October 16, 2019
(1:30) Peter King examines the current confusion with the state of officiating, including why it's clear that the NFL is trying to deter coaches from challenging pass interference, and why it's time for a Sky Judge to help fix some of the problems (6:40) Peter speaks with longtime NFL reporter Ed Werder to discuss the wacky Lions-Packers game from MNF, the state of the Cowboys, and Jason Garrett's job security (37:50) Legendary NBC hockey announcer Doc Emrick talks about starting his career as a teacher, getting his start in broadcasting, lessons from Ernie Harwell, his fortunate break getting hired as the Devils play-by-play announcer, and the classic story of how he called Brett Favre's first throw
October 14, 2019
Peter King summarizes his Football Morning in America column after a zany Week 6: (2:36) Devlin Hodges' win over the Chargers caps an especially weird day (4:30) Backup & replacement QBs are on a ridiculous 14-0 run, and a new age of youngsters is here (6:00) Sam Darnold says bring on the Patriots (7:00) The 49ers are a revelation after stifling the Rams in LA (10:45) Rams & Chargers are in trouble, mild-mannered Teddy B, a rough day for Marcus Mariota, bad numbers for the Chiefs (13:30) Weekly awards, a profile on Luke Kuechly, numbers fun with Chip Kelly, and, of course, the adieu haiku
October 9, 2019
Peter sits down with Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre on the eve of his 50th birthday to discuss retirement life, Patrick Mahomes, and his legendary fart machine (1:30) But before Favre, Peter riffs on the Jay Gruden firing and the dysfunctional Washington organization, and why Daniel Snyder & Bruce Allen are the ones to blame (7:45) 1-on-1 with Brett Favre (13:50) Favre on what hurts when he wakes up each morning (18:40) Favre on his uncanny ability to remember things after hearing or seeing them once, but contrasts that with some recent incidents of memory loss (25:30) Favre on whether he would have played as long he did knowing what he knows now about concussions (31:35) Favre on the comparisons with Patrick Mahomes and playing on the edge (34:20) Favre on playing for and getting yelled at by Mike Holmgren (37:40) Favre on his legendary fart machine (41:15) Favre on a day in the life post-playing career and dealing with wild hogs & snakes (46:40) Favre on advice for young QBs and the lessons he learned from Andy Reid on how to properly watch film
October 7, 2019
FMIA: The Mini Pod- Peter King offers snippets from his Football Morning In America column as he breaks down everything that happened in Week 5. (4:20) An homage to Peter's alma mater, Sports Illustrated (5:10) How Frank Reich, Jacoby Brissett, and the Colts went into Kansas City and shocked the Chiefs (12:30) Peter speaks with Vikings QB Kirk Cousins about why he doesn't want to hear about all the outside criticism (13:40) The Raiders are not a fluky 3-and-2 (15:15) A conversation with Russell Wilson about how playing baseball helps him on the football field (15:45) Brett Favre turns 50 this week, and we get a preview of Peter's extended conversation with the Hall of Famer (full podcast coming this Wednesday) (18:15) Players & Goats of the week, a profile of Kenny Stills, and the best regular season game of Joe Montana's career
October 2, 2019
(1:05) Vontaze Burfict is suspended for the season after yet another cheap shot. But Peter explains why there's a difference in opinion among people about how to hand out discipline regarding big hits. (8:30) Texans WR Kenny Stills discusses the challenges of playing with 9 (!) different QBs in 7 seasons, what it's like to be traded, and his why social activism goes far beyond kneeling for the anthem. (31:30) Peter is joined by the NFL's Chief Strategy & Growth Officer to discuss the International Series beginning in London this week with the Bears & Raiders. They discuss the new Tottenham Stadium, which is designed for football; the possibility of expanding the NFL beyond London & Mexico City; Mahomes Mania in Mexico City; and how gambling will impact the NFL's future business plan.
September 30, 2019
FMIA: The Mini Pod- Peter King takes stock of the NFL in the aftermath of a strange Week 4 as we're down to only three undefeated teams. (2:40) A bunch of good teams got pulled to the middle after it had looked a little too easy for them in the early stages of September. (6:40) Chase Daniel is thrust into action (with no time to warm up) as Mitchell Trubisky goes down with a left shoulder injury (10:50) Jameis Winston gets the biggest win of his career in a stunner in LA (11:05) Peter's Power Rankings get a makeover: Pats still at the top, the NFC's lone unbeaten team at #7, and who knows what to make of the AFC South (13:25) The Legend of Frank Gore & The Redemption of Freddie Kitchens (14:50) An oral history with Thomas Morestead (15:40) Peter dishes out his MLB Awards as we hit October (17:15) The Adieu Haiku gives a nod to a career backup
September 25, 2019
(1:55) Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens is taking a lot of heat this week, but Peter explains that there is plenty of blame to be placed elsewhere with Cleveland. (5:30) Washington is going nowhere fast, and Peter thinks it's time to play Dwayne Haskins. (8:55) Lions LB Devon Kennard discusses this week's upcoming showdown with Patrick Mahomes, the key to Detroit's early-season success, and following in his father's footsteps. (22:50) Jets GM Joe Douglas chats with Peter about the daunting task of turning the Jets around, the pressure of the job, and his wild story about scouting Joe Flacco.
September 23, 2019
Peter King reads excerpts of is Football Morning in America column that recaps Week 3 (1:45) Daniel Jones had a marvelous starting debut as the Giants won a wild one in Tampa, but felt no need to make any speeches afterwards (9:05) Patrick Mahomes, MVP favorite; hey Cam Newton, take your time coming back; trade market for Jalen Ramsey has cooled off (10:45) The Legend of Gardner Minshew (14:10) A profile of Ryan O'Callaghan (15:00) Best & worst habits with Cooper Kupp (16:30) An Adieu Haiku dedicated to Antonio Brown
September 18, 2019
(1:30) The Giants have benched Eli Manning in favor of Daniel Jones. But despite 2 Super Bowl MVPs, Peter explains why Eli isn't necessarily a lock for the Hall of Fame (7:40) Peter chats with former NFL offensive lineman Ryan O'Callaghan about his book, My Life On The Line, in which he details the struggles he faced living as a closeted gay football player, dealing with homophobia, why he no longer has much of a relationship with Aaron Rodgers, and why he considered football his "beard" (57:00) Rams WR Brandin Cooks discusses having the good fortune of already being coached by Sean Payton, Bill Belichick, and Sean McVay in a young 5-year career. Plus, who are the other WRs that he studies to better his game
September 16, 2019
Peter King gives a taste of his 9/16 Football Morning in America column wrapping up Week 2. (1:50) We spend way too much time talking about the officials, but several bad calls - not to mention the confusion surrounding replay review - became the story coming out of a fun Sunday. In particular, the Saints have every right to be furious. Again. At the refs. In a big game against the Rams. Again. (8:20) 10 Thoughts on Week 2 includes some riffs on how the Pats might be the Steel Curtain, Superman Patrick Mahomes, beat up QBs, and Kirk Cousins makes a bonehead play. (11:30) Could this be the end of a Hall of Fame career for Adam Vinatieri? (13:05) The feel-good story of the week focuses on a long-snapper who hadn't played a game in 5 years. (14:00) Peter dishes out his awards for the week, including an offensive lineman living out every big man's dream. (15:00) Factoid of the Week has some wacky stuff on the Bills, including Josh Allen's love of New Jersey Westin ribs.
