Doug Glanville about baseball, life, Hamilton... and Hall & Oates. 0:38 - Doug discusses "Hamilton" - his favorite Broadway play 2:59 - Doug talks about how the band Hall & Oates helped him become a Major League baseball player. 6:55 - Doug discusses his favorite early baseball memories - including imitating Mike Schmidt. 9:24 - Doug talks about some of the coaches that helped him the most when he was a young player - including Billy Willaims, Jimmy Piersall and Shawon Dunston 11:30 - Find out which managerial job Doug interviewed for. 12:58 - Doug discusses how much the game has changed since he was still a player - and dreaming about "knocking 'the Wizard' back to Oz." 16:27 - Doug talks about the defining moments from his career in MLB - including the night he collected his 1,000th career hit - and the spiritual side of baseball. 20:39 - Doug discusses being the first African-American Ivy League graduate to play Major League baseball, and what that means to him now. 22:45 - Doug talks about the process of writing an Op-Ed for the New York Times - regarding the subjects of racism, ambiguity, commonality, and empathy - and how baseball can be a common ground for fans everywhere.
August 8, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, David DeJesus and David Kaplan discuss the addition of Jonathan Lucroy, how many MLB players wear a cup, the state of the bullpen and how they will do on their road trip. 01:00 Cubs add Jonathan Lucroy as a backup catcher 02:30 What do you like most about the addition of Nicolas Castillanos? 05:00 Would you bring Castillanos back next season? 07:00 How many guys in the majors wear a cup? 09:00 Injuries to the Cubs bullpen give opportunies to young pitchers 10:30 Duane Underwood's stellar performance vs the A's 13:00 Are the Cubs staters good enough to make up for the troubles in the bullpen? 15:00 How will the Cubs do on their 10-game road trip?
August 5, 2019
After the Cubs put the finishing touches on a sweep of the Brewers and a 5-4 record overall in the tough stretch against divisional foes, Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki broke down the key takeaways from the last week-plus. The duo also discusses the incredible run Yu Darvish and the Cubs pitching staff has been on, plus Jason Heyward's star turn atop the lineup and how the new pieces like Nick Castellanos and Derek Holland are fitting into the puzzle.
August 2, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by William Marovitz, the producer of "Miracle," a musical about the 2016 Cubs currently playing at the Royal George Theatre. Marovitz details the origins of the show (1:30), the generational impact of the Cubs winning the World Series in 2016 (5:30), the crowd reactions to the show so far (11:00), and the shared emotional experience of winning the World Series (17:30). Tickets are available at
July 31, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer and David Kaplan break down all the Cubs' moves at the trade deadline, including Nicholas Castellanos' impact on the offense, especially against left-handed pitching (2:00), what current Cubs players need to step up down the stretch (4:30), the change of scenery for Carl Edwards Jr. and the new-look bullpen (6:00), and how much pressure now rests on the shoulders of Joe Maddon (9:15).
July 29, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, Tony Andracki and Nate Poppen discuss the series against the Brewers, the series against the Cardinals and what the Cubs may do at the trade deadline. 01:00 - How disappointing was dropping 2 of 3 in Milwaukee 03:00 - Pedro Strop's struggles 05:30 - Pitching matchup preview for Cardinals series 08:00 - Who is bigger threat in NL Central, Cardinals or Brewers 10:00 - Will the Cubs struggle on the road decide whether or not the Cubs win the Central? 12:00 - Which team in the Central will make the biggest move at the trade deadline? 13:45 - Is Syndergaard on the Cubs radar? 16:00 - Would Syndergaard put the Brewers or Cardinals over the top? 19:00 - What is the Cubs priority at the trade deadline? 21:30 - How adding Zobrist and Happ will affect how the Cubs approach the trade deadline 23:00 - Will Whit Merrifield stay with the Royals the rest of the season?
July 26, 2019
Ever wanted to know the story behind Kap? You've come to the right place. Luke Stuckmeyer and David DeJesus sit down with Cubs Pre/Post host David Kaplan to learn what makes Kap tick. The trio cover the origins behind his Twitter handle & nickname, @thekapman (1:30), his heart issues and near-death experience on the operating table during heart surgery in 1991 (5:30), how Ron Santo helped set him on a course toward good health (21:00), his ultimate goals in life and his love of people (26:00), and what tattoo he plans on getting sometime soon (33:00).
July 24, 2019
Tony Andracki, David Kaplan, and Kelly Crull dive into everything going on with the Cubs at the moment, including Addison Russell's struggles and the team's other personnel issues (1:10), whether some trade targets are realistic for the Cubs to acquire (7:30), the ultimate role for Robel Garcia (11:15), how the Cubs will structure the bullpen with Pedro Strop's struggles (14:30), and what the roster could look like after the trade deadline (18:30).
July 21, 2019
Listen to Cubs legend Lee Smith's entire Hall of Fame induction speech.
July 20, 2019
Get to know Gary Pressy: Luke Stuckmeyer sits down with Cubs organist Gary Pressy. 1:00 - Find out when Gary started playing the organ. 2:40 - Gary discusses his "consecutive games streak. 4:10 - Gary talks about some of the new songs he mixes in with the old classics. 7:15 - Gary picks his favorite moment from the Cubs 2016 World Series Championship season. 9:20 - Gary plays "Beer Money" - answering Cubs trivia questions.
