Fantastic podcast. A thorough, entertaining history.
Like the content, but cringe at the voice of one of the presenters
Seriously. I can barely stand it, but keep listening because I like the content. I would think there are so many other employees without such an unbearable tone and voice that could do her job on this podcast and make it enjoyable. I have seen many other people sharing the same opinion...is someone reading the reviews?
Considering the size of the Bloomberg company, I think it's absurd how little effort they put into making their podcasts. They literally put as little effort as possible into making this podcast and most of the episodes are boring as a result. Don't bother with this podcast.
Serendipitous Topics Thoroughly Covered
Other than "Revisionist History" (Malcolm Gladwell), this is the only podcast I've found that repeatedly presents topics I didn't know I needed to know about. Diverse, timely, and always well done. Yes, some of the moderators have distracting speech characteristics, but the subject matter always prompts me to get past them. They hardly pull this fine podcast down to the 3-star level. If I find passages that are less than crystal clear, I simply "rewind" and replay them at half-speed. What's the problem?
Host’s vocal fry overshadows any content
Alba White
Kristen’s delivery is really hard to listen to, so much so that I’ve been skipping any episode. If it’s possible to moderate, that’d be wonderful. Reading the comments, I may not be the only one.
Incredibly interesting podcast
I love the show, but some of the presenters are just unbearable and turned me off of this podcast entirely.
Well done!
Geest vF
Decrypted blends quality production values, interesting topics and insightful reporting.
Vocals. Smh
The content is amazing but these vocals are frying my ears. I don’t usually write reviews on podcasts but this bothered me so much I had to complain. Apologies.
Vocal fry is killing my ears
Kristin V Brown’s vocal fry is tough to listen to. Please take voice lessons...your subject matter is interesting but I cant deal with the croaking at the end of every sentence.
Good coverage of important issues
I loved the RV dweller episode. It did a great job to capture the humanity and normality of those involved. People have been talking about it for years but it’s always in the abstract. I didn’t quite like the part about human sewage and drug use, since that’s always the usual trope used to justify why they need to be banned and sent somewhere else, but this was the best objective, dispassionate coverage of the issue I have seen so far.
Excellent Audio Documentaries
The production of Decrypted is phenomenal. Each episode truly weaves together a story with multiple voices, events, recordings and hard hitting journalism to fully inform listeners of the subject at hand. Decrypted’s investigations into the tech industry provide accessible and insightful content that empower the public to know more about the products & services we use.
The Decrypted Gift Guide
loving audio
Just listened to this podcast and loved it! Very interesting to learn what a technophile would love ....
Good content
guy starly
Good content, well-researched. On key words that are critical to understand, its difficult or impossible to understand the woman with the strong accent speaking certain words that might be new terms or lesser known words. Maybe slowing down or repeating or some other way to make all the content intelligible.
Light on information and production quality
Limited talent and content, not a polished show. Can’t recommend despite an interesting topic.
Keep it up!
Cecco Ranieri
Very interesting show. So glad to learn how technology impact today’s life. Well done to the production. Quite engaging podcast. One more, one more, one more. Thanks, keep it up!
Relevant and interesting
Dean Guiliotis
This season is turning out to be really interesting. I enjoy the way the hosts work through all the issues in a conversational manner, and thoroughly research each topic and include interviews with experts in various fields.
Great, Interesting Listen
I really enjoy this podcast! They cover interesting topics in 20-30 mins, and the reporting is sharp. Would recommend!
New season’s theme: Unintended consequences of tech
Like the new season even better; the show needed a focus.
Could be better...
@Aki Ito, are you saying 'agents' or 'Asians' in the hackers redemption podcast? This podcast, like most podcasts, copy the style of NPR podcasts and interviews. Needs better editing, feels so slow and is missing the keeping your on the edge of your seat vibe. Cool stories, but needs some differentiators.
A balanced, fun, and informative tech podcast
Decrypted is a good version of what I want to hear. Before, I had to rely on no-name websites, Reddit posts, or even YouTube stories on some of my favorite topics. Now, I can outsource the hard work to them and allow them to keep me up to date and all I have to do is listen to 15 seconds of advertisement a few times per episode, a trade off I’m happy to make. Too often, these days, information is either unreliable or is speculative by non-experts and more than ever, I value quality and reputable news agencies to get my information from. Good journalism is getting more difficult to find and Bloomberg has a long reputation of truth and business insight. With this podcast, they’ve stepped into technology reporting and interview experts and have interesting cases all the while explaining it well. Even if you don’t consider yourself technologically inclined, you will likely still find value in Decrypted’s podcast. They touch on all the big names you hear every day and likely have in your investment portfolio. Apple, Google, Uber, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and global companies and their political implications on economy and national security, ZTE dealings and Matayoshi Son, $100 billion investment firm director, and the future of AI are all topics they’ll delve into. Bloomberg Decrypted and The Economist are my two favorite podcasts and I value their insight and it helps to keep my brain fresh and conversations with colleagues interesting. I recommend it. -Phillip Esposito
Biased low quality content
Canine Coder
There were numerous factual errors in their interview with Kelly Ellis in order to drive a very left leaning narrative. One of the plaintiffs in the Ellis suit is a daycare worker, which of course was not mentioned. The Damore lawsuit contradicts many of the points that Ellis makes and was not mentioned. There was also another lawsuit from a YouTube recruiter showing that there is diversity quota hiring happening...once again not mentioned. The format is a copy of NPR right down to the background music etc. but even NPR is a little bit more balanced.