September 11, 2019
As the NFL shifts it's focus to Week 2, the Antonio Brown odyssey takes a dark turn. (1:00) Peter discusses the lawsuit filed against Antonio Brown, who is being sued for sexual assault and rape (5:00) Prior to the latest news on Brown, Peter has a lengthy discussion with former NFL executive Michael Lombardi, who worked for Al Davis in Oakland, and most recently with Bill Belichick in New England. Lombardi discusses the differences in the two organizations, how the Raiders mismanaged the situation, and Belichick's intolerance of anything that gets in the way of winning. (30:50) Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari chats with Peter about adjusting to new coach Matt LaFleur, playing with Aaron Rodgers, and why he's a Monopoly legend
September 9, 2019
Peter King samples his 9/9 Football Morning in America column after a crazy opening Sunday of football. (2:55) Tom Brady tells Peter that he's pleased about acquiring Antonio Brown, but explains the many challenges to making it work. (6:55) Peter chats more about the AB situation, including an anecdote from a former Patriots player who describes being stunned at Bill Belichick reaming out Brady. (8:00) Heroes & Goats - The Browns lost by 30, and the sky was crying in Cleveland; and how an ordinary practice in training camp proved quite prophetic for Lamar Jackson's incredible Week 1 performance, and (10:20) The Profile highlights an overtime hero (11:45) Factoid of the Week deals with a dubious distinction for the Raiders (13:00) Strategy of the Week involves a gutsy 4th down gamble (13:55) The Adieu Haiku
September 4, 2019
Peter King makes his predictions and speaks with 3 of the most compelling figures in the league as the 2019 season approaches (2:05) Peter makes his picks, and winds up with a Super Bowl that most people thought should have happened last year, plus the one team that's finally due to breakout under a young coach-QB combo (6:13) Did the Texans make a huge blunder by trading away Jadeveon Clowney and acquiring Laremy Tunsil for a couple of 1st round picks? (11:50) Saints QB Drew Brees explains why playing with his kids helped him prepare for the season, why 7 hours of sleep a night is plenty, being amazed as a rookie at all of Dan Marino's records, the chances of him becoming a Senator someday, his advice for young QBs, and why he insists on cleaning up after his dog (28:40) Browns head coach talks about his journey to finally being in charge in Cleveland, the lessons he learned from Nick Saban and Bill Parcells, the philosophy behind his offensive scheme, coaching Baker Mayfield, and not allowing any media leaks from his staff (45:50) Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster talks about his use of social media, why his life appears to be an open book, moving on from Antonio Brown, respecting the Steelers tradition while still having fun, and why he plays Fortnite on gameday mornings
August 28, 2019
Peter King breaks down the shocking retirement of Andrew Luck, talks with Philip Rivers, and gets some insight on the Seahawks. (0:10) Peter shares some stories about Andrew Luck (8:20) Carson Palmer shares insights on what it's like to be an NFL QB and some of the things that Luck might've been going through (28:40) Colts Insider Stephen Holder from The Athletic discusses what's next for the Colts with Jacoby Brissett (42:00) Peter sits down with Philip Rivers in front of a live crowd at Chargers camp to chat about trying to capture that elusive Super Bowl title, not cursing, and the quest for 10 kids (1:02:00) "5 minutes with a writer" features Gregg Bell on the sidelines at Seattle camp to break down what's in store for the Seahawks this season
August 21, 2019
This week, Peter is joined by a couple of wily veterans - one attempting an improbable comeback, and the other looking to continue an improbable career. (2:00) Peter discusses the Antonio Brown helmet controversy and how his recent visit to the VICIS helmet testing facility made it clear that Brown's helmet isn't as well-suited for the game as other models. (12:00) Cowboys TE Jason Witten chats about his ups & downs in the MNF booth, what he missed most about not playing last season, and the new perspective he has now. (33:05) Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick on the best locker room he's been in, the most fun he's had in his career, and chasing Philip Rivers in the kids department
August 14, 2019
Peter King's training camp tour takes him out west, and he gives a taste of what it's like on the sideline during a 49ers practice. (7:05) 49ers CB Richard Sherman talks at length about the rise & fall of the Legion of Boom, reminisces about the 2013 NFC Championship win over the 49ers while with the Seahawks and his infamous postgame interview, writing columns for The MMQB, and his strong opinions on the possibility of an 18-game schedule. (26:05) Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey details his workout regimen, why he treats every moment of every workout like it's a game, fighting the doubters, and the time that Kyle Shanahan & Chris Simms babysat him. (49:00) 49ers beat reporter Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area discusses Jimmy Garappolo shaking off the rust, when we'll see Nick Bosa, and whether or not the Niners will make the playoffs.
August 7, 2019
Peter's Training Camp Tour continues as he has conversations with an All-Pro CB & the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Plus a chat about the most interesting team in football, and remembering an old friend. (1:15) Peter tells a few stories and reminisces on what made Don Banks such a great friend and colleague. (6:00) Colts LB Darius Leonard talks about his fabulous rookie year, why shutting down Adrian Peterson was his welcome to the NFL moment, why tackles are not overrated, and the Usain Bolt quote that drives him every day. (29:30) Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey explains why he's the best defensive back in the league (but might not be in Jacksonville for long), putting a $20 bill in his shoulder pads, and which CBs were his inspiration. (41:20) Mary Kay Cabot, who has covered the Browns for nearly 30 years, talks about what it's like to cover the most fascinating team in the NFL.
July 31, 2019
Peter King is on the road driving south, as his training camp tour rolls on. (1:30) Peter takes you through a day in the life on the road, including having tea & scones with an NFL GM. (8:00) Falcons star DT Grady Jarrett discusses what it felt like to sign his big deal, why falling to the 5th round in the Draft wasn't even close to the worst thing that happened to him that weekend, and being inches away from sacking Tom Brady to clinch the Super Bowl. (25:05) Ravens S Earl Thomas opens up about starting a new chapter in Baltimore, why he doesn't regret anything about how things ended in Seattle, and why a training camp conditioning test put him in such a good mood. (32:45) 5 Minutes With a Writer features Jets beat reporter Rich Cimini of Peter & Rich riff on the odd coaching dynamic in the Jets organization, Sam Darnold's California Cool demeanor, and whether or not Le'Veon Bell can be the same patient runner behind this Jets o-line.
July 24, 2019
Peter King begins his annual training camp tour chatting with a defensive star who has his eyes on becoming the all-time sack king, and spending time in a fast food restaurant with the Jeopardy! king. (1:30) Peter has some thoughts on Odell Beckham Jr's interview with GQ and whether or not he can be a long-term #1 WR for the Browns (9:55) James Holzhauer chats about how his life has changed since his incredible run on Jeopardy!, how and when he developed his strategy on the show, and what it felt like when he finally lost (19:40) Holzhauer also riffs on his favorite sport to bet on, why there's value in certain futures bets, why he thinks you should bet on a Super Bowl rematch, and why the Browns are the worst bet to win the Super Bowl (36:00) As Broncos camp opens, Von Miller discusses how he's kept off-field interest while still excelling at football, swapping secrets at his pass rush seminar, and taking aim at Bruce Smith's all-time sack record
July 17, 2019
Peter King chats with the great Peyton Manning about his upcoming project "Peyton's Places" to celebrate the NFL's 100th season, and what the future holds. -Peter riffs on the possibility of an 18-game season, CBA negotiations, and how quickly the new QBs can get up to speed (1:45) -How a $50k investment back in the late 1920's led to the boom of the NFL (10:00) -The origin behind the idea for "Peyton's Places", and spending time in a stadium that saw the first shotgun snap, a player running the wrong way, the first alley-oop pass, and where Dirty Harry was filmed (12:10) -Watching back Super Bowl III with Joe Namath and trying on his old fur coat (13:15) and recreating the Immaculate Reception (14:30) -Learning about Elvis Presley's full-blown football fanaticism, his own football league, and offensive playbook (18:05) -What lies ahead for Peyton, whether he's been approached by NFL teams to run a franchise, and why he hates the word retirement (21:00) -Why he loves watching Patrick Mahomes and why the Chiefs QB reminds him of John Elway (24:30) -Finally, an update on Peter's Training Camp Tour (30:30)
June 26, 2019
Horrigan, in an expansive exit interview after 42 years as archivist and historian of the Hall of Fame, on his memorable moments as the conscience of the Hall of Fame, on his favorite players of all time, on what made him fall in love with football, on the greatest road trip in NFL history, and on the most under-appreciated players in NFL history.