July 18, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki discuss Yu Darvish's 1st win at Wrigley, Cole Hamel's status, and Kris Bryant playing better than he did in his MVP season. 01:00 Darvish picking up 1st win at Wrigley 03:30 Cole Hamels injury update 05:00 Starting rotation after the All-Star break 06:00 Cubs defense looking sharp 07:30 How the Cubs will approach the weekend and the expected heat 09:30 Kris Bryant playing above his MVP level 12:00 How the NL Central stacks up 14:00 Upcoming road trip to San Francisco, Milwaukee and Saint Louis 16:00 Addition to Martin Maldonado
July 17, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan and Doug Glanville discuss the deal that sent Mike Montgomery to the Royals for Martin Maldonado, the injury to Willson Contreras, and how this affects the trade deadline. 01:00 - Any concern about the Willson Contreras injury? 03:00 - Was giving up Montgomery too much to get a catcher? 05:00 - What were the talks with KC 06:00 - How do the Cubs balance 3 catchers once Contreras comes off the IL? 08:30 - Will the Cubs make a significant addition to the roster before the trade deadline? 10:30 - Ben Zobrist is the x-factor for the Cubs down the stretch 12:00 - Do the Cubs have assets in the minor league to make a deal at the deadline? 14:00 - Will what the Brewers do impact the Cubs in the trade market
July 12, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer and David Kaplan are joined by Jason McLeod, the Cubs' Senior VP of Player Development & Amateur Scouting. The trio cover a lot of ground within the Cubs organization, including the rapid rise of Robel Garcia (1:15), the current status and massive potential of infielder Nico Hoerner (5:00), 2019 1st-round pick Ryan Jensen & the importance of power arms in today's game (17:00), and what Kris Bryant's ultimate position in the field might turn out to be (21:45)
July 11, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, Tony Andracki and Ben Finfer try to answer some of the big questions surrounding the Cubs heading into the second half. 01:00 - Is a major move coming? 02:30 - What if any prospects would the Cubs be willing to trade 04:30 - Will the rotation hold up in the second half? 07:15 - Will Joe Maddon be the Cubs manager the rest of the season? 12:00 - Who will play the most games at second base the rest of the season? 14:00 - Can Ben Zobrist make an impact in the second half? 15:45 - Will the division come down the the final week of the season again? 17:30 - Should Baez have been benched after not running out of he box in Pittsburgh? 20:30 - Will the Cubs win the division?
July 9, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by David Kaplan to assess where the Cubs stand at the unofficial halfway point of the 2019 season (2:00), including Kap's plan to fix the Cubs (8:30) and potential trade targets (11:00) before hearing from the three Cubs All-Stars in Cleveland: Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, and Willson Contreras (16:00).
July 5, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by Iowa Cubs reliever Danny Hultzen, and the 2011 first-round pick goes over his entire comeback story, including twice undergoing major shoulder surgery and keeping a positive attitude (2:00). Then, Luke welcomes Tony Andracki to discuss whether Hultzen could be a factor for the Cubs later this season, how much Cubs fans are looking forward to seeing Robel Garcia get a shot, and Ian Happ's struggles at Iowa (11:45).
July 3, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by David Kaplan, Kelly Crull, and Tony Andracki to diagnose what's going wrong for the Cubs. The quartet discuss the team's playoff chances (1:30), what area of their game bothers them the most lately (5:45), what can be done trade-wise to help right the ship (11:00), and whether Joe Maddon's seat is becoming a little warm (18:00).
July 1, 2019
In this jam-packed episode, Jason Heyward speaks with Kelly Crull about the Cubs defense and how he helped recruit Craig Kimbrel (1:20). Then, David Kaplan catches up with David Bote about his ever-changing role with the team, as well as how much fun he has watching Javy Baez (7:10). Finally, Luke Stuckmeyer welcomes new Cubs draftee Tyler Schlaffer to the show, and the Homewood-Flossmoor product discusses his emotions upon being picked by the Cubs and much more (14:00).
June 28, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer sits down with legendary broadcaster Bob Costas to re-live his call of "The Sandberg Game" in 1984, plus a whole lot more including the impact of NBC's Game of the Week (2:30), how baseball was different in the '80s (5:00), the reason why Ryne Sandberg was not initially named the Player of the Game on June 23, 1984 (12:45), and how baseball fans missed out on potentially classic World Series matchups in both 1984 and 2003 (15:30).
June 26, 2019
In the second part of our interview with Ryne Sandberg, the Hall of Famer talks the legendary Bleacher Bums (3:20), the increased media attention after his epic June 23rd game in 1984 (7:00), his 1st home run off Bruce Sutter (11:00), and his 2nd longball that improbably tied the game again in the 10th inning (16:30), as well as all the craziness that followed once the game ended.
June 26, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer sits down with Cubs legend Ryne Sandberg for a wide-ranging conversation centered around the infamous "Sandberg Game." Ryne gives insight into his feelings upon being traded to the Cubs (2:00), and discusses the reason he ended up with the #23 (5:00), plus how the 1984 season changed everything and raised his personal expectations sky-high (9:00) and the "Daily Double" dynamic between him and Bob Dernier (16:00).
June 23, 2019
35 years ago, Ryne Sandberg put on a performance for the ages, hitting game-tying home runs in the 9th and 10th innings against the Cardinals and Hall of Fame closer Bruce Sutter. Luke Stuckmeyer takes us through highlights of that day's broadcast with insight from Sandberg himself, broadcaster Bob Costas, Tribune beat writer Fred Mitchell, and Dave Owen, who walked off the game in the 11th. Sandberg, Costas, and company discuss the meaning of NBC's "Game of the Week" (5:00), Sandberg's surprising inspiration for that game (8:30), the utter dominance of Sutter's split-finger fastball (14:30), and of course, the two legendary game-tying home runs (18:00 & 26:30)
June 21, 2019
Craig Kimbrel talks after arriving in Iowa. Plus, Luke Stuckmeyer gets an update on Ian Happ from manager Marty Pevey and sits down with pitcher Dillon Maples. 1:15 - Craig Kimbrel speaks with media 8:53 - Manager Marty Pevey on Ian Happ 13:08 - Dillon Maples sit down interview.
