How to Tackle Farm Price Objections: Farm Podcast
Published June 30, 2019
14 min
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    Free farm marketing training at We all know that sustainably produced food is more expensive than supermarket food, so how do we explain that when challenged?

    This week I want to discuss a challenge that many small farmers face.  It’s one that they seem to all dread and it puts them on the defensive.

    It’s the whole issue of defending why their products cost so much. Or, at least seems to cost so much.

    Now, this is a real issue for many of us, so it’s not one we should run from. We need to be prepared to face this head on, and the better you get at this, the more it will become a non-issue.

    Why is that?

    Because, as your skill improves at conveying value, that skill will permeate all aspects of your marketing.

    Your blog posts, your social media updates, what you say on your website and in your email marketing.

    You’ll become proficient at conveying value and focusing on benefits, rather than being defensive.

    Before we dive in, I want you to understand something.

    The Dollar Store shopper isn’t your farm's customer. Or at least not for most of you. You’re not running blue light specials.

    I want you to understand that price objection is a good sign because it’s usually a buying signal.

    The prospective customer wants to buy but needs to rationalize this objection.

    And it’s your job to help them do just that.

    And in this episode, I explain how to do that.
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