Loved our conversation!
Sangram, thank you for having me on #FlipMyFunnel podcast. I absolutely enjoyed our conversation. Loved chatting about ABM, organization goals, metrics, and mostly the fun fact sharing. You are an amazing host, and speaker. Keep up the fantastic work!
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Sangram, host of The FlipMyFunnel Podcast, highlights all aspects of business, marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
YOU will FLIP over #FlipMyFunnel!
The Speakers Guild of America
Truly love the community that has been created and now shared with the world. Every episode brings something new and's no wonder it's one of the top Business podcasts in the Universe. Keep up the fantastic have a life time fan who'll continue living a #FlippedLife
Excellent Host!
Sangram, thank you for having me as a guest - loved talking about all things about company culture and scaling your business. You're up to amazing things! Keep climbing!
A MUST listen podcast for business leaders!
Nikole Rose
Sangram has created an amazing podcast with relevant info that spans well beyond Account Based Marketing - the topics covered are critical for all business leaders. We were honored to be guests on one of the many amazing episodes!
Great host!!
Maze Decker
The host is one of my favorites. He is not just charismatic, he's also very passionate about his craft. His enthusiasm is very contagious which makes listening to the show a breeze.
Substance and Style
I started enjoying Sangram's wit and wisdom through LinkedIn posts and have enjoyed his interview style and a great variety of guests on the podcast. He never disappoints and every episode seems relevant. I was honored to be interviewed!
Ignited a Fire Inside
I have a 1 hour drive in traffic each way to the office. Now that I have found Sangram and the Flipmyfunnel podcast I actually look forward to my drive to and from work. As a sales leader it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the sales engagement tools and new methods but after listening to Flipmyfunnel I actually feel like #1: I am not alone and #2: I now have the resources I need to clear the path and silence all the noise. The show is packed with amazing guest and personalities and the nuggets I have been receiving are priceless as I am building a national sales and marketing team from the ground up! This podcast has ignited a much needed fire within me!!
Special Show
Sangram is one of a kind. His passion and charismatic nature is something I really respect. Really enjoyed the opporunity to be interviewed. Keep up the great work and producing special content.
Fantastic Show!!
I dance without fear
The #Flipmyfunnel podcast is a great. Sangram's interview style is very casual and easy to listen to. His enthusiasm is absolutly infectous which leads to some really fun conversations with guests. Highly recommend this show for people looking to learn important lessons from a wide range of thought leaders.
B2B Marketing leaders MUST subscribe to #FMF !
Gaetano DiNardi
Sangram does a phenomenal job of keeping this podcast actionable and informative. If you’re doing demand generation marketing, account based marketing, customer acquisition this podcast is pure GOLD. A wealth of education for anyone seeking to step up their game!
Informative and Relevant!
C Simms
Quick, easy listens with relevant, insightful content and interesting guests who share their experience, advice, and learnings. Sangram asks great questions and keeps the conversation going.
Always inspiring!
GasBuddy Believer
Sangram and team do an amazing job with creating helpful content... to leaders, to marketers, to SaaS professionals. Something here for everyone. Always worthwhile and inspiring!
Quick, Smart, Fun, and Varied
Convenient 18-24 minute format. Smart hosts, guests, and conversations on the current and future of sales, marketing, and customer success. Huge enthusiasm, especially from Sangram, that's contagious. A variety of show structures and topics - from "hero" features of real practitioners and campaigns to book reviews to interviews to recordings of stage presentations.
Don’t Miss This!
Susan - Founder @torchlite
Loved being on the show and try to listen to every episode. Sangram is energizing, inspiring and I always learn something new! 🔥
Top B2B marketing podcast
As a vp of marketing, sangram is my shortcut to sharpening my skills. It’s a cant miss podcast. Vince
Director, Business Development at anti•social MEDIA™
P1 A-Rob
“If you don’t position yourself, someone else will position you for you.” - Sangram Vajre I used to listen to my music playlist on my morning run. Not anymore. Now I listen to Sangram’s FlipMyFunnel podcast. Salespeople need to think like marketers and marketers need to think like salespeople. And ABM is bridging that gap! What’s ABM? Listen to FlipMyFunnel and find out. Link to the podcast on iTunes in the comments. Boom, BOOM! 👊💥 AR Alan Robinson Director, Business Development anti•social MEDIA™ Professional Social Media | Website Content Creation #WeDoWhatYouKnowYouShould #SocialSelling #SocialMediaMarketing #ContentMarketing #AlanRobinson #antisocialMEDIA
Quick, Full of Energy & Useful Nuggets
Proceeding Hairline
There are so many sales & marketing podcasts out there today, it's overwhelming. This one is THE one I listen to. They're quick, not a lot of small talk, and focused on the best takeaways. And, Sangram is such a high energy personality.
Must-add for aspiring/CMOs
Great binge-worthy content that spans a multitude of marketing and business topics, varied contributors from many walks of life, unbiased....just a must subscribe!
It’s Real and Infectious!
Jay Thor
Sangram is the real deal. Love the insights and energy in this podcast for sales/marketing professionals.