June 20, 2019
Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki check in from Wrigley Field after the Cubs split the first leg of the Crosstown Classic with the White Sox. Kelly & Tony discuss the breaking news of top pitching prospect Adbert Alzolay's promotion to the big leagues and what his role could be with the Cubs (2:15), and assess where the Cubs stand as they continue their long homestand, including the recent offensive downturn and Yu Darvish taking a step forward (7:30).
June 17, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer and producer Eric Strobel welcome Frederic, aka the Cubs' unofficial Director of Morale. Fred takes us through the origins and growth of his fandom and social media persona (1:30), before discussing how Jake Arrieta's dominance announced the Cubs as contenders (7:30) and the now-ubiquitous hard hats in the bleachers (16:00). Finally, Fred and the guys talk about this year's team, including the lack of strikeout stuff on the pitching staff (22:30) and the unicorn that is Javy Baez (30:00).
June 15, 2019
Kelly Crull sits down with Cubs reliever Brandon Kintzler, and the veteran right-hander covers many topics, including his ongoing prank war with fellow reliever Steve Cishek (2:50), his growing role as a leader and mentor inside the clubhouse (4:00), and Tommy Hottovy's impact on the pitching staff so far (10:30).
June 13, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan, Tony Andracki, and Kelly Crull get together to discuss and debate everything going on with the Cubs. Topics include the squad's struggles on the road this season (2:30), Steve Cishek's weird injury and his playful relationship with Brandon Kintzler (8:45), how many Cubs could end up in Cleveland for the All-Star game (12:45), and Kyle Schwarber's performance in the leadoff role (17:15).
June 12, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by The Athletic's Jon Greenberg to discuss his new book, "If These Walls Could Talk: Stories from the Chicago Cubs Dugout, Locker Room, and Press Box." Jon shares a great deal about the book, including why he decided to start it at the 2004 season (3:45), the antics and hilarity of the Lou Piniella Era (7:30), why 2013 could be viewed as a turning point in the franchise's quest for a World Series title (12:30), and wraps up by discussing how much The Athletic has grown since its inception in 2016 (17:30).
June 9, 2019
In a jam-packed episode, Kelly Crull catches up with David Bote after his record-setting 7 RBI performance earlier this week against Colorado (1:20) before also chatting with Carlos Gonzalez, who had quite an eventful first week with the Cubs (6:40). Then, Leila Rahimi talks with Peter Gammons, who discusses the Cubs' 2019 draft class, the tough NL Central, and his Hot Stove Cool Music fundraiser (12:00).
June 8, 2019
Hear the entire press conference from Friday at Wrigley Field, where Craig Kimbrel met the media for the first time as a Cub alongside Theo Epstein. Kimbrel discusses his workout regimen while he was unsigned (2:30), which current & former Cubs helped sway him toward Chicago (8:20), what a realistic timeline for his debut will be (12:30), and why he's excited to pitch in front of the Wrigley Field crowd (23:00).
June 7, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by MLB Network's Dan Plesac to discuss whether this move makes the Cubs favorites in the NL Central, and the mental makeup of closers (1:00). Then, Luke welcomes David Kaplan and David DeJesus to debate where Kimbrel ranks among active relievers and what the Cubs' ideal bullpen looks like moving forward (10:00). Finally, Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki chime in from Wrigley Field on how the clubhouse has reacted to the Kimbrel news and what a realistic timeline is for Kimbrel to join the team (19:30).
June 5, 2019
Get to know the hosts of the new NBC Sports Chicago show "Outside the Ivy," as David Kaplan goes in-depth with Michael Cerami, Danny Rockett, and Luis Medina. The guys detail how their paths brought them to this point (1:30), the depth of the Cubs' fan base both online and off (5:00), when they all knew that Theo Epstein's grand plan was going to work (10:00), and Kap's surprising connection to one of the Outsiders (15:45).
June 3, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer, David DeJesus and Doug Glanville talk all things Craig Kimbrel after a rumor-filled weekend about the free agent closer. First, Doug and David share memories of their respective draft days as the 2019 MLB amateur draft gets underway (1:20). Then, the guys discuss how badly the Cubs need to be in on Kimbrel (6:00), why the Cubs need to take advantage during a win-now season (9:00), what makes Kimbrel one of the best closers in MLB (12:00), and why Kimbrel remains a free agent (14:00).
June 1, 2019
Hear Albert Almora speak about Wednesday's foul ball incident (1:20) before Luke Stuckmeyer, Doug Glanville, and David DeJesus discuss the nuances of the league's safety problem (6:30), the Iowa Cubs already planning to extend their netting next season (10:00), and if either David or Doug ever worried about their safety while they were playing (12:00).
May 30, 2019
In this special edition of the podcast, we dip into the archive to bring you an epic comeback from 11 years ago. Re-live the May 30, 2008 game against the Rockies, including commentary from Mark DeRosa, who hit the decisive homer late in the game. DeRosa discusses how the wind played such a crucial role that day (1:30), the mindset on the bench after going down 8 runs (3:30), and what was running through his mind during his final at-bat (8:45). Also included are DeRosa's postgame comments from the 5/30/08 broadcast (11:45)
May 29, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by David Kaplan and Tony Andracki to give a progress report on the Cubs at the 1/3 mark of their season. The trio discuss the many positives about the team so far as well as the starting rotation (1:15), the areas where the team needs to improve (4:00), the price to acquire an impact bullpen arm (9:00), and the Tyler Chatwood closer experiment (12:00). Then, the guys marvel at the kids of former MLB players like Vladimir Guerrero and Craig Biggio starting to enter the big leagues (15:30).