June 12, 2019
Urschel, the former Baltimore Ravens guard and current MIT math Ph.D student, on his book “Mind and Matter: A life in math and football,” on why he left football at 26 for an academic life, and why he thinks a balanced life is the best life for him.Branch, the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Time sports writer, on his book “The Last Cowboys: A pioneer family in the new West,” on the challenge of a ranching family making in the back country of Utah, on his imaginative writing style ... and a discussion on how a great writer also needs to be an excellent reporter as well.
May 29, 2019
Diving deep into some revolutionary changes about helmet technology, including a trip to Seattle to tour a new helmet manufacturer, VIcis. Peter King learns how Vicis, just six years old, has made the safest helmet in the space three years running with its CEO Dave Marver, and converses with Vicis investors Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin about what distinguishes the Vicis model. Also: conversations with NFL officials and 49ers tackle Joe Staley about the state of the helmet today, as the NFL tries to make a violent game safer for the head.
May 28, 2019
Gangster Capitalism is available now!
May 1, 2019
Kingsbury on the genesis of his seven-year relationship with Kyler Murray, on offering the 5-foot-5 Murray a scholarship as a sophomore in high school, on his hopes for Murray as an NFL quarterback, and whether he feels bad that Josh Rosen had to twist in the wind because of the Cardinals drafting Murray.Keim on when he knew Murray would be the team's pick, on navigating the Murray/Rosen/NFL-needing-drama-as-a-TV-show entering the draft, and how he kept the Murray pick a secret.Fangio on committing to Joe Flacco as his quarterback in Denver, on committing to making the first-round trade that netted the Broncos tight end Noah Fant, and on being a defensive head coach in a league now dominated by offensive minds running teams.
April 24, 2019
Schrager on why the Chiefs went all-in on pass-rusher Frank Clark and made the huge deal for him with Seattle, on where he thinks the Cardinals will go at number one, on the dynamic in Oakland between Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock and what it will mean with the three first-round picks, and on where the top quarterbacks will go.Legwold, author of a highly respected (by NFL coaches and scouts) top 100 players entering the NFL Draft, on three of his compelling rankings: Alabama tackle Jonah Williams (5), Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray (20) and Duke quarterback Daniel Jones (45) ... and on the risky draft principle too many teams will use In this draft.
April 18, 2019
An in-depth look at how the NFL schedule got made, from inside the small bunker on the fifth floor of league offices where the 256-game schedule was finalized on Wednesday. Interviews with the five-member NFL scheduling team--Howard Katz, Mike North, Onnie Bose, Blake Jone and Charlotte Carey--on what went into the strange rubic. And much on the TV networks hungering after the new NFL darlings: the Cleveland Browns.
April 10, 2019
Dunne, on the aftermath of his explosive story about the problems in Green Bay that led to a mediocre record since mid-2015 and the firing of coach Mike McCarthy, on how new coach Matt LaFleur will work with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and on how the new Packers will proceed after the firings of GM Ted Thompson and McCarthy in successive years.Lombardi, on what he learned from working with Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick over his 35-year career around the NFL, on how he'd approach this draft if he were scouting 5-10 Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, and the new vocation he's beginning--hosting a new podcast (with co-host Adnan Virk) called "The GM Shuffle" for Cadence 13.
April 9, 2019
Throughout his three-decade long career with the NFL, Mike Lombardi worked as an NFL executive with the San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, and Oakland Raiders alongside NFL legends including Bill Belichick, Bill Walsh and Al Davis.   On The GM Shuffle, Lombardi and co-host Adnan Virk will tackle a wide range of topics weekly within the world of the NFL and break down everything listeners and fans need to know about players, coaches, organizations, the draft, free agency, and all the NFL storylines in a way that only they could with the success and credibility they bring to the podcast audience.  Weekly episodes every Wednesday starting April 10th.  Subscribe now!
April 3, 2019
Schrager on a surprise quarterback for the Giants in this draft, and taking a wide-angle view of the NFL post-free agency and pre-draft, including all things Kyler Murray.Ketover on the NFL’s media plans for the 100th season in league history, and one program in particular—a Peyton Manning series touching and feeling the history of the NFL.
March 27, 2019
Coaches Kyle Shanahan (Niners), Andy Reid (Chiefs), Sean Payton (Saints) and Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston.Shanahan on the status of rehabbing quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and his relationship with GM John Lynch.Payton on the international empathy of Saints fans and non-Saints fans after the botched call in the NFC title game.Reid on the status of Tyreek Hill on the 2019 Chiefs.Curran, the veteran Patriots reporter, on all things Gronkowski, and on the futures of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.
March 20, 2019
Battista, veteran of many NFL annual meetings, previews the meetings, starting this weekend in Phoenix—including the proposed rules change designed to eliminate gigantic errors such as one that influenced the outcome of the NFC title game in New Orleans. She also discusses the aftermath of Pittsburgh’s tumultuous offseason.Garofolo on how he broke the Odell Beckham Jr. trade story, on why the Giants made the deal with Cleveland, on lessons for journalism students in his reporting, and on who Kahzin Daniels is, and why he matters in the lead-up to the NFL draft this year.
March 13, 2019
Rosenhaus on the story behind the story of his client Antonio Brown-to-the-Bills story that never happened, on the inside story of how Brown went to Oakland, on how the Sammy Watkins contract affected the Brown market, on how the Brown talks with Oakland were at an impasse at midday last Friday, on what broke the impasse, and on the future another client—New England tight end Rob Gronkowski. McShay on the Kyler Murray factor in the 2019 draft heading into Murray’s Pro Day, on why he loves defensive lineman Quinnen Williams more than any defensive player in this draft, on what he sees the Patriots doing with their huge haul of picks (six between the 32nd and 101st overall selection in the draft), and whether he thinks one day he might pull a Mike Mayock and go to work for an NFL team.
March 6, 2019
Riddick on the greatest game of his NFL life, on the influence of Bill Belichick and Nick Sabin on his TV career, on who would be the first person he’d call if he got an NFL GM job, and on wanting to be in the Monday Night Football booth. Flores, the former Patriots defensive play-caller, on the ingenious Super Bowl gameplan, on what his relationship with Bill Belichick will be now that they’re coaching in the same division, and on his significance as one of a very few minority coaches in the NFL.
February 27, 2019
Jeremiah on the overall strength of the draft headed into the annual Scouting Combine, on his order of the quarterbacks in the first round, and on replacing Mike Mayock as the voice of the draft for NFL Network. Miller on how defense should dominate the top of the draft, on his no-doubt number one pick in the draft, and on the where he thinks the bargains can be found this year.
February 20, 2019
Jenkins on how his career has changed since moving from New Orleans to Philadelphia, on the rise in activism among players in the league, on the money he and the Players Coalition have been able to donate in grants to six social-justice organizations in 2019, and on what the movement has meant to the players in the NFL. Jones on the stunning health issue that popped up out of nowhere and nearly took her life in November, on what being perfectly healthy one day and being told her life was in danger the next has done to her psyche, on her appreciation at the reaction to her health scare, and on how her life has changed by the event.