Insightful, entertaining and actionable
J. Barshop
Sangram and his incredible guests give listeners an unfair advantage when it comes to building the business of their dreams. This show is a must listen for any business looking to level up and grow their business without breaking the bank!
Always relevant topics
I love this daily podcast with Sangram and all the amazing people he brings on for the episodes. You always leave having learned at least 1 new thing, a must listen for B2B companies.
Great Marketing / Sales PODCAST
Robby Gulri
I love listening to Sangram. His energy and his passion comes through the mic. And I learn a lot everytime there is a guest with something interesting to say! Keep it up my friend.
Great information
Yes, I am one of the guests...but I did get a chance to listen to the others and there is some ecellent information. Love it
Bradley TS
Easy and fun daily listen! Very insighftul and I find myself learning something new everyday when listening!
Down to Earth and Insightful
Love, love, love the #FlipMyFunnel podcasts. Fantastic content for any B2B marketer's commute and not at all solely focused on ABM. I've walked away for every episode with new thoughts, insights, or strategies that I can bring right into my office. Highly recommended.
Love this Podcast
Kyle Lessonly
It's rare to find a podcast that is enjoyable, interactive, and insightful. This hits all three with gusto! If you are modern marketer living in the dark world of forecasts, funnel meetings, ARR targets, and market dynamis... this podcast is perfect to light the way.
Very easy to listen to
This podcast talks about challenges that marketers and sales people are facing now in the B2B marketing world, and it is good to listen to a podcast that talks about our immediate challenges. Keep up the good work.
Awesome show, highly recommend!
N. Paulsen
Sangram and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the absolute best sales and marketing tactics and coming trends to help you effectively grow your business and develop your overall psychology. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to #FlipMyFunnel Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindset to stay ahead of the curve (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
Great Use of My Time
Diana Mitchell
I don't have time for 90-minute podcasts, so the #FlipMyFunnel podcast is perfect. Great advice in easy-to-digest episodes. Keep up the good work!
Actionable & impactful insights`
This is an awesome quick bite podcast that you can usually listen to in 30 min or less that gives great insights on B2B sales & marketing.
A podcast everyone can learn from
I'm not a B2B marketer but enjoy this podcast for the expert advice that I can apply to my role as a content publisher and decision maker.
Knowledge, Fun, & Enthusiasm
Sangram knows the market and brings on the experts to discuss great topics. These podcasts deliver a punch!
My go-to in the B2B space
Sangram Vajre is an incredible host, and one who is a pioneer in the B2B space. Everyone in B2B marketing/sales should be paying very close attention, and what better way to do that is by having this podcast directly injected into your ear-holes? :)
Relevant, informative, inspiring!
Love everything about this podcast. I glean nuggets of wisdom from every episode, and think the 15 minute length is perfect!
Enjoying the variety of daily podcast with different themes.
marketing nerd
Keep up the energy and variety of topics.
Daily Magic!
Sangrams daily #FlipMyFunnel podcast is perfect. Quick, engage, and packed with value. High recommend. 5 STARS!
Awesome Must Listen Podcast!
Bran Craig
I love this Podcast! I’m a business person and having a daily bit of motivation and real advice that I can use in my business is a amazing! I’m binge listening to every episode right now!
Great host, great guests, great content
Each one of these episodes is a terrific little kernel of ABM knowledge, and the real world examples make it easy to apply in my day to day. Great stuff!
Podcasts are Invaluable!
Rick Merriman
Excellent podcasts, very relevant topics and easy to consume. You can sense they are passionate and CARE about their audience!
#FMF Podcast
Sangram makes it happen daily!
This podcast is what B2B marketers are asking for and Sangram does it in a way only Sangram can! This is your new daily listen!! Great content and keep flipping funnels!
Martech Sales
Really informative Podcast. Enjoy the wide range of topics covered so far and each podcast helps me to see things from a different more informed and creative perspective. Keep up the great work!
Great content and interviews
Great content. Sangram is an incredible interviewer who goes above and beyond to dig in to complicated sales and marketing topics. Well worth a listen.
Love this show
James Carbary
I’m biased because we produce this podcast, but it is genuinely one of the most helpful resources any B2B marketer could have. It’s daily, and the content quality is consistently excellent. Sangram and his team are in the trenches every day of growing a business, and that’s clear in the relevance of the advice they share in this show.
Quick and informative download on all things Account-Based Marketing & Martech
Nick Funnelvass
Quick and to-the-point interviews with thought leaders from withing the B2B sales and marketing technology space. Great resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on all things account-based marketing, sales and marketing alignment, technology and much more.
B2B Marketer
So excited for Sangram to get a podcast going! This guy is awesome
Excellent podcast
Sangram’s passion is infectious! Great content.
Always constructive
Chris Reene
As always, Sangram brings it! Great content, quick to consume and insightful.
Great marketing experts inteviewed
Already love the inteviews with Peter Herbert, Kelly Ford, and David Cancel! This is what ABM practioners need to know. Can't wait to see what's next!
Conversational & Informative
Shauna N.
Nice, quick listen. It's informative but it's also a conversation between real B2B practitioners, so it flows naturally and doesn't get stale.
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