May 27, 2019
Kelly Crull goes 1-on-1 with the Cubs' Kyle Ryan and covers a lot of ground with the lefty reliever, including whether he feels established with the team yet (1:30), how his experiences with the Tigers earlier in his career shaped the pitcher he is today (3:00), and how the dynamic in this season's clubhouse and how a veteran like Brandon Kintzler helps Ryan out (5:15).
May 25, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by the Cubs Postgame Live team of David Kaplan and David DeJesus to break down all the various redemption stories on the 2019 Cubs, ranging from Kris Bryant returning from an injury-plagued campaign to Tyler Chatwood becoming a legitimate weapon out of the bullpen (1:00). Then, the guys discuss how well Kyle Schwarber is performing out of the leadoff spot over the last week (11:45).
May 22, 2019
Hear from Jake Arrieta after his first start as a visitor at Wrigley Field, including his thoughts on facing his former teammates and the standing ovation he received during his first at-bat (1:30). Then, Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by MLB Network's Mark DeRosa to discuss the Cubs' leadoff spot, the team outperforming expectations so far, and much more (8:15).
May 20, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by NBC Sports Chicago Cubs producers Eric Strobel and Nate Poppen to break down Monday night's big matchup between former Cub Jake Arrieta and Yu Darvish. The trio discuss the history and dynamics behind the matchup (2:00), the statistical comparison between the two pitchers over the past two seasons and their potential going forward (4:00), the difference in mental makeup between Jake and Yu (11:00), and Jake's massively important place in Cubs history (17:30).
May 16, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan, Kelly Crull, and Tony Andracki discuss the similarities between the red-hot 2019 Cubs and 2016 World Champions. Chief amongst those parallels are the superb performances of Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester, as well as the entire pitching staff (2:30). Also similar are MVP-caliber play from Kris Bryant, and a resurgent Willson Contreras (12:45). Finally, the panel discloses one area where the 2019 team comes up short: defense (18:15).
May 15, 2019
Get to know David DeJesus: Luke sits down with the Cubs Pregame/Postgame studio analyst to discuss baseball, life and... "Survivor." 0:33 - David grew up in New Jersey, so was he a Mets fan or a Yankees fan as a kid? 1:31 - Originally drafted out of high school, David decided to go play college ball at Rutgers. 4:40 - David discusses when he started playing baseball in the backyard with his dad. 8:11 - DeJesus also played soccer growing up. He and Luke talk about specialization in youth sports and how that can lead to too much pressure for some kids. 10:21 - David talks about hitting golf balls (with a baseball bat) in the basement with his dad. 13:23 - DeJesus talks about his passions and interests away from baseball and how he got into television in the first place. 19:14 - David eats very healthy. But he reveals his "cheat foods" when pressed by Luke. 22:04 - DeJesus reveals that he was recently asked to be on "Survivor," but he turned it down.
May 13, 2019
Cubs even the season series with the Brewers after Sunday night's win and are off to Cincinnati followed by a weekend series in Washington D.C. Kelly Crull and Jared Wyllys break down the Brewers series and preview the Cubs next opponents in the Reds and Nationals. Later in the podcast, Kelly sat down with Willson Contreras who has been on a tear as of late, already matching the 10 home runs he hit in all of 2018. 1:00 - Kelly and Jared recap the successful homestand. 3:15 - Tyler Chatwood has begun to turn his season around after great outing on Saturday. 7:18 - Defense has been on point as of late. 11:54 - Off-days are few and far between as the season continues to roll, how will Joe Maddon shuffle the lineups vs. the Reds and Nationals? 14:28 - Kelly goes one-on-one with catcher Willson Contreras to recap his impressive 2019 to this point and how this team compares to 2016.
May 11, 2019
In this jam-packed episode, Luke Stuckmeyer catches up with Christian Yelich to get the reigning MVP's thoughts on the Cubs-Brewers rivalry and his new piece for The Players' Tribune (1:30). Then Kelly Crull gets the inside story from Taylor Davis on how his friends and family reacted to his huge grand slam last weekend (8:00) before producer Eric Strobel interviews former Cub Carlos Pena about Joe Maddon's unique managerial style, and how his former teammate Yu Darvish can unlock his vast potential (12:45).
May 10, 2019
On the heels of Addison Russell coming back from his suspension, our NBC Sports Chicago team covers all the angles of what his return to the Cubs means going forward. First, hear remarks from Theo Epstein and Russell himself prior to his first game back with the Cubs (1:30). Then, Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by David Kaplan and David DeJesus to debate whether bringing Russell back at all was the right move, as well as whether the team might still move on from the infielder in the future (7:00). Then, Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki describe the reaction Russell's debut garnered at Wrigley Field, and discuss how this entire process could be a positive in the long run (17:00).
May 8, 2019
Ben Zobrist fields questions from Cubs fans, David Bote talks about all the hard work he does before the game starts, and Starlin Castro remembers the feeling of making his Major League debut 9 years ago. 00:45 - Luke 1-on-1 with Starlin Castro Topics: Anniversary of MLB debut (May 7, 2010), Looking back on his time with the Cubs, and what he thinks of Anthony Rizzo still using his walkup song. 6:31 - Ben Zobrist Q&A with Cubs fans. Topics: What went through his head when Rajai Davis hit that home run off Aroldis Chapman in game 7, What it was like to drive in the most important run in Cubs franchise history, and what is the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked him to sign. 16:29 - David Bote 1-on-1 with Kelly Crull Topics: Bote's work ethic and his pregame routine with Brian Butterfield, being prepared to play multiple positions every week, whenever asked.