February 13, 2019
Edelman on the winding path he took from being an option quarterback at Kent State 10 years ago to catching 10 passes in the Super Bowl, on why the Patriots are different than the other 31 teams in the league, on being suspended for the first month of this season for testing positive for a PED, and on being convinced the Patriots’ run of excellence is not over.
February 4, 2019
Silver, at halftime of the Patriots' 13-3 victory over the Rams, on the struggles of a man he knows well, Los Angeles quarterback Jared Goff. Gilmore on his big interception in the fourth quarter that foiled the Rams' comeback and ensured the Patriots' sixth Super Bowl title. Kraft on putting the Patriots' dynasty into perspective, and on how difficult it will be for any team to do what the Patriots have done again. Gosselin, explaining the meaning of the defense-heavy class of 2019 ... and how the Hall of Fame voters have wised up about trying to bring equity to the honor of making the Hall.
January 30, 2019
Snead on his surprise at the Rams making it to the Super Bowl after being in dregs two years ago, on what Jared Goff did to be better than Drew Brees in the NFC title game, and what it feels like to be the architect of a team trying to beat Belichick and Brady in the Super Bowl.  Hanson on the success of the NFL's RedZone channel, why people have flocked to RedZone at the expense of their own team's game on Sunday, and his pick for the Super Bowl. Lombardi on learning that Sean McVay, in the week before the Super Bowl, is listening to his book on the way to work, on what his former boss Bill Walsh would think of McVay and his offense, and on knowing Belichick so well and trying to figure out how Belichick will defend McVay's Sunday.
January 23, 2019
Dungy on his ideas to improve NFL officiating, on full-time officials, on how to improve the numbers of minority coaches, on the fate of Antonio Brown with his old team the Steelers, on his new book “The Soul of a Team” (Tyndale House), and on the most important elements to build a good team in sports and in life. Werder, who worked the controversial NFC title game as a sideline reporter for Westwood One Radio, on what he witnessed on no-call pass-interference from the vantage point of the Saints bench, on how Jared Goff overcame early problems to outplay Drew Brees, and on his own future. He will be free to work for another media entity in September, when his ESPN contract expires. McCourty, from the postgame locker room in Kansas City Sunday night, on the thrill of making the Super Bowl with the Patriots after a career of playing for lesser teams, and on the difference for a teammate in playing with Tom Brady.
January 16, 2019
Barnwell, one of the most respected writers cover the league, on NFL Championship Weekend being possibly the best Sunday of title games ever, on how hard it is for him to pick against the Patriots, on who he likes in the two games. Banner, who ran the Eagles’ front office for 12 years, on the quandary the Eagles are in with Nick Foles, on what the most pragmatic approach the team can take with Foles, and how eventually he believes the team is likely to move on without Foles in 2019.
January 9, 2019
James on how the Chargers' odd defensive alignment in Baltimore helped them win a Wild Card game, on why he has been so dominant in his rookie year, and how he feels "honored" to play against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in the divisional playoff game Sunday in Foxboro. Kinkwabhala, who has covered the Steelers extensively, with a view into the dysfunctional Steelers locker room, on who is right and who is wrong in the Antonio Brown controversy, and what she thinks needs to happen for Mike Tomlin to take back control of his locker room. Orlovsky on the magic of Nick Foles, on how a backup quarterback like Foles (Orlovsky was a longtime NFL backup) can prepare himself to win the big games that Foles has won, and on the playoff weekend to come--including the shaky quarterback of the Rams, Jared Goff, who was in camp with the Rams (and Orlovsky) in 2017.
January 2, 2019
Simms, previewing the first round of the NFL playoffs, and also on what went wrong for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, and on the day on the field 12 years ago as a Tampa Bay quarterback when he suffered a life-endagering injury. Schrager on the NFL's eight coaching openings, on whether he thinks Mike McCarthy will coach for anyone in 2019, on the Cleveland Browns' coaching search and what it might mean for Baker Mayfield, and on the surprise names you might hear this month as desperate teams look for new coaches.
December 26, 2018
Burleson on being a teammate and sharing the receivers' room with Randy Moss in Minnesota, on how he morphed from being an NFL wideout to a broadcast career, on the best career advice he got from a Hall of Fame player, and on balancing a family with a professional career. Feinstein, the author of 40 books, on his most famous one: "Season on the Brink," following the volatile coach of the Indiana Hoosiers in the eighties, Knight, who did not like the book. "Season on the Brink" spent 16 weeks as the top-selling book on the New York Times bestseller list. I asked Feinstein: "What would happen if you and Knight passed each other on the street today?"
December 19, 2018
Kremer and Storm on the meaning of being the first all-woman team in an NFL booth in 99 years, on the reaction of players and coaches to their presence in a male-dominated field, on the winding path each took to this moment, and what they'd say to a 12-year-old girl in American watching them and wondering if she, too, can follow her dreams in a business populated almost exclusively by men. Halpin, recently promoted to a huge future-of-the-game job by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, on the biggest challenges the leagues faces, on how how he went from a business and financial background to the NFL, and on the audiences the NFL must serve to remain the dominant America sports league.
December 12, 2018
Feinstein, author of 40 books including the new one "Quarterback: Inside the Most Important Position in the National Football League," on playing the toughest job in sports, and on how racism still may exist in the evaluation of quarterback by the NFL. Glauber, author of "Guts and Genius: The Story of Three Unlikely Coaches Who Came To Dominate the NFL in the '80s," on how Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells and Joe Gibbs all were in job jeopardy in their first NFL seasons, on the odd and tempestuous relationships between the three of them, and on how every coach in the NFL today is on the coaching tree of one of those men. Gilden, author of "Collision of Wills: Johnny Unitas, Don Shula and the Rise of the Modern NFL," in a fascinating and living-history look at the NFL of the sixties, with an incredible passage from his book on Vince Lombardi and concussions, and on how Unitas and Shula really felt about the other and the game.
December 5, 2018
Millen, who is awaiting a heart transplant at New Jersey hospital, on his prospects for getting a new heart, on his pragmatic and optimistic approach to the transplant process, on his appreciation of the life he's led in his 60 years, and where this mental approach comes from. Hicks, one of the keys to the strong Chicago defense, on his long and winding road to the top of the NFL, on playing college football in Canada, on working in a DirecTV call center trying to get people to sign up for the NFL package while his own football dream seemed to be dying, and on playing the Rams in the game of the week this week in the NFL.
November 28, 2018
Lindsay on his incredible story--his record-breaking high school career in Denver, his explosive career in college at Colorado, being snubbed from the NFL Scouting Combine, going undrafted, being overly bitter, then having 15 minutes to choose a team (Denver or Baltimore) as an undrafted free agent. And then what it feels like to run for 100 yards against Oakland and Pittsburgh as a rookie who wasn't supposed to make it. Smith on his road from being someone who never thought he'd play in the NFL to becoming a star in the league, on the science of reading keys and studying opponents, on his interesting relationship with Saints coach Sean Payton, on what makes playing Aaron Rodgers so fun and challenging, and difficult it is to play great defense in the NFL with all the rules favoring offenses.
