I can’t stop listening and now I’m faced with the fact that I will be out of content in just a few days! So ya, thanks for the feel good stories. You’ve made my month.
Best podcast! I want more!!
Binge listened and I love Jonathan so much! Please release more soon
When are you going to do a Jackie story?
Such a delight.
I caught an episode of Heavyweight on NPR’s This American Life and loved the style, humor and warmth of Jonathan Goldstein. He’s trying to better the lives of those around him in such a sweet funny way.
Always the feel good show of my long and lonesome ride home from the night shift...every episode it’s “I laughed until I cried...and then Jonathon finds a way, a line, a sentence or 2 strung together to tie it all up in a way that feels like a hug-bow around my heart.
Dougie F
I love the good humored digs at your boss Alex— reminiscent of when Calvin Trillin wrote columns for The Nation, for which he was paid “in the high two figures”. He referred to his editor as “the wily and parsimonious Victor Navasky” which over the years got abbreviated to “ the w and p”
Great Show
I like this show as much as the last.
I am always glad I listened. Is Steven Marsh for real? With his Iboga enima? This must be a joke.
Season 4 ... is this fiction? To real to be real.
Huge JG Fan
Thanks for doing what you do, Mr. Goldstein
Best personal discovery of COVID-19
Somehow this gem of a podcast slipped my notice until just recently despite having loved Jonathan Goldstein on TAL for years. I laugh out loud in each episode whether due to Jonathan’s subtle roasts of Gimlet CEO/Founder Alex Blumberg or when he turns his witty gaze inward. Mostly, I love how genuine and good Jonathan is despite his quirks and how he truly wants to help people make sense of past situations, no matter how trivial they may seem to outsiders. This podcast was something I needed to find at a time that I’m sure will be remembered in the future as a heavy weight for many, myself included.
Just started listening to this pod case today and it’s so simple and perfect. It’s a great insight to what is going on right now; no pretense and just real.
How are you in quarantine? Instantaneous crying. Same here. Now I know it’s normal. Thank you. 💕
Easily one of the best podcasts. I love the meaningful stories yet they are told so playfully. And Jackie doesn't get enough air time :) keep the episodes coming!
I just want more ❤️
Legit one of the best podcasts. Thank you so much.
I don’t write reviews...
But the only thing I don’t like about this podcast is there aren’t enough episodes. I need more! Each episode is the perfect mix of emotions. I could go on forever about how Jonathon Goldstein lays golden eggs or whatever but unlike him I lack the adequate vocabulary to give this podcast the glowing review it deserves. So I’ll just say it’s amazing.
Stop now. Listen.
Heavyweight is all the feels, in the least in-your-face-way, narrated through stories of relatable, multifaceted characters that each human is every minute of the day. Recommend this to someone you know once a day. If they don’t enjoy, subtly suggest therapy because they need to get in touch with their feelings.
Best podcast ever!!!
Ossie 913
I have binge listened to each and every podcast since discovering Heavyweight. Jonathan Goldstein has the perfect blend of sarcasm, Jewish angst and gift of drawing listeners into each story from the opening to the very end. So glad I discovered this gem.
This podcast makes me happy cry basically every time I listen to it. It’s touching. It’s thought provoking! I love it. I die laughing at least once per episode too. Thank you.
Thank you
Absolutely love this podcast! I want the thank you for your continued episodes through the weird times we are in currently.
I Love Love Love you Jonathan.. and your whole team. Your podcast is one of three special ones that I cannot do without. Your stories are so special and clever, witty and charming. And Jonathan, you actually MAKE the story. These adjectives describe YOU. I know right now episode productions are limited somewhat by the pandemic. So it is so nice that you are coming on with the check-ins. I need to hear from my favorite people!! Your child is adorable Jonathan. And thinking of Frank Sinatra's New York, New York song being played loudly the way it was...well, it gave me chills, and I got emotional. (I do not even live in New York). I am glad you all are alright and safe. New York City will come back strong one day. It is hard waiting, but it will be loud and crazy again soon. Check in more often please! I feel very close to you.. and your show. Now more than ever. I need you guys! I am alone and very isolated. So....Be safe. Cannot wait for the next check-in. Maybe one day I will be the one who gets to shake your hand again Jonathan? Maybe... ❤️❤️❤️❤️Karen from Arkansas
Best podcast EVER!!!!! I have listened to every one 2 to 3 times!!
It’s this
If you’re in need of something new to listen to, something good, something engrossing, something idiosyncratically emotive, but don’t know what exactly it is or where to look, I’ll just tell you: it’s this. You found it. So have a listen.
