Best Bay Area sports pod
Ramon Serrato
Long overdue but can’t say enough about how great these two guys are together. Religiously listen to every episode. Always great content and always great promos!
Best show in the Bay !
Besides Papa and Lund and radio station allegiance aside, You guys are the best show in the bay. WAR PROMO CODE HAM ! Keep up the good work!
Middlekauff hot take clown
Guy is alright, he has to carry Middlekauff’s horrible takes. Middlekauff tries way to hard to be Colin Cowherd, but he’s a D- version of that clown. 1 star
Love from the East Coast
I’ve been listening to Guy and John since their days on 95.7 primarily for the Raiders. Love their intro and show then and love their podcast today even more. I’m from NY so to hear their thoughts on Bay Area sports and other topics of interest with their knowledge and expertise in journalism is a gem. Keep up the good work!
Love from Texas!
Mr. Marshall 2011
All the way out here in Waxahachie, Texas listening to you guys talk about sports! I am a 9ers fan and of course all I hear about is Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys...I found y’all a little over a year ago on Bleacher Report and I sought you guys out on the Podcast app. Keep up the good work! Thanks for not being fanboys and keeping the talk “real”.
Exceptional Listening
Been rolling with you guys for years and so happy to see your audience grow with each listen. The fans pay the bills and a #bluecollar podcast is what more people need. Keep grinding and eventually you’ll be a top 10 sports pod and I’ll be honored to say “I knew them when....”.
Best Podcast Going
C. A. Bells
A must for fans of the 49ers and the Raiders. Sometimes the truth hurts. These guys are on the pulse of what’s up. #RiseAndGrind PromoCodeHAM
John and Guy❤️this podcast
These 2 are great to listen to, John and Guy have great chemistry and I walk away informed
Haberman keeps the show alive
August 2019 I’m writing my second review on this podcast as a 2 year listener. To be blunt... Middlekauf is the downfall of this show. He continues to run his mouth without backing his opinions with evidence or data. 90% of his commentary is opinion based, which is fine, but everything is exaggerated and statements are overextended. He has the network and experience to separate himself from his peers but he lacks the ability to regulate opinions. I’m not a sports commentator, reporter, or writer so my opinion only carries so much weight...I’m just simply a consumer of articles and podcasts available to the public. My statements about Haberman remain consistent with my review in December. He’s able to articulate his opinions with clear delivery and he conducts his research before each podcast. Overall, their podcast provides the best raider and niner coverage but that isn’t saying much. The other podcasts available are pathetic... especially the raiders podcasts. I’ll continue to listen due to the lack of options on the Internet and I value Habermas opinions. Maybe Middlekauf will this review and consider my feedback as an opportunity to grow as a commentator. December 2018 I’ve been listening to the show for about 18 months and have mixed feedback. These two gents are probably the highest quality podcasters that cover the Bay Area. The content and discussions are well thought out and the length of shows are perfect. I appreciate Haberman’s views and unbiased opinions on a vast majority of the topics they discuss. In addition, he is well spoken, conducts his due diligence and thinks before he speaks on unscheduled topics. I believe Haberman and Middlekauf make a good team/duo, but Middlekauf can go off the rails and provide professional opinions without evidence or data from time to time. I believe he brings a decent amount of experience to the show, but his emotions tend to drive his commentary. This ultimately has a negative impact on the show and sometimes it’s difficult for me to listen to. In addition to the emotions, he will cutoff Haberman mid sentence 10+ times a show. Im surprised Haberman hasn’t lost his mind yet. Overall it’s a good show, but there is definitely room for growth as podcasters.
Extra innings conversation
I agree with John on the extra innings argument! His thoughts would be more entertaining for baseball. Every inning being the same over and over having a runner at second to start the inning would be an intriguing and entertaining change. If espn pops up on the bottom line that a game is going to the 11th with this rule change I’m gonna tune in.
Real no bs great content
Blue collar pod!
Great pod except for one thing..
For the love of god stop talking over each other so much!! Middlekauf is great at what he does, but seriously the man can’t stop words coming out of his mouth for 10 seconds. Poor Haberman has to fight just to be part of his own podcast. They’re starting to get legit guests on the show (been listening for awhile) and Middlekauf talks over them just as much. Mike McGlinchey’s interview is annoying cuz Middlekauf talks over almost every one of his responses. He keeps hoping to get Steve Young on the show. Steve Young has been a tv personality for a long time. So his time is his time. Middlekauf is gonna talk over him and Steve is gonna bail on the interview in two min. Good pod. But if they had a little self awareness on this one issue it could be a great pod.
