Why only 2 minutes.???
I know I could and would give 5 stars if he gave more content., I’d love to hear at least a hour of your daily commentary. Please consider this, Rush! Thanks
Rush is Right Again!
Download it. It’s a great 2-minute podcast with conservative viewpoint. Highly recommended.
Cultural Warrior
Long live the USA!
Ric loves u and God
Thanks this is Blind Man Ric k I wish People would apriciate the fact that we in the United STATES WE Can Write IN and Give are option I love short stories that are straight to the point!but who is the past president?from Blind Man!RiC K) ThankYou!
Liberal comments are cute
Hunter The Heretic
Reading all the liberals who come here just to give one star to feel better. Lol, look at yourselves, you have no impact whatsoever, people who come here ignore your comments, fans laugh at your own hypocrisy. The man has written books, has a magazine, a radio show so successful that it is was called out by Bill Clinton AND Trump. His fan base is growing while viewing of CNN and etc are dropping. You don’t have to believe him, but comments that are just insults cause he is a elder gentlemen is as lame of a insult as a coward who says someone is stupid when they themselves have their fair share of stupidity and are failing school. The one comment I found the most funny was the guy who said he took drugs and everything. Where are your sources? Also if that is true then that makes him more of a hero! He turned his life around! And got better! Not only that but lends credibility to his beliefs because he has been in the drug, crime or whatever circles and know how things go down. Then again, I’m just a stupid conservative right? I should die, like your beliefs so eloquently put it, I’m a “racist, sexist bigot, who should be destroyed”. So much for the party of acceptance. That is unless you are a straight white Christian male ;)
Keep doing it
There are an awful lot commercial. But, it is just an update not a podcast. It is a nice up date each morning.
rep rush con rocks
It’s amazing it opened my eyes!!!
No no no
No no no
Absolute drivel from an opioid abuser
99%er watch Secular Talk
Rush always wants to lock up those who abuse the run drugs he’s been caught with using, but it’s OK when he does it. No facts. Just name calling and racism baiting sprinkled with harmful white supremacist ideologies.
Whats up with all the commercials¿
Dude! Don’t you have enough money by now. Everything you do is ‘sponsored’. Getting old and wearing thin
Too many “commercial breaks”
It’s quite annoying to have 2 to 3 commercials in between each little short story. The commercials tend to be as long as the story itself.
2 minutes of terrible opinions.
atropos twitch
Senile pill poppers have the best opinions on politics.
Spot On
Spot on reviews of the politics in America. Keep on keeping on ... drown out the MSM propaganda! 🇺🇸
Moscow Mitch needs to go !!!
The biggest clown on radio
Listen to him for laughs. Not for information. It's all lies.
Rush is The Man
Rob in Cbus
I’ve listened to Rush since October 1993 which was my first year of college. Rush gives you the tools to see through the “propaganda media”. I love his humor, insight, and he agrees with me.
He just gets it
Palm life
NOBODY understands what is really happening on both sides of the isle as well and truthfully factual as does Mr Limbaugh.
Can't take a minute update combined with 3 or 4 commercials each
Had to unsubscribe. I am a long time Rush fan (books, pods, his old newsletter) and I like his take on just about everything, but with an average 3 minute update, half was ads/commercials. They were on auto-update and I might have a week's worth to listen to, it became tedious to fast forward, I just un-subscribed after listening to the update since inception. At some point do you really need whatever piddly $$ amount a 3 minute pod generates? Really?
Short but Sweet
It’s great to get a daily shot of well prepared and delivered conservative thought in under two minutes. No waiting to get to the point and no waste of my time. A podcast anyone can listen to and still want more.
Gen Z
Ur biggest fan Mr. Limbaugh!
Low IQ
I can’t believe people listen to Rush. He flunked out of college was divorced 3 times lies all the time. Was a drug addict and doctor shopper yet said people like that should be locked up! I like to listen to people who are truthful at least if you are addicted to drugs man up.
Way too short
Way to short for the amount of commercials. 2-3 min with 2 commercials and 1 min of content. Now that’s what I call capitalism! Come on Rush!!
Blaxton 87
Rush Limbaugh exposing things for what they are!
Very witty
nomadic yeti
I love Rush’s takes on the news each morning.