November 21, 2018
A unique episode from Peter King's time embedding with the New Orleans Saints during their Saturday night meetings at the Ritz-Carlton in the French Quarter of New Orleans. King frames the evening with three passages, and coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees contribute. Payton on the imagination he uses to form the complex gameplan every week, on what goes into his process of coming up with new idea each week, on how far the weekly plan has come since he and Brees came to the Saints in 2006, and why Brees' play has improved significantly at 39. Brees on the trust he has to have with Payton the play-caller, on the imagination throughout the NFL in 2018, on the difference between the Saints of 2006 and 2018, and on why he is playing better in 2018 than he ever has.
November 14, 2018
Reid on the taking 9-1 Kansas City in Los Angeles to face the 9-1 Rams, on the maturity of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and on the specter of catching an idol, Chuck Noll, on the all-time coaching wins list. Allegre, the former NFL kicker and Mexico native, on the embarrassment of having such a high-profile sports event moved out of Mexico, on why the country is such an NFL hotbed, and on what the people in his home city in central Mexico will think of the country losing this big game Waller on the NFL's international future, on how ready London is for a full-time NFL franchise, and on the league's logistics plan if/when a team relocates to England in the near future.
November 7, 2018
Rivers, who became the fourth quarterback ever to start 200 NFL games on Sunday, on the secret to his staying power, on the influence of his high-school-coach father on his life and his football career, on how he's been able to stay sane with the 80-mile daily commute between his San Diego home and his Orange County Charger workplace, and on the chances of the Chargers finally beating the Chiefs in the AFC West. O'Connor on how he was able to write a substantive biography on the note Patriots coach without ever speaking to Belichick, on the most interesting things he found out that the world doesn't know about Belichick, on how much longer he thinks Belichick will coach the Patriots, and on what he learned from talking to 300 of the closest people in the world to Belichick.
October 31, 2018
Thomas, the former left tackle of the Browns and current host of "The Tomahawk Show" podcast, on how the Browns implosion was not Hue Jackson's fault, on how football is about talent first and coaching second, on how he trusts GM John Dorsey to pick a coach to "lead the Browns to the promised land," and the unexpected coach he thinks would be the best candidate to be Cleveland's next head coach. Spielman, from northeast Ohio, on why Hue Jackson failed as Browns coach, on why he thinks Bruce Arians would be a good candidate to be the Browns next coach, and on his advice to owner Jimmy Haslam on the best move for the Browns future. My thoughts on the five trades made at the trading deadline this week, on why the Rams made a smart and aggressive deal acquiring Dane Fowler Jr., of the Jaguars, why this deadline pales in comparison to last year, when Jimmy Garoppolo stunningly got dealt, and why teams and GMs are trading more this year than they have in the past.
October 24, 2018
Fouts, the CBS analyst, on what makes Brady Brady, on a radical suggestion for putting balance back into an offense-dominated game, on his love for his adopted state Oregon, and on the remnants he carries with him from playing in the coldest game ever in 1982. Rohan on his new podcast series “Fall of a Titan,” on the life and death and sketchy circumstances of the death of Stave McNair, including a trailer about the nine-episode McNair series beginning this month.
October 17, 2018
Farmer with a swell Donald Trump golf story, on the future of football in Los Angeles (which surprised me), and why Todd Gurley is a more valuable Ram than Jared Goff. Staley on the rise of unstoppable offenses in the NFL, on the fairness of the rules favoring offenses, and how much the game has changed since he entered the league in 2007. Hightower on the Patriots' 43-40 Sunday night victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, on the difficulty of facing an Andy Reid offense, on how often he's asked about his tackle of Marshawn Lynch that helped save the Patriots victory in the New England-Seattle Super Bowl, and on why the Patriots annually improve so much as the regular season goes on.
October 10, 2018
Tucker on how he has succeeded in the Bermuda Triangle of kickers, Pittsburgh (making his last 17 field-goal attempts there), on his mental approach to kicking, on the huge role continuity has made in his success, and on his grandfather's advice to him as a kicker in high school which he still leans on today. (It's pretty basic.) Myers on what possible meat is left on the well-covered Cowboy bone and what he found new on the most valuable in American sports in his book "How 'Bout Them Cowboys?", on the divorce between Jerry Jones and Tom Landry that wasn't quite as messy as we might have remembered, on the relationship between Roger Goodell and Jones, and on why America is so fascinated with this team.
October 3, 2018
Goff on how far he's come since a shaky rookie year in 2016, on the difference Sean McVay has made in his life, on what he's learned to make some of the deep-ball throws that have been the trademark of early success this year, and how much help his dad and former major-league catcher Jerry Goff has been to him on and off the field. Butt, 23, who suffered his third ACL tear last week, on the heartbreak of this injury followed by the one that wrecked his rookie year in 2017, on his positive outlook and where it comes from, and his determination that he'll still have a standout NFL career. McFarland, the former Tampa Bay first-round pick, on the very unlikely road to network sideline reporter, on what led to him taking a perch 10 feet above the field for every Monday night game, and on impressions of Patrick Mahomes after watching him up-close and personal Monday night in Denver.  Plus ... a glimpse into my Sunday night regimen with a phone call with Bears coach Matt Nagy.
September 26, 2018
Leibovich, who reads a passage on the NFL trying to own the sports media landscape all year, on whether unpopular commissioner Roger Goodell can survive in the short or long term, on the snarky tone of his tome, on whether another NFL owner after Jerry Richardson will be caught in the #MeToo movement, and on the similarities of covering politics (Leibovich's full-time job for the New York Times) and covering the NFL. Werder on being part of the massive ESPN buyouts a couple of years ago, on what it feels like to be in his prime and being paid to NOT work, and on the future of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott.
September 19, 2018
McAulay, who retired this year after 17 years as an NFL referee, on the concerns he has about the new rules and interpretations of rules in the NFL this season, on his disdain for some of the roughing-the-passer calls in week two, and on his adjustment to TV after a life as an on-field official. Pearlman on why we should care today about the USFL, which died in the eighties, on the craziest Steve Young story you've ever heard, on what Donald Trump was like as a football team owner, and on the USFL owner who wrote to Trump about wanting to punch him in the face.
September 12, 2018
Millman on the future of gambling and its effect on the NFL, on how easy it is to place a bet on an NFL game even in the vast majority of states where sports gambling is not legal, and on how much money the NFL and TV networks can hope to make when gambling is legalized throughout the country. Starr with an update on the health of his father after his major stroke in 2014, on what it was like grow up as a child in 1960s Green Bay (and walking across a wide field from the family home to Lambeau Field before Green Bay had been developed), and on the close relationship between Bart Starr and Aaron Rodgers, despite the 50-year age difference.
September 7, 2018
A live game podcast--from the parking lot, the field, the press box and the locker rooms--from the Eagles' 18-12 season-opening win over Atlanta. Also: Philadelphia defensive end Chris Long and Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins. Long on how the Eagles got so much pressure on Matt Ryan, on how he handled it when the Eagle acquired another great defensive lineman to potentially take his playing time, and how the pressure to perform makes everyone on the Eagles defense better. Cousins on what lessons he learned from the long and winding negotiations in Washington and Minnesota that led him to a fully guaranteed three-year contract with the Vikings, on one the causes he's going to help fun with his newfound riches, and on the pressure to perform with such a strong team around him.
August 29, 2018
King, emptying his training-camp notebook after five weeks on the road, on the most compelling quarterbacks of the 2018 season--Andrew Luck, Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins--and on the saga of Jon Gruden returning to Oakland, on the vengeance of Joe Flacco, and on a chance meeting with a baseball star on his camp trip. Horrigan on the future of Hall of Fame voting, on the impact of Terrell Owens' boycott of the recent Hall induction, on whether there should be term limits for selectors, and on the touching stories he saw from this year's enshrinements.