A new fan made
I’m a sports fan from Louisiana so I really don’t have a reason to follow you guys specifically because you cover the Bay Area, but your back and forths are awesome and the personality of the show is what I wish I would see more on national tv. You guys are the best, just please put out full shows every day.
Great Pod—even if not from West Cost
They touch on some pop culture, which adds some comedy. I’m from East coast and don’t root for 9ers or Raiders but they talk enough about the whole league, as well as other sports that it keeps me interested. Middlekauf is a little more more uncut and unwired than 3 and out and it’s entertaining.
Constant Complaining
These guys used to be great, but the constant complaining about media and social media is hard to listen to.
Great listen but...
For the LOVE OF GOD stop the small talk at the beginning of each episode for 10-15 minutes. Catch up with your personal lives before you guys go on air. I hate that I have to fast forward 10-15 minutes into the podcast every time to get to the real substance and topics you list.
Read this it’s content
Texas Faithful
Guys asking why would you pick up Armstead’s seal... easy he is a average to slightly above avg starting interior lineman... plus have you seen Dee Ford thinking he’s gonna rush the passer and they run right at him? He gets completely wiped out of the play!!! That’s why scouts and Middlekauffs “friends in the league” say Frank Clark is better than Dee Ford. But on base downs having Armstead at the 7 technique to set the edge he is the best we got. Boss does both too Thomas and Buckner in the middle. But on 70% of the plays it’s pass and Dee Ford is rushing the passer which he is better than Dee Ford at. So the combo on edge of Armstead off the edge on run downs or base downs with Dee Ford rushing the passer in Nickel or passing downs is 5x what Frank Clark brings. Clark and Armstead are equal at stopping the run and Dee Ford is much better at getting after the quarterback. I need y’all to address this
Awesome Podcast
Not even from the Bay Area, but Middlekauff is my favorite sports personality. Informed, highly opinionated. Love the duo here too. Both drop a ton of content and never hold back. Cowherd was smart to grab onto this talent. Going national in a matter of time.
It’s like hanging with your boys
Dudes just chop it up about the stuff I care about in a way I appreciate. No weak-a** stuff, just a couple of buddies talking.
Love the pod. Talk more cowboys
Klutch Kings
klutch minion
I don’t live anywhere close to the Bay Area but love the pod. Always interesting takes and convo. Keep up the good work.
Subscription annoyance
I subscribed, but now I need to delete all the individual segments. Love the show though!
Jimmy G😱😱😱
Rams losing 2 SB’s to the Pats, what a bunch of b$&@$#s. I hope Eli & Brady go in the HOF class, and Eli talks some junk on the podium.
What’s up guys I originally listened to just the Raiders sections but loved the chemistry so now I listen to the whole show even tho I can careless about every other sports league. When the Raiders leave will they still be covered in the same way as they are now.
Best podcast in the planet
Donnie. V
Middlekauffffffffff and Habeeeeehabesss question for you, if you had a coach for 10 years would you rather have one who always has you in the playoffs year after year but never wins a Super Bowl, or would you take one who had a roller coaster 10 years has some losing seasons but wins you a championship during his tenure ?
More Raider 1st Rounders in 2019 or Raiders wins in 2018
Still awesome!!!! So, you guys were just discussing raiders wins (4) or lakers make the playoffs. But the fascinating question is whether the Raiders will win more games in 2018 than their current haul of 2019 1st round draft picks (3 as of the date of this post). Repeat question from my previous: With that said and given the raiders trade of Mack to da bears AND Coop to the boyz..,have the raiders just become the Oakland A’s of football? :) Thanks gents. Craig P.S. I heard Gruden (or was it Davis??) offered billy beane a color swap - green and gold for the silver and black (with a Gareon Conley throw in). But Billy rejected it! What?!!!
Ben the great 46
Great podcast. I’ve been listening for quite some time and now got my brother hooked on it. I like how you guys keep it real and cover so many aspects going on in the world of sports. Keep talking NFL, despite the teams in the bay being awful
Great Pod
Mike P 2089
One of the best podcasts when haberman is able to reel in middlekaufs rants about the Raiders...middlekauf obvious ninerrrr ball washer ...but still love the show Habey Habes!!