The books
anymous kid
I love rush revere
old manDan
You’re are a gift from God, right or wrong good or bad you your political knowledge’s is spot !Love the way you address with humor Dem’s pot of dung .8 yrs past need FBI , future of MAGA 4More years
pie man 1971
Way WAY WAY Too many commercials......
...Lots good stuff out there. Rush you were better on OxyContin
Maybe I’m just spoiled by GOOD podcasts
The commercials are twice the length of the content. Seriously... NEVER do that!
Ads more than half the time, really Rush?
MF from NC
When the ads are 1:30 of a 2:30 podcast, you’re wasting my time. I should not have to tell you that.
Liberals have no common sense!
Thank God for Rush!
Is he still on the opiates?
Because his opinions seem drug induced.
Love my Rush
Am I crazy? It doesn’t sound like Rush’s voice to me. It sounds like someone trying to sound like Rush
Yes we love you Rush but why is the PC only 3 min with ample ads. Ok we can endure the ads but give us the whole program. Why not?????
Response Steve/Marine-DAV
RUSH lU Agree with Steve about the cost for such little tiny tidbits. They might be tiny Rush but your programs are just like NUGGETS of PURE GOLD. I remember listening to you flying into COLORADO in the helicopter. You were shocked RUSH by the size of the crowds in that tiny town. They showed up for you RUSH! Like all of them I too felt that YOU had brought us (the common person) the VOICE of REASON over the airwaves. My girlfriend and I laughed from being so happy . We laughed and cried tears of elation and joy running down our cheeks. You have been a big part of all your listeners. My hands in the air. Okay about Steve’s message. I agree times are tough for a lot of us. I live on SS and am now a widow and in very bad health. Because I was not married to my husband when he was in the service I was not privy to his life insurance. He was ARMY AIRBORNE RANGER. Not complaining just a fact. I can’t afford to get to Drs let alone to pay subscriptions for your show or anybody else. I love your shows so much. I think you truly have your hand on the pulse of the nation. I miss not being able to hear you on the radio. Sadly the Reception is HORRIBLE. So please give us a break on the cost. In my case I have to $85.00 round trip to most of my Drs for my pain procedures. My husband and I we’re HIT head on by a young lady doing 65 miles per hour they a red light. I sold our home and vehicles etc to have enough money for my husbands 24/7 care. It’s the truth. besides MY regular health issues which are numerous 1 biggie iM a polio survivor.I’m home bound now. There was nothing left for my care.I only leave house except for Drs. Appts. I get one meal a day delivered to me. please consider giving us a break on the cost.. I might be old and sickly but I still vote by mail. But I need all the sources I can get to help be something that is lacking in our country. In my opinion our nation has to many UNINFORMED VOTERS. I really don’t want to be one of those. So please consider the cost for people like me and STEVE the MARINE. Steve I appreciate so much your service to our country. SEMPER FI Now the fight is to keep our freedoms safe !!!
Dittos Rush
I have listen to you since Sacramento, how can we listen you more than 3 mins w/ out paying? A DAV Marine who can’t afford to pay every month just to stay informed. Help Rush.❤️
3 minute podcast has a 1 1/2 min advertisement
Yabba Dabba Dooooo
Too much advertising for a 1 minute splice of Rush
just 3 minutes
3 minutes is too little time,why not the whole program??
Why is every episode only 2min long
How do I listen to the whole thing?
Rush Rush Rush
Hill-Bill George
Rush is a great Republican, he has a view of the world like no other, democrats hate him because he tells them the truth, and puts them in their place. We need more people like Rush. I support him 100% Rush Rush Rush
Rush is the greatest!!!!
Rush is very informative & will give you the truth!!!
Shows to make you stupider
Hawaii for Rush!
Rich Hawaiian
I am so grateful here in Hawaii for Rush being on the radio. Hearing him speak about President Trump made me a believer of the truth that are not taught or reported on tv. Thank you and Godbless.
Enjoy this perspective
Succinct & Informative! A different perspective.
Not worth listening
Simba mate
Boring and recycled content
Rush I’m not impressed
All this podcast is are 2 minutes of commercials...geeze louise, if I want to watch commercials all I have to do is turn on the TV
easy dose allot
Simply the best
marlarein@aol. com
Mom's Marla
Only wanted to know the cost to subscribe?
Disgusting Blowhard
petticoat government
Fear monger.
Only get the update version
I’m not getting the full show, only the intro to his show, about 2 minutes
      0:00:00 / 0:00:00