August 22, 2018
Nelson on how strange it feels to be in the Oakland silver and black, not Packer green and gold, on his good fortune to be able to say he's played for two such historic franchises, on his feeling that the Packers never offered him a competitive contract, and on what he thinks he has left as a 33-year-old wide receiver. Collins on the tragic situation that forced him to go undrafted instead of being a first-round pick three years ago, on how good it's been for him to join the Cowboys and play on one of the best offensive lines in football, and what the moral of his zig-zagging NFL story is. Klein, with me, on the saga of Aaron Donald and whether he thinks the best defensive tackle in football will hold out in the season, on hat the Rams can do for an encore, and on the future of this rising offense and star coach Sean McVay.
August 15, 2018
Peter King talks to Rich Eisen on the NFL/anthem flap dragging into a second season, on the future of football in Los Angeles, and some early thoughts on the 2018 season. Then, Matt Barrows on the compelling story of the meteoric rise of Jimmy Garoppolo, on whether the national love for the franchise is too much too soon, and on the problems areas he sees for the team in 2018. Also, Peter shares his take on the comeback of Dallas linebacker Jaylon Smith.
August 8, 2018
Stafford, a Texan, on his love of his adopted city, Detroit; on why he's enthused about new coach Matt Patricia, on a memorable and painful game he won as a rookie, on baseball memories growing up on the same team with Clayton Kershaw, and on the pain of never having won a playoff game, and on how bizarre it is that he's now in his 10th season. Luck, on the state of his surgically repaired shoulder 19 months after labrum surgery, on his daily mindset after months of frustration over the slow progress of his rehab, on the dark place he lived in when he wondered if he'd ever play football again, on how "The Way of Zen" helped him get his mind right, and on the democratic process of new coach Frank Reich.
August 1, 2018
Haden, the former Cleveland Brown, on what makes playing in Pittsburgh special, on the difference between going to training camp with a losing program versus a winning program, on why he loves LeBron James, and his 2018 NBA highlight (spoiler: it involves LeBron). Clark on the highlights of his current training-camp trip (Buffalo, Cleveland, Philadelphia), on the joys of driving through the United States on the trip (a joy he and I share), and on a story he's writing about the importance in the NFL of the first two seconds of every offensive play. Cox on surviving the constant double-teams by the Patriots in the Super Bowl, on what motivation the Eagles still have after winning the Super Bowl, and on who he learns from when studying other NFL defensive linemen.
July 18, 2018
Wyche, previewing the 2018 NFL preseason, on the football futures of Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, on the fate of the NFL's anthem policy, on the budding rivalry between the young Rams and Niners out west, and why he's got a prove-it sense about Jon Gruden and the Raiders. Hernandez, from his broadcast perch with the Mets at Citi Field in Queens, on his new memoir "I am Keith Hernandez,'' on how self-doubt and trying so hard to prove himself fueled much of his career, on love of Strat-O-Matic, and how in the world he wound up on "Seinfeld" for the famous double-episode as Elaine Benes' boyfriend.
June 20, 2018
Pfeiffer on his hot-off-the-presses book "Yes We (Still) Can," on the universal lessons he learned in six years in the grind of the Obama White House that can help people in any business, on the challenges of new journalism, on how conflicted Barack Obama is about being a football fan, and on how he thinks Obama would have handled the NFL's National Anthem conundrum. Sanders on the immense conflict he felt as the best two-sports athlete of the last quarter-century, on how hard he had to work to be a good baseball player when playing football came so easy to him, on his feeling about the term "cover corner," and on the state of the game today.
June 13, 2018
Russo on his longevity in the dog-eat-dog world (no pun intended) of sports radio, on what got him fired up about sports talk when he was a kid, on how he lasted 19 years with the bombastic Mike Francesa, on his secret to good radio, and on how in the world he can have so many strong opinions about so many things in the world of sports.
May 16, 2018
Conversations with three sportswriters: Judy Battista and Jenny Vrentas on women covering the NFL, and with Jonathan Jones on the ownership change with the Carolina Panthers.  Judy Battista of, a veteran of 18 years covering the NFL, and Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB, who has covered the league for 11 years, on the state of women covering the NFL, on the advice they have for aspiring female journalists and female sportswriters, on how they have dealt with harassment in locker rooms, and on whether women are making healthy-enough strides in denting the male fraternity of NFL media. Jonathan Jones of The MMQB on hedge-fund billionaire David Tepper, likely to buy the Carolina Panthers from franchise founder Jerry Richardson for $2.2-billion, on why Richardson picked him, on how Tepper made his money, on the team he wants to emulate as he puts his ownership stamp on the Panthers, and on the virtual certainty that owners will approve Tepper's bid.
May 2, 2018
Veteran NFL reporter Dan Pompei on the latest Monster of the Midway middle linebacker in Chicago, on the best offseason of any team in the league, on why the Colts stuck at six and picked a guard, and on his new book due in August--Doug Pederson’s memoir “Fearless”--about the everyman Eagles coach ... Former NFL center LeCharles Bentley, an adviser to the NFL’s committee on taking the helmet out of the game, on whether it’s possible to create a reasonable game of football with the new rule, on Jets coach Todd Bowles’ biggest concern (and the concern of several coaches) with the rule about preventing both defensive and offensive players from lowering their heads and using the helmet to strike the opponent, and on what is at stake with the parents of America with this new and revolutionary restriction to the game.
April 25, 2018
ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Baker Mayfield being in play for the Browns at number one, on his over-under-overall-pick (15) where Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson is drafted in round one, and on the two teams he feels are most likely to trade out of the first round. The MMQB’s Albert Breer whips through the top 12 of the draft with me, and what his surprise of the first round would be. Greg Cosell, executive producer and on-air analyst for The NFL Matchup show on ESPN, on the quarterback he likes best in this draft, the quarterback he sees as the “young, wild stallion” in this draft, on who he’d take if he were Giants GM Dave Gettleman with the second pick, on whether he thinks a running back is worth being picked first overall, and the one defensive player he is in love with in this draft.  NFL Network reporter Mike Garofolo, embedded with the Jets for the draft, on his gut feeling who they’ll pick if it comes down to Josh Rosen and Baker Mayfield, on the fate of star-crossed Christian Hackenberg, and on the biggest surprise that could happen in round one—and it involves the Pittsburgh Steelers.
April 18, 2018
On the eve of the most important quarterback draft in years ... Former NFL general manager Ernie Accorsi with a living history of two of the most historically significant drafts ever: the 1983 draft, when Accorsi, as a rookie GM of the Baltimore Colts, drafted John Elway ... and the 2004 draft, when he set his sights as GM of the Giants on Eli Manning, and how he made that happen.
April 11, 2018
At the league meetings, Peter asked 10 NFL head coaches to answer the same question: What would you tell a mother who is trying to decide if she should let her child play football? And Tennessee coach Mike Vrabel on getting the Titans job despite having a poor statistical year in his only season as a coordinator in Houston in 2017, on the type of team he wants to field in Tennessee, on how he doesn’t want to treat Marcus Mariota different than his other 52 players, and on what he takes from mentor Bill Belichick into his head-coaching shot.
April 4, 2018
Rams GM Les Snead on why the young general managers in the game are trading so much more than than their predecessors did, on why the Rams have been so aggressive in this off-season, on how much he has learned from GMs in other sports, and, with the Odell Beckham trade rumors swirling, whether he thinks the Rams still might have a big move left in them this off-season. Former NFL quarterback turned quarterback analyst Dan Orlovsky predicts the order that this year's QBs will be drafted and explains why he's not sold on Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield based on what he's seen on film, and why it doesn't make sense that Josh Rosen's intellect is being framed as a downside.