May 6, 2019
In a special episode, we celebrate the 21st anniversary of Kerry Wood's record-setting 20-strikeout performance with an audio retrospective of that historic game. Hear all the key calls as they were broadcast in 1998, as well as commentary at key points from Kerry himself as he watched the game with us two decades later. 1:50 - Start of WGN broadcast of Cubs vs. Astros at Wrigley Field on May 6th, 1998 3:38 - Ricky Gutiérrez spoils the no-hitter in the top of the 3rd on controversial play 4:53 - Wood throws two nasty sliders in the 4th to get Jeff Bagwell to strikeout 7:32 - Wood gets strikeout number ten and eleven 9:23 - Rain begins to fall in the 7th inning, giving Wood a slight edge against the Astros hitters as he strikes out the side 14:56 - 9th inning begins as Wood is set to make history 17:20 - "Here comes the hook!" - Chip Caray calls the historic 20th strikeout of Kerry Wood 18:39 - Wood recalls his nervous interview with Steve Stone and Chip Caray after the game
May 6, 2019
Tony Andracki and Cam Ellis recap the weekend at Wrigley where the Cubs swept the Cardinals in dominating fashion to move into first place in the National League Central. Also, Kelly Crull goes 1-on-1 with former Cubs “you go, we go” leadoff hitter, Dexter Fowler.
May 3, 2019
After Kyle 'The Professor' Hendricks lived up to his name tossing just 81 pitches to complete a shutout vs the rival Cardinals. Hear Hendricks and Maddon's postgame comments after the Maddux like game. Prior to first pitch, Luke Stuckmeyer sat down with Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong who is off to a good start in St. Louis and grew up in the area, attending Illinois State University. Last but not least, Luke sat down with Fergie Jenkins who gave a great story about the late Ron Santo. 1:20 - Paul DeJong interview 6:10 - Hendricks interview with Kelly Crull postgame 7:40 - Maddon postgame on Hendricks 9:55 - Fergie Jenkins interview
May 2, 2019
Luke, Kelly and Tony talk about the Cubs resurgence on offense and in the bullpen. Other topics include Addison Russell's role, or lack thereof, and if his days as a full-time player are already over. Plus they play a game of "Cubs Stock Watch." 0:00 - Cubs blooming heading into May? A chance for the offense to reach full potential in 2019. 2:45 - What would be Addison Russell's role if he returns to the big league club? Could the door be closed on Russell being a full-time player with the Cubs? 9:52 - Bullpen goes from huge question mark to best in baseball, but there are some tough decision to be made pretty soon. 16:20 - Cubs 'stock watch': Time to sell on Brandon Morrow? Whose stock are you buying? Bryzzo, Darvish or Schwarber. Buy or sell? Heyward or Maddon.
April 30, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer and David DeJesus break down the first month of the Cubs 2019 season. Is the offense "fixed"? How safe is Joe Maddon's job after 26 games? Plus, Luke and Kap chat with Les Grobstein about Lee Elia's epic rant from April 29, 1983 (which we play in its entirety) :23 - Cubs finally coming together, right in the thick of the N.L. Central Division 1:10 - Is the Cubs offense "fixed"? 2:20 - David Bote coming through as a big piece that gets big hits. 3:30 - Ben Zobrist pulls a "Rudy" and asks Maddon to start Bote in his place. 6:01 - Javy still being Javy. Baez is having a better season than 2018. 8:00 - A look at the N.L. Central. The Cardinals bullpen is getting pretty taxed right now. 9:45 - Cubs offense could be special once "Bryzzo" breaks out. 10:53 - The entire "Lee Elia" rant from April 29, 1983 (bleeped) 14:00 - Les Grobstein joins Luke & Kap to talk about Lee Elia's epic rant. Les was the only person who recorded the rant. 15:26 - How did Elia not get fired after the rant? Les tells a story about Dallas Green's reaction to the rant. 17:15 - Les explains why Elia was mad in the first place, and what question was asked that set him off on his tirade.
April 25, 2019
Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki discuss Lester's return, the upcoming road trip, plus Addison Russell talks about his suspension. 01:00 Lester looked good in his return to the rotation 03:30 Bullpen getting help from unexpected sources 05:00 Was Almora's hair the reason he wasn't hitting homers? 06:45 Kris Byrant looking better at the plate 09:30 Cubs get ready for game at Arizona and Seattle 10:30 Addison Russell's future with the Cubs 18:30 Will Russell be with the Cubs on May 3rd when eligible?
April 25, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer catches up with former Cub Rick Monday on the anniversary of his infamous flag-saving episode at Dodger Stadium in 1976 (2:15). Rick takes us through the entire incident, and gives some insight into why he felt compelled to act on that day 43 years ago. Then, we'll hear from Joe Maddon on what to expect from Jon Lester's 1st start since April 8th (10:40) before Luke is joined by David Kaplan to discuss Lester's return to the rotation after over two weeks on the Injured List (11:30).
April 24, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer talks with Tyler Chatwood, Kelly Crull catches up with Yu Darvish, and David Kaplan and David DeJesus weigh in on the starting rotation. 01:00 - Tyler Chatwood on his outing on Sunday 02:25 - Chatwood on difference from last year 6:00 - Yu Darvish talks about his season so far 7:15 - Joe Maddon thinks Darvish has another gear 8:00 - Why the starters have been so good lately 9:30 - What adjustments has Tyler Chatwood made on the mound this season? 11:20 - Could Chatwood be effective out of the Cubs bullpen? 12:00 - Is Darvish making progress?