What’s up
Todd Bufalino
Should the Raiders make a push for Earl Thomas?
Huge fan; Carr Question.
Hawk Strange
Hey My Guys, Huge fan and rabid listener. Glad you guys are back on and love the hella content being delivered. I live in Chicago and there are rumblings out here after the Raiders Monday night game, including a FLIP.IT article that Gruden is wanting a Derek Carr divorce. What is the possibility that Gruden could move on from Carr? - Hawk Strange
Gang Gang
If you’re in California and in need of Bay Area sports these guys are your go to! Every Podcast is the one we deserve! Only thing that could make this podcast better is if they did this on YouTube live or periscope!!!!
Best Sports Pod Available
Siggy and J
HAM is my absolute favorite Pod. These guys are both rockstars, they are always #1 on my must listen.
Raiders question
Two part question As you guys stated in terms of player contracts, do owners also have to put coaches money into an escrow account? Do you truly believe that Mark had the money to pay Kahlil? Considering the revenue check (that I assume he has to split with his many many partners) while also paying Carr and Gruden (escrow account). Just seems like deep pockets for a poor owner. John if you believe this to be true, can you please write an article about it in the Athletic. I’m currently a subscriber but I will buy my brother a subscription for his birthday using /HamPod (plug).
Best podcast I have subscribed to. - Question
Vumbaca Racing
Love the pod you guys deserve to have a national show on TV your takes are spot on and refreshing. Question: The Raiders lost this trade but what if Mitchell doesn’t perform at a high enough level to get the Bears where they need to be? The Bears just gave up two first rounders in a stacked NFC. So looks like they are stuck with Mitchell for awhile. Could this be a trade where no one wins, including the fans because it’s possible we never get to see Mack on a big stage. Thanks again guys!
Quick Question
Rocky Hogue
Hey there guys! Coming from a former player at Montana State, I’d love to hear some of your takes on Big Sky football. I know John went to Cal Poly so I was wondering if you guys pay any attention to FCS ball? Love the shows! They keep me entertained at work
About time!
Thanks for making the summer feel even longer ... Love the podcasts and listening to you guys! Do you think all the hype with the upcoming edge rusher draft class will drive the price for Mack down? What is your final record prediction for the 49ers?
Bay Area
The k man from tcu
Best Bay Area podcast by far
Awesome pod.
Still going ?
Love the podcast. Are you guys taking a break till NFL starts or is it over?
Put another podcast out.
We need more!
Quality entertainment
I love this podcast! These two guys bring a lot of joy into my week. Guy Haberman does an excellent job conducting the episodes and always manages to keep things on track while still letting Jon Middlekauff have his fun rants and rambles. The two play off each other very well and it makes for a light, fun sports podcast that still has quality information and good insight into whatever major sport is happening that week. They even manage to sneak in a little life advice now and then. I look forward to their podcasts coming out every week. The two specialize on the 49ers and Raiders. Started following thanks to bleacher report! Can’t say enough good things about it. Bridge gaaaaaaang
Listening for a long time
Awesome show.. love your work ..keep it up from displaced Bay Area native in NY
Foul Language
Too much cursing with their language. They need to keep it professional.
Game revieweryyy/
Great Podcast
MLB Draft/Luke Heimlich
It’s not a big following overall, but wondering if any teams will take a risk on SP Luke Heimlich? S.L. Price basically summed up the entire story about Luke and the situation. Great show guys, listen every week!
Great show
Disappointed when the game canceled them. And even though I like the new show in there time slot, H and M are 10x times better.
Great Podcast
Real, honest, insightful and funny podcast about sports. Refreshing to hear REAL sports talk. Hey “I pretend my hair was going to last” Middlekauf. Jimmy or Carr for the next 10 years?
Matt J From LA
Matt J From LA
Alot has been made of the Jon Gruden and Reggie McKenzie coach/gm combo but what happens to McKenzie if guys like Gareon Conley, Karl Joseph and obi Melifonwu start looking good (maybe vanderdoes too) in a Paul Guenther defense that made Reggie Nelson look like a top safety with him netting 23 interceptions in 6 seasons.
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