Big fan
One of my favorite podcast right now. Absolutely love the content!
Love this show
Literally fascinated each and every time an episode come out - so excited for season 2!
Excellent podcast
Fascinating story, seamless narrative, all together great journalism and storytelling. Keep the episodes coming!
Decrypted is back!!!
First episodes of 2018 were worth the wait! Excellent podcasts on Hector. Amazing production quality.
Good stuff
Great content for anyone who cares about the world of innovation
This show if full of the most important and insightful information that I never thought I needed to know. I’ve recently become addicted to all of Bloomberg’s podcast. I listened to the one last because I was caught up on all of the other. Learning all of these new things have been very refreshing and profitable. I love Aki Ito’s voice and tonality Thank you!
Great listen, poorly edited
This podcast covers a wide variety of material and does well to dig into topics, giving listeners a deep understanding of each topic covered. It’s unfortunate though that they don’t bother to thoroughly check their productions before posting them. I wasn’t able to finish listening to the Amazon episode because of the grating mispronunciation of Shakopee, and I’m amazed that no one cared to check how Kamala Harris pronounces her name. They do a decent job correcting themselves when they catch mistakes and it’s overall a good podcast. I look forward to its improvement as it grows and matures.
jd summerville
Great information. We will subscribe to Decrypted. We live in Charleston SC and want a Tesla but are worried about if he will be successful due to the amount of money being spent. We are rooting for Elon but we are still on a wait and see before we order. David
Great show
Insights ... nice !
Great podcast
Great podcast
Awesome show!
I listen to this every week on my way to work. Love it!
Good show
Todd James
Very enjoyable show. Great hosts (Aki Ito episodes are always good) and topics that are interesting to a casual tech follower.
Explores (and answers) questions that tend to be glossed over by mainstream.
Very well produced
This is an example of a well thought out and executed podcast. The information/narration is concise and yet easily digestible. Keep up the good work!
Mark Gurman = ego, ego, ego...
Good News Magazine Style Show
Reminds me a bit of "all things considered."
Awesome !
Good podcast. Good reporting
Great, informative podcast
Fantastic listen, only wish there was more content more often
Keep 'em coming!
Sarah Martinson
Decrypted is one of my favorite pieces of Bloomberg content. I listen to it every week. I like that the episodes are short and concise. I would love there to be more than one episode a week. The episode about Kaspersky Lab was very intriguing. I couldn't stop listening to it!
Never dull
Okay, I'm biased, but this podcast delivers. Good narratives, twists and turns, compelling. Each episode has taught me a lot without it ever feeling too wonky or preachy. The flying car podcast is an incredible story of dedication beyond all logic.
First-rate podcast
Great job!
Incredibly useful and underappreciated
the real yendi
Decrypted is one of my must-listen podcasts, and I'm amazed at how few people seem to know about it, given the large organization behind it. Imagine Planet Money's formula (two hosts, cold open, etc) applied to sold technology reporting. They cover everything from new innovations to the impact of automation and globalization on communities (both here and abroad) to issues like harassment that are too often not discussed. I can't recommend this highly enough.
Decrypted=Podcast gold
D. Burton
Bloomberg podcast are already wonderful as a whole, but Decrypted takes it up a notch. Topics are super interesting and you can tell the Host is super passionate. Needless to say, I'm a fan.
Just the right mix of journalism and technology
I find that this podcast is extremely well executed, recorded, researched and presented. Bloomberg delivers a winner in my opinion with Decrypted.
Really good
Solid, concise narratives
View from ATL
Exceptional podcast, well-researched and produced. See all other Bloomberg podcasts too.
Great podcast about tech
Very interesting and thoughprovking show that gives people information on the ever connected world
Well produced, brief and to the point
Episodes are generally around 30 min long, on a tech topic which is relevant and actual: very good for an overall understanding of the topic at hand, without wasting too much time on fluff. Advertising is very limited to non-existent, which is very good too. The "missing" fifth star is because I'd appreciate sometimes a deeper insight, but definitely recommended if you are into technology and actuality.
Excellent, topical content
My only complaint is that the podcasts are too short.
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