April 22, 2019
Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki break down the Cubs’ series win over the Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field, which capped off with yet another David Bote walk-off and a surprising performance from Tyler Chatwood. They also break down where this Cubs team is at as they get set to welcome the high-powered Dodgers offense into Chicago later in the week. :30 – The Kelly Effect 1:00 – David Bote’s wild ride 2:00 – El Mago’s magic pays off for Cubs yet again 3:30 – Bote’s adjustments 6:40 – Chatwood’s big day 8:50 – What’s next for Chatwood? 10:10 – Lester’s return is right around the corner 11:30 – Cubs pitching firing on all cylinders 12:00 – Did Kap jinx Strop? 13:30 – Dodgers pose a big challenge for Cubs pitching staff
April 21, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer takes a trip down memory lane on the 3rd anniversary of Jake Arrieta's no-hitter against the Reds in Cincinnati. You'll hear all the biggest calls of the game from Len & JD, plus Jake's immediate reaction after tossing his second no-no in a span of 11 regular season starts.
April 19, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer and Chris Kamka go through some fun and perhaps meaningful numbers through the Cubs' first 17 games, including good trends for the starting pitching and puzzling numbers for Kris Bryant & Anthony Rizzo (1:30). Then, David Kaplan catches up with former Cubs ace Carlos Zambrano, who discusses his comeback attempt with the Chicago Dogs, his accomplishments while he pitched for the Cubs, and his newfound commitment to his faith (10:30).
April 17, 2019
Former Cubs TV analyst Todd Hollandsworth talks with Luke & Kap and gives an outside perspective on the 2019 Cubs. 00:00:46 Holly talks about being in the the TV booth and on the road every day with the Marlins. 00:01:51 Todd shares his thoughts on the 2019 Cubs and how the team was built through the draft. 00:04:03 Holly breaks down Jose Quintana's recent run of great starts. He Also talks about Yu Darvish and if what we saw Monday was for real. 00:05:37 Todd talks about the N.L. Central. Draws similarities to the N.L. East. He says the Cubs still win the division - IF they pitch. 00:08:05 Holly shares his thoughts on former Marlin Christian Yelich and his dominant start to the 2019 season. 00:11:09 Todd talks about the "Yelich" trade and how the deal has worked out (so far) for the Marlins. 00:13:17 Holly discusses Javy Baez sliding into second base and the replay review system in MLB. Where do they go next? How can MLB fix the problem with aggressive base-running vs. being too cautious when sliding.
April 15, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by David Kaplan and David Haugh of 670 The Score and the Chicago Tribune to discuss what player they are most worried about at this point in the season (1:30), if there is any issue with Kris Bryant not pinch-hitting on his off day last Saturday (3:30), whether or not Jason Heyward can keep up his hot hitting (7:00), and how Tiger Woods' Masters victory compares to the Cubs' 2016 World Series title on a national scale (12:00).
April 13, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by former Cub and 2016 World Series Champion Tommy La Stella as he returns to Wrigley Field as a visitor with the Angels, and the utility infielder discusses the good memories of his time with the Cubs and much more (:45). Then, Luke is joined by David Kaplan and David DeJesus to break down the Cubs' rotation stepping up with Jon Lester on the injured list (6:00) before hearing from Joe Maddon on Mike Trout's place as perhaps the face of MLB and the best player in the game (12:00).
April 10, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer and David Kaplan discuss the Jon Lester injury situation and what his absence will mean to the rest of the rotation (2:00), the bullpen bouncing back after their horrible start to the season (5:15), the red-hot bats of Willson Contreras, Kyle Schwarber, and Jason Heyward (9:00), leaving Ben Zobrist in the lead-off spot (13:00), and the struggles of Kris Bryant (15:00).
April 7, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Tony Andracki and Kelly Crull break down the opening road trip of the season, Kris Bryant's struggles at the plate and look ahead to the home opener 00:45 Recapping the series against the Brewers 03:00 Sunday's game was more of what you expect a Cubs-Brewers game to be like 04:00 Kyle Hendricks' struggles early on 06:00 Bryant's struggles at the plate of late 14:00 Willson Contreras playing well through the first 9 games 17:00 Javy Baez' comments on knowing the Cubs will have their haters 20:00 Rizzo keeping the team loose off the field 22:00 The team's mindset after starting 2-7 24:00 Lester getting the start in the home opener
April 6, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer catches up with David Bote, Kyle Schwarber & Gordon Wittenmyer as the Cubs and Brewers face off for their first series of 2019 01:25    David Bote on Brewers series and importance early in season 02:15    Bote on controlling what we can control 03:32    Bote on his new contract, staying with Cubs 04:45    Bote on lineups, approach day-to-day 05:30    Bote on his teammates, helping when guys are struggling 06:30    Schwarber on Brewers series, excitement 07:53    Schwarber on last season, 1 game short, every game counts 08:53    Schwarber on teammates picking each other up 09:45    Schwarber on slow start. Not a panic, hit the reset button 10:34    Luke talks with Gordon Wittenmyer from the Chicago Sun-Times 10:55    Wittenmyer on panic in April. Adverse conditions in Atlanta. No broad judgements yet 12:09    Wittenmyer on Brewers, possible regression. Starting to build a big hill to climb 14:14    Wittenmyer on Christian Yelich and his ascent to MVP status 14:49    Wittenmyer on Yu Darvish’s 1st start vs. 2nd start. Still a long time to silence critics. 16:38    Wittenmyer on Cubs “Must-win” mandate. Not a 1-way street. Pressing because results are not there yet. 18:04    Wittenmyer on Cubs pressing and feeling pressure after winning a World Series.
April 4, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by Ernie Banks biographer Ron Rapoport to talk about his new book "Let's Play Two: The Legend of Mr. Cub, the Life of Ernie Banks." The pair discusses Ernie's early life in Dallas, TX (2:00), his fabulous wasted season for infamous 1969 Cubs team (10:00), Ernie talking trash to Willie Mays at Wrigley Field (13:30), who the next Ernie Banks might be today (15:00), and the contrast between Ernie's happy disposition and his complicated private life (19:30).