March 28, 2018
Giants coach Pat Shurmur on his real feelings about whether he wants Odell Beckham Jr., to be a Giant, on how he kept the injury-riddled Vikings offensive on course for a deep playoff run in 2017, on on the league's adoption of a new rule governing what is a legal catch. FOX NFL reporter and "Good Morning Football" host Peter Schrager on whether he thinks Odell Beckham Jr., will be traded, on what he thinks the trade value might be, on where he thinks Beckham could be going, and on the possible reason for UCLA coach Jim Mora to say his player (Josh Rosen) should be picked after his arch rival's quarterback (USC's Sam Darnold).
March 21, 2018
Bears coach Matt Nagy on his strange path to the job--from unhappy Pennsylvania realtor eight years ago to NFL head coach today, on what he thought of Mitch Trubisky before the 2017 draft, on what he thinks of Trubisky now, on his plans for making Trubisky great, and on the awesome responsibility that comes with sitting in the chair George Halas and Mike Ditka once occupied. Quarterback mentor/tutor Jordan Palmer, the personal coach for Sam Darnold and Josh Allen, on which NFL quarterback Darnold reminds him of (it’s a vivid picture), on the business of making good college quarterbacks better (it’s part mental, part physical, part emotional), on why he thinks Allen is going to be a great NFL problem-solver, and where he thinks they’re going in the draft.
March 14, 2018
Gotham Chopra, the creator of the documentary series, "Tom vs. Time", on whether he thinks family or team-related reasons will cause Tom Brady to cut his career shorter than he ideally would like, on how he convinced Brady to give him the access to do the six-part documentary, and on his takeaway about the reported tension between Brady and coach Bill Belichick. Broncos beatwriter Nicki Jhabvala on the reasons why the Broncos didn’t wait for Kirk Cousins and instead jumped into signing Case Keenum before free-agency began, on the future of once-prized rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch, and on the importance of former coach Gary Kubiak in the decision to go with Cousins. Former Philadelphia and Cleveland exec Joe Banner on whether the Browns finally have their franchise architect in John Dorsey and whether owner Jimmy Haslam will finally have the patience he’s never had with a franchise executive, on the meaning of the spate of three-year free-agent contracts, and on how Howie Roseman solidified his power post-Chip Kelly in Philadelphia.
March 7, 2018
Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia on his long and winding road to an NFL head-coaching job (including turning down a lucrative job as a nuclear engineer for a $5,000 small-college job coaching the defensive line), on just what is up with the ever-present number two pencil behind his right ear, on the confusion/missed-call on the winning Eagles' touchdown in the Super Bowl, and on what he takes from Bill Belichick into his new job. Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen on the adjustment from mid-level-college quarterback to the mayhem of being a top prospect in the NFL draft, on why he thinks he won't be a 56-percent passer (his college completion percentage) in the NFL, and the lessons he takes from growing up on a family farm--and doing farm work--in California. Cleveland Plain Dealer Browns beat reporter, Mary Kay Cabot on 28 long and mostly losing years covering the Browns, on how she deals with covering a losing team in such an intensely rabid football town, and on the fired coach who took his fate the hardest of the eight fired men in her 28 years on the beat. (Hint: It wasn't Bill Belichick.)
February 28, 2018
NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, on the eve of the NFL Scouting Combine, on his quarterback pick in a murky quarterback crop (hint: Mark Sanchez U.), on why he would ignore the recent spate of top running backs taken on days two and three of the draft and take Saquon Barkley of Penn State in the top five, and, in general, giving an educated primer to the 2018 Draft class. ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay on the NFL skepticism on UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen, on the way Baker Mayfield reminds him of Brett Favre, on his belief this quarterback crop has been bashed too much in the wake of some mediocre 2017 season by the passers in the draft, and on the quarterback this year who makes some throws “that’ll make you want to puke.”
February 21, 2018
Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich on the process of putting a game plan together (which he did for Eagles coach Doug Pederson the past two years), on the research that goes into finding new plays and keeping what you call fresh, and on the future of offensive football—where it is headed, and what kind of imagination it will take to stay ahead of the defense. NFL Network analyst David Carr—the first overall pick in the 2002 draft, and the older brother of Oakland quarterback Derek Carr—on how he thinks Derek will mesh with new coach Jon Gruden, on whether he ever looks back at his career and wonders what if he didn’t get picked by an expansion team and thrown into the fire immediately with the Houston Texans, and the secrets to doing TV analysis of such a complicated game.
February 14, 2018
Eagles defensive lineman Brandon Graham on the thrill of strip-sacking fellow former Michigan star Tom Brady for the clinching play of the Super Bowl, on coming so far from a rough high school in Detroit to the pinnacle of football, and what the key to the Eagles success was this year. NFL Films' Bob Angelo on his 43-year career on the front lines of shooting some of the biggest games and biggest names in NFL history, on helping birth the "Hard Knocks" franchise, and on his favorite moments as he heads into retirement.
February 5, 2018
Peter King talks to Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, owner Jeff Lurie, and tight end Trey Burton about the city's first Super Bowl win. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels talks about his experience coaching Tom Brady. Plus, a Hall of Fame discussion and a catch rule argument from Bill Polian.
January 31, 2018
NBC play-by-play voice Al Michaels, doing his 10th Super Bowl in Minneapolis, on his life in broadcasting: on cutting his teeth on Pete Rose and the Big Red Machine in the seventies, on whether Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, on his former neighbor O.J. Simpson and the "totally farcical" phone caller he outed on the nightly ABC News, on the amazing Brett Favre Monday night game the day after his father died, and on the storyline he loves about Super Bowl 52. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman on the makeup of his team and Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy on the Patriots chance for six titles.  Plus, an inside tour of the Wilson football factory in small town Ada, Ohio, where every NFL football is made by hand.
January 24, 2018
Eagles coach Doug Pederson on going to his first Super Bowl and competing against Bill Belichick, on how he kept the team moving in a good direction after the season-ending knee injury to quarterback Carson Wentz, and on the gameplan that opened up the offense for quarterback Nick Foles in the NFC Championship Game. Cleveland tackle Joe Thomas on the greatest college house (his) in University of Wisconsin history, on whether he is going to return for a 12th season with the Browns in 2018, on why the game is never over against Tom Brady, and on his surprise pick for Super Bowl 52. Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB reads her fascinating story on the relationship between the two power football coaches in this country, Bill Belichick and Nick Saban.
January 17, 2018
Minnesota tight end Kyle Rudolph breaking down the pass route known as Buffalo right 7 Heaven (the play that won the NFC divisional playoff game against New Orleans), on the reaction from the fans and the unique nature of this fan base, and on what makes Case Keenum a good fit for the Vikings offense. Minnesota defensive end Brian Robison, the only remaining Viking from the painful 2009 NFC Championship Game loss to the New Orleans, on the polar opposite feeling of that game and this win over New Orleans, on the ethos of the Vikings with all of their former marginal players, and on why this team has gone further than analysts thought.
January 10, 2018
Peter King talks to Hall of Fame quarterback and Fox analyst Troy Aikman and new Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst.  Aikman on the guts of Nick Saban in the national Championship game, on what makes Bill Belichick great, on what might have been in the NFL if Drew Brees signed with Saban and Miami instead of New Orleans in 2006, and on wishing he played longer in the NFL. Gutekunst on stepping into Ron Wolf’s seat in Green Bay, on the qualities in players he looks for as a road scout, on the team-building philosophy he will employ in Green Bay, and if he will use free-agency more as a tool than predecessor Ted Thompson.