I’m a die hard podcast lover. This is one of the BEST out there. You won’t be disappointed. Great work guys!❤️
Sewer stones?
Who is this moron reveling in destroying her public waste water system? I wonder, when the sewer drain on *your* street backs up, will you be the first to complain about your sneakers getting wet? And who will you blame? Who will you blame when the city/town sewer system requires the streets be torn up, ensuing traffic inconveniences, potable water disruption, mud backing up into your shower and sink drains, and hike in taxes for wastewater system overhaul? Will you be giddy and proud of your childish sewer stone game then?
Press Play
This is the best podcast out there. Don’t take my word for it. Just press play.
Thank you.
Living in Brooklyn, I’ve taken great solace in these updates. Thank You, Jonathan and team.
Beware. Addictive.
I absolutely love this podcast. Except for the part that makes me look like a maniacal laughing lunatic when I’m listening on my ear buds while walking my dog. Everything about it is so charming and real while Jonathan helps individuals go back to a formative event that was difficult for them. Beautifully done. Thank you to all! I especially love the intros (the laugh out loud part).
Thank you
This is one of the best podcast ever but recently it is at a whole new level. Thank you for being there during this time. Your check in episodes give me hope. The segment with the boy by himself playing his recorder will stay with me for a very long time. Take care of yourselves and tune in to this amazing podcast.
All of these check ins during quarantine have been so heartwarming and bringing me to tears. I think the tears are bittersweet. Sad because we’re all struggling during this time, but happy to feel closeness with everyone going through this together. New York Strong! ✊🏻
Very Interesting
Such a great podcast!
One of the best
Ted Snake 5
Seriously one of the best. Great pod.
Simon. 😭😭😭
All time favorite podcast
If anyone ever asks me for a podcast recommendation, this is it. Jonathon blends funny and serious extremely well, and his podcasts have made me laugh and cry. I love the theme song too. Always look forward to a new episode.
Love Jonathan
This podcast just warms my heart. Jonathan is the best.
Such a special show
My favorite Gimlet podcast. Jonathan tells stories in such a beautiful way that makes me both laugh and cry listening to the vulnerability in each episode. Thank you for continuing to produce episodes during this uncertain time. 💗
Thank you for doing some shows during the quarantine. It’s a great break and I was excited to listen on my socially distanced walk.
Tugged at my heart
Simon 😭 Loved this episode.
Wonderfully Entertaining
It’s hard to describe to people exactly what I’m telling them to listen to when I recommend they listen to Heavyweight — and yet it’s such an endearing brand of story-telling. Well done.
We need this right now
Well done. Pls do weekly. Even if quick/short. Need the “check-in”. More banter with Jackie. LOL
I’m so jealous of that Jackie Cohen. How do I get Jonathan to call me with that witty banter?
Exactly What I've Been Looking For
I loved this guy when he was on This American Life, and his studies of individuals facing some sort of impasse are the part of TAL I've been missing as it's become more political. This is basically This Canadian Life. I love it. So much humor and feeling and sorrow.
I love this show. Great every day stories with real people. I really enjoy the low-key comedy used to lighten the often heavier subject matter. The first story I heard was Alex, the recovered addict, I’ve been hooked ever since!
One of my top favorites
This show has amazing stories and the host is hilarious. I love his dry humor and wit. I laugh and cry at nearly every episode.
Excellent storytelling
Funny, heartwarming and often intensely relatable, Heavyweight focuses on a problem from someone's past. The podcsst is reminiscent of This American Life or something you'd find on NPR, except for that added Gimlet charm.
Interesting stories, annoying host
The stories are fascinating and each episode is well-produced; however, the host Johnathan can be annoying and it detracts from the story.
The mask always slips..
Vi Vi Vas
Who needs therapy? Just listen to Heavyweight..Jonathan seems to touch upon so many of our psychological hangups. Love it
Thank you
I needed to hear your voice during this craziness.
This is 98% a perfect podcast always but pleaaaaaase can you get your producers on these corona podcasts to ease up on the “likes” :) :) :) I say this all in love
I LLLOOOVVVEEEE this podcast. The concept is so interesting, and you fall in love with Jonathan and everyone else, and I love all the stories, they are all so heartfelt and wholesome, if you haven’t listened to it, you SO should. ♥️
Always loved, never reviewed
marathon mom!
These are great podcasts. Always just right no matter when I listen and that Bach cello at the end of this last one? Amazing. Was beautifully played and exactly right in every way. 😌
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