April 3, 2019
Luke, Kap & Kelly talk through the Cubs first 4 games, when to "pull the plug" on the bullpen, and what's changed with Kyle Schwarber in 2019. 00:00:22 Luke: When is it too early to panic? 00:00:40 Kap: What was the biggest concern we had going into this season? The bullpen. And it has reared it's ugly head and it looks awful. 00:02:00 Kelly: I don't like that some guys have built-in excuses already. 00:03:25 Kap reads off the list of positive signs for the Cubs. IE: Bryant/Schwarber/Baez/etc. 00:06:08 Looking at the bullpen. Solutions outside of signing Craig Kimbrel. How long do they give this bullpen as it's currently constructed? 00:08:28 Breaking down C.J. Edwards struggles and if he would/should be sent down at some point if he continues to struggle. 00:11:00 Tyler Chatwood. What if he's just a 1-inning pitcher now with his massive contract? 00:12:37 Kyle Schwarber looks great early on. Hes says he's back to the "squatty" guy he was and not over-thinking things at the plate anymore. Does he need to be in the lineup every day? 00:18:10 Ronald Acuna Jr.'s new contract and what it could mean for any possible Kris Bryant/Javier Baez extensions. Kap thinks both Bryant & Baez will be extended before hitting free agency. 00:21:30 Expectations for the Cubs record when they return home from Milwaukee next week.
April 1, 2019
On the latest edition of the Cubstalk podcast David Kaplan, David Dejesus and Doug Glanville discuss the Cubs opening series in Texas and look ahead to Atlanta. 1:00 Bad start for Yu Darvish 2:30 Concern over Carl Edwards Jr 4:15 A dangerous look in Kyle Schwarber’s eye 7:30 New rules in Cubs clubhouse 10:15 why not winning another world series would be a failure 12:30 baseball’s watchability
March 29, 2019
Luke talks with Tony Andracki following the Cubs 12-4 Opening Day win in Texas.
March 26, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan, and Kelly Crull react to the breaking news of Kyle Hendricks' extension with the Cubs. The trio discusses how the deal is a win for both sides (1:30), Hendricks' unique place in Cubs history and on this season's roster (7:30), what Kyle's ceiling as a pitcher has turned out to be (12:00), and who the next Cub to sign an extension might be (14:30).
March 26, 2019
Baseball is finally here! Luke Stuckmeyer & David Kaplan discuss the surprising move to send Ian Happ to the minors to start the 2019 season and the message it sends to the team (2:00), as well as the report from The Athletic that details the changes the Cubs are making to their day-to-day operations this season (8:00). Finally, Kap and Luke make some bold predictions about what will happen this season, including thoughts on Yu Darvish, Addison Russell, and Joe Maddon (11:45).
March 24, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer catches up with Brewers radio broadcaster Jeff Levering to get the inside scoop on Milwaukee heading into the 2019 season. The pair discuss how the potential addition of Craig Kimbrel would impact the Brewers bullpen (3:30), whether or not Christian Yelich can repeat his MVP performance (8:00) and how the NL Central will shake out this year (14:00) before Jeff gives us some personal insight into the great Bob Uecker (19:00).
March 21, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by Chris Rongey, host at 101 ESPN in St. Louis, to take a closer look at the arch-rival Cardinals. The pair discusses the ramifications of the rumored Paul Goldschmidt extension (2:30), the pressure on the Cardinals to get back to the playoffs (6:30), the potential of Jack Flaherty (10:30), and Kris Bryant's inflammatory comments about St. Louis at Cubs Convention (13:45).
March 21, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan & Tony Andracki tackle all the pressing topics surrounding the Cubs, including the Brewers' reported connection to Craig Kimbrel (:45), Yu Darvish's blister woes (5:15), how the current run of extensions in MLB will affect the Cubs in the future (9:10), and Tony makes the case for Kris Bryant to be the regular lead-off hitter (16:00).
March 19, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan, Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki make their predictions for the 2019 season, discuss who will be the team's MVP and debate which NL Central team will be the toughest challenge for the Cubs this season. 1:00 - NL MVP odds for Baez, Bryant, Rizzo and Schwarber 4:00 - NL Cy Young award odds 7:00 - Home run totals for Cubs sluggers 9:00 - Javy Baez' potential at the plate 10:00 - Was bad weather a factor for the Cubs offensive struggles early last season 12:00 - Who will lead the Cubs in home runs this season 13:00 - Who will lead the Cubs in saves in 2019? 15:30 - Who will be the team MVP in 2019? 18:00 - What is your biggest concern for the upcoming season? 21:00 - Who has a breakout season for the Cubs in 2019? 22:00 - Vegas has Cubs at 87 1/2 wins.. over or under? 25:00 - What NL Central team will be toughest on the Cubs?
March 15, 2019
Willson Contreras sits down with Kelly Crull for an exclusive interview where the Cubs catcher takes full responsibility for his tough 2018 campaign, and tells us what he's learned from last year's experience (1:20). Then, an emotional Willson discusses the current social and political situation in his home country of Venezuela, and how he keeps his focus on the field with so much upheaval in his homeland (12:15).