January 3, 2018
Chris Simms—drafted by Tampa Bay to play quarterback for Jon Gruden’s Bucs in 2003–on what Oakland quarterback Derek Carr is in for if Gruden takes the Raider coaching job, on what kind of coach he would be after nine years out of coaching, on what he would say to a Raiders’ player about what Gruden will be like as coach, and on the toughest race for MVP he can recall. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Packers beat man Tom Silverstein on the departure of GM Ted Thompson, on the consequences of naming his successor, on how Thompson should be remembered by Packer fans, and on the enormity of this offseason for the franchise.
December 27, 2017
This week's guest: Ryan Leaf, the second pick (to Peyton Manning) in the 1998 NFL Draft. A redemptive Leaf on competing with Manning to be the top pick in the draft two decades ago, on crashing-and-burning out of the NFL, on his life careening out of control after his ill-fated football career, on a harrowing experience at a prize fight in Las Vegas, on rebuilding his life after more than two years in prison, on how he has embraced his second chance at life by advising both addicts and football players, and on how he looks back at the last 20 years.
December 18, 2017
Another game story podcast from the Patriots’ stunning 27-24 win at Pittsburgh ... this one with an incredible fan named Pittsburgh Phil, a baptism of beer in the parking lot before the game Sunday, a conversation with hero-of-the-game Duron Harmon of New England, a read of my lead to Monday Morning Quarterback on this game, and then, on the drive out of town, I break down the game with Kalyn Kahler and Conor Orr of The MMQB
December 13, 2017
Jacksonville defensive end Calais Campbell on how his career has taken off playing on the loaded Jaguar defensive front, on why the Jaguars and Seahawks played such a chippy game, on why he thinks Seahawk Michael Bennett might have submarined the Jacksonville center, and on why he endowed a scholarship at his alma mater, the University of Miami, for $1.5 million. Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB on her insightful piece for the site on spending a week with the Philadelphia Eagles on the West Coast, on what life around the Eagles was like, on her surprise encounter with Kobe Bryant, and on the Eagles’ changes now without Carson Wentz. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, an Eagles beat writer, on the 2018 status of injured quarterback Carson Wentz, on how the Eagles will cope with the loss of Wentz, on why Wentz has fit so seamlessly onto a veteran team, and on why he’s gotten so close to American League MVP Mike Trout.
December 6, 2017
Carl Banks, former Pro Bowl Giants linebacker and current Giants radio voice, on the dysfunction of the Giants, on why fired coach Ben McAdoo failed, on what the Giants should do next, and on what advice he would give Giants CEO John Mara, who he has known for 32 years. Thomas George, author of the book “Blitzed” about why young quarterbacks succeed or fail, on the ascendancy of Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, on why Rams coach Sean McVay has been an early success, on the one trait that’s most important for young quarterbacks to have NFL success, and on Mike Martz’s raving anti-McVay claims in the book.
November 29, 2017
Peter King shares his thoughts on the breaking benching of longtime Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning, and then talks to Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel, ex-Tampa Bay GM Mark Dominik and Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen. Wetzel on the facts surrounding the Greg Schiano-Penn State story, on why there is no credible reason to believe it’s factual that Schiano enabled any part of the Sandusky sex scandal, and on the scary moment in media and social media that occurred with public and media pressure causing Tennessee to rescind its head-coaching offer to Schiano over the public outcry. Dominik on the steps he and the Bucs took to investigate Schiano before hiring him as Tampa Bay head coach in 2012, on his personal opinion of Schiano the man and on what he saw or didn’t see at Penn State, and on whether Schiano will ever have a chance to be a pro or college head coach after this incident. Griffen on watching his third son being born on FaceTime while he was preparing to play a football game in Detroit on Thanksgiving, on what motivated him to crowd-source ideas for the child’s name on social media by appealing with a written sign on a T-shirt underneath his jersey, and on why he’s co-leading the NFL in sacks at 12 weeks.
November 22, 2017
A special Thanksgiving podcast, with coaches, players and a special media guest talking about what Thanksgiving means to them this year.  Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn will have a special—and emotional—Thanksgiving Day for many reasons, when his Chargers face the Dallas Cowboys. Also this week: Seth Wickersham of on whether Jerry Jones has the juice to unseat Roger Goodell, on reporting a story of this magnitude, on the future of some of the biggest names in the NFL.
November 15, 2017
Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has missed just one game in his 15-year career. Witten shares the secret of how he's been so durable and mentally tough to stay on the field, on Dallas' annual Thanksgiving game, and on lessons learned from Bill Parcells, his first head coach with the Cowboys, and his grandfather, who was also his high school football coach.  Panther tight end Greg Olsen on how close he is to coming back from his foot injury for the Panthers’ playoff run, on why he is trying to start a new children’s heart-health facility in Charlotte, and on becoming one of the first active NFL players, in-season, to do network color on an NFL game when he’ll work for FOX during the Panthers’ bye week on Sunday.
November 8, 2017
Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay on being a head coach at 31, on changing the culture of a terminally bad team, on his offensive philosophy, on fixing Jared Goff, and on not being too proud to steal offensive ideas from coaches around the league. New England wide receiver Julian Edelman on his new book, "Relentless: A Memoir," on how as an undersized athlete throughout his life he continually overcame the odds, on the story that led Tom Brady to believe in Edelman's dedication and ability, and how being a father has changed his life.
November 1, 2017
Don Van Natta, investigative reporter for ESPN The Magazine and, on the future of Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner, on why Goodell empathizes with the players in the current rift with owners about the national anthem, on why this is a watershed moment for the league, and how hard it is to dig for information among NFL owners. Steve Palazzolo, football analyst for inside-football site Pro Football Focus, on his top-rated quarterback for the 2018 NFL Draft (it’s a surprise), on how overrated this class of quarterbacks is, and why he has problems with both presumptive high first-round picks, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold.
October 25, 2017
Chris Mortensen on his 21-month battle with stage-four throat cancer (with some explicit description of the extreme treatment he’s undergone), on the spread of his cancer to his lung, on the role of faith in his recovery, on what he’s learned that he thinks he can share with people going through severe cancer treatment, and on getting death threats over his Deflategate reporting about the Patriots.
October 24, 2017
On this special Live podcast following the Eagles’ 34-24 win over Washington Monday night, hear Philadelphia coach Doug Pederson on the best throw he has seen Carson Wentz made, and hear Wentz on how a quiet North Dakota kid made the seamless transition to life in a football-mad city, and how he feels about having more touchdown passes than Tom Brady.
October 18, 2017
Longtime Packers beat writer Bob McGinn (now the owner and editor of on Green Bay's chances to salvage the season without Aaron Rodgers, his scouting report on new quarterback Brett Hundley, on his revealing interview of former Vikings coach Bud Grant--in particular Grant's comments on Vince Lombardi--and on the state of journalism today. Cowboys radio play-by-play man Brad Sham on Dallas owner Jerry Jones, on the art of doing radio play-by-play, on the intensity of the Dallas Cowboy fan, and on the day he had Dan Rather in the Cowboys' radio booth.
October 11, 2017
Peter King talks to journeyman Jets quarterback Josh McCown and Dallas Cowboys architect and analyst Gil Brandt.  In a unique football life podcast, McCown on the wild ride through 10 professional football teams (from Hartford to Oakland), on the wisdom gleaned from a season with Al Davis and the Raiders, on the strains and rewards on a family when the dad, husband and bread-winner lives apart from the family for months at a time.  Brandt on the birth of the Cowboys, on the unimaginable explosion of football’s popularity, on his life in football, and on a Dallas preseason game in a tiny town in Oregon a half century ago.
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