March 12, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan, Tony Andracki and Cam Ellis break down the starters and relievers for the 2019 Cubs. 01:15 If healthy, the Cubs rotation could be among the best in baseball 03:00 Is the age of the Cubs staff a concern you? 04:25 What do you do with Tyler Chatwood? 05:50 Sooner or later the Cubs will need a pitcher from their minor league system 06:45 The expectations on Jose Quintana after what the Cubs gave up to get him 08:00 Who would be the first callup from the minors if injuries hit the Cubs rotation? 10:00 Could this be the best rotation in baseball? 12:00 How low could the Cubs rotation rank in MLB if they are hit by injuries? 13:30 Where does the bullpen rank in the NL? 16:45 Who do you feel comfortable handing the ball to in a pressure situation with Morrow on the shelf? 18:00 Who will be bounceback guy in the Cubs pen this year?? 19:35 Who will be the first reliever called up if the Cubs need one? 22:15 How does the Cubs pen rank in baseball? 24:30 What grade will the Cubs pitchers get at the end of the season?
March 8, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by MLB Network's Dan Plesac, who is fresh off his tour of major league camps in Arizona. The pair discuss where the holes might be on this Cubs roster (1:00), how the back end of the bullpen will shake out (4:30), the new technology the Cubs are employing to help their pitchers improve (9:00), the state of pitcher development in today's game (13:30), and how the addition of Bryce Harper changes the outlook in the National League this season (16:30).
March 6, 2019
Kelly Crull catches up with Cubs Opening Day starter Jon Lester on his drive home from camp in Mesa, and discusses what a normal spring training day looks like, relationships between the players, the dynamic between himself and David Ross, pushing players like Anthony Rizzo to the next level, who the best golfer on the team is, and his past as a soccer player (1:10). Then, Luke Stuckmeyer gets the behind-the-scenes story of the ride-along from Kelly (28:30).
March 2, 2019
Luke Stuckmeyer is joined by Tony Andracki and Chris Kamka to react to Bryce Harper's record-setting contract with the Phillies. The trio discuss whether the Cubs were ever actually involved and if they missed out on a big opportunity (1:30), as well as how Harper's contract will affect future negotiations with Kris Bryant (6:30). Then, we hear Bryant's reaction to Harper's deal (13:20) before Luke & company debate where the Phillies now sit in the N.L. hierarchy (15:00).
February 26, 2019
On the latest Cubs Talk podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan, Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki are joined by USA Today's Bob Nightengale to discuss Yu Darvish's first start of the spring, baseball's free agent market, the Cubs mindset and a celebration of Ron Santo 00:45 Bob on Yu Darvish's first start of the spring 01:40 Would the Cubs be in play to sign Bryce Harper on a short term deal? 02:30 Does Nolan Arenado's new deal set the market for future free agents? 04:00 The Cubs have a chip on their shoulder 05:00 Would Kris Bryant sign a long-term deal before he reaches free agency? 07:00 Is Bryant still one of the top 5 3rd baseman in the game? 08:00 Who is the best team in the NL Central? 11:10 What does Scott Boras do that makes him appealing to star ballplayers? 13:30 The vibe around Cubs camp during the first week in Mesa 15:45 Darvish seeming more comfortable in camp this season 17:45 Jon Lester's mindset entering this season 20:00 Celebrating Ron Santo's birthday with some of his more famous calls from the broadcast booth 22:15 Remembering the Wrigleyville Taco Bell
February 22, 2019
Luke and Kap discuss the latest goings-on from Cubs camp, including Joe Maddon's recent talk about how he's going to handle his lineup card this season (0:45), the lack of a true lead-off hitter impacting the batting order (3:00), how Jose Quintana is working to improve his pitch arsenal (6:30), and what to watch for as the exhibition schedule begins (11:00).
February 21, 2019
Kelly Crull and Tony Andracki discuss the impact a full season of Cole Hamels could have on the rotation and the team. And David Kaplan goes 1-on-1 with Kyle Hendricks. Find out which teammate Hendricks says most enjoys striking out in Spring Training. 00:35 - Tony and Kelly break down the potential impact that Cole Hamels can have on the 2019 club. They discuss Hamels' value as a teammate and a leader, his approach to baseball every day, and what the Cubs expect from him every fifth day. 16:56 - Kap goes 1-on-1 with Kyle Hendricks during a walk around a practice diamond at the Cubs facilities in Mesa. Hendricks discusses his excitement for 2019, how he approaches the buildup to the regular season, and how much fun he has facing teammates during spring training.
February 20, 2019
Luke, Kap and Chris Kamka react to the Manny Machado deal and the impact it has on the National League and the Cubs. Javy Baez talks about hustling and being accountable, and possible contract extension numbers for Baez and Kris Bryant are discussed. 00:00 - Welcome - Manny Machado signing and what it means for the National League. How many legitimate contenders are there in the N.L. with Bryce Harper likely to sign with a N.L. team as well? 2:20 - Are we really surprised Machado got his $300 million dollars? What we have learned from the Machado saga? Family did not matter. Location did not matter. Position did not matter. It was all about the money. 5:08 - What does this deal do to the "collusion" argument? Brad Brach's quotes about getting the same exact contract offer from multiple teams is discussed. 7:00 - Where does the Cubs / White Sox rivalry stand now that the Sox did not sign Machado? 7:54 - Javy Baez talks about being held accountable and how last season the team lacked that type of leadership and accountability at times. 9:45 - Chris Kamka delivers some clutch Cubs "hustle" stats. 11:20 - Kap says he talked to Jon Lester in Arizona, and that Lester knows the Cubs front office wants him to be more of a vocal leader in 2019. But Lester knows there are inherent difficulties for pitchers to try to motivate every-day players. 12:17 - MLB Network's list of the top shortstops in baseball is out. Where does Baez come in on that list? 13:15 - Machado gets $300 million - so what does that mean for guys like Kris Bryant and Javy Baez? 18:44 - Kap talks about the feeling among the players at Cubs camp. He says players are pissed off about the early exit and that some of the experts are picking them to lose more games than they win in 2019. 20:00 - When the Crosstown series rolls around, what are some realistic expectations for a pair of former Cubs prospects: Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease?
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