Everything is Perfect
This show unpacks one of my all-time favorite shows since childhood in an honest and hilarious way. I love the songs/jingles, the guests, and the wonderful perspectives of the plot! I also very much appreciate how we can still love something so much that can be very problematic (Inca Mummy Girl, for instance), and how those topics are appropriately addressed and discussed on the podcast. Love what y’all do!
stumbled upon this podcast while surfing Spotify for the Buffy soundtrack and Fell. In. Love. These women are witty and amazing. They’re having so much fun with Buffy—how many times have I responded to them and realized it’s a podcast— my favorite !
the BEST buffy podcast… very fun but also very insightful!
as someone who has watched Buffy from beginning to end countless times in my adult life, listening to this podcast and experiencing the show through a different point of view has made it feel new, and it’s just been an absolute joy! as many times as i’ve seen each episode, the hosts point out things i’ve never picked up on. their discussions are fun and entertaining, but also very insightful.
Fresh Take on Classic Slaying
After being recommended this podcast by countless people, I finally starting listening a few weeks ago and have listened to nothing else since. Jenny and Kristen, in addition to an amazing rotating cast of special guests, give new life to Buffy the Vampire Slayer while also providing a fresh take on the classic show. Smattered with catchy jingles and an original song in EVERY EPISODE (!!!), Buffering the Vampire Slayer is my new favorite podcast and I’ll be listening until the Hellmouth freezes over. Especially because I can’t help loving people who love Cordelia as much as I do 💕💕💕
My Favorite Podcast
So much fun! Buffy is one of the greatest shows ever, but many things from this podcast have become iconic in their own right. A little long and tangential sometimes, but always a lot of fun to listen to. The songs are always fantastic and two favorites of mine are Hush and Beer Bad. I love how they are able to criticize the more problematic aspects of the show and its creator while still helping new viewers fall in love with what makes it so great!
Amazing podcast!!!!
Buffering is the best Buffy podcast you will find. The Buffering community is like a second family to me. Great music, great fun and queer joy to be had here. Diving back into Buffy with them is a life-changing adventure.
2 seasons into this brown queer’s first ever watch of Buffy and Im so happy I found @bufferingcast and their amazing recaps and SONGS to ride along with me. Literally not watching S3 until I’m caught up w them
Loved it...at first
This is hard for me to write because I absolutely loved this podcast when it first came out. I would tell all my Buffy loving friends about it and listen religiously every week. Everything was going great and then something changed. I could ignore the Xander bashing, the Cordelia praising and fashion updates because those were things that for the most part, were easy to overlook or wait out. However, the increasing talk of the patriarchy was starting to get to me, the very long discussions before actually getting into the episodes was grating and most notably the biggest turn off for me became the increasing use of profanity and the preteen like giggles and shrieking. My mother and I use to watch Buffy together when I was growing up so when we were taking a roadtrip after a family Christmas vacation, I couldn’t wait to share the podcast with her and boy was she disappointed. Even as a grown man, I chose not to swear or engage in anything around my mother with too much profanity, I guess it’s just a respect thing. I felt embarrassed by how over the course of one episode my entire view on the podcast shifted. I haven’t listened since.
I Love It!!!!!
Ochako Uraka
I love Buffy I’m on season 3 episode 1. You make it so funny and I like that your gay I’m bi myself.
LOVE! But also a little exhausting
Love the jingles and original songs. Wow, that is some real creativity & talent, and I thoroughly enjoy them! I really like their voices—they’ve got good podcast voices! Which makes sense since Jenny is a singer. Some of their insights don’t seem too...I dunno, clever? They seem to miss the mark on some things, but that’s ok. This is their podcast which I am tuning into for their points of view. I enjoy the unique sexual tension award because yes, everyone is a little gay :D. Lastly, I am a bleeding heart liberal, but dang. I think we can chill with the PC police without classifying that chilling as “ignoring.” Yes, our fave is troublesome, but it verges on exhausting when every. single. thing. is mentioned and hemmed & hawed over. I am SO LATE to this party, though, and I think the majority of people dig it so that’s ok. I’m going to keep listening.
I have listened to this podcast in its entirety (season 5 ep 1 at this point) and I loved it at the beginning. However recently I have felt exasperated trying to get though an episode. I love the original songs at the end (have bought all the albums thus far) and the cast interviewes, but it literally takes 15 minutes per podcast episode for them to START discussing the Buffy episode. Previously there was some analysis (though not much) but now it’s just random tangents, their own personal jokes, and them recapping the episode (sporadically). Additionally the live shows are almost unbearable to listen to and are entirely too long. If you’re interested in deep dives, themes, and the writing/production process I suggest passion of the nerd on YouTube, or the Dusted podcast.
The podcast I never knew I needed!
These ladies are amazing. I love Buffy since I was in my 20s. It’s nice to know my passion all these years later is shared by others. And the music is so great!
if you love buffy... you’ll love these two!
so so so happy i found these two! only on episode 7 with them (i’ve seen the series.... 10+ times tho), but I love their POV and they make me laugh. Thank you!!!!
I have been looking for fellow Buffy fans for far too long, I discovered this podcast and I"m obsessed. A podcast full of fun and smashing the particracy little by little. Thanks Kristin and Jenny!!!
Jingles, Wit & Thoughful Queerness!
Truly an outstanding Buffy Podcast! I'm a die-hard Buffy fan and also love Tiny Fences and Slayerfest 98, so there's that. But here's where Buffering shines: 1) This almost always makes me appreciate each Buffy episode more -- delighting in the best of the show, unpacking complex issues, poking loving (mostly) fun at the show's less good moments, and critically attending to its limitations. (Only exception might be 4:18 WTWTA, but good lord that's a rough one.) 2) EXCELLENT Guests and Interviews! 3) Jingles & Songs for extra feels, and for more Buffy goodness in my life. 4) This show has made me appreciate the layers of queerness in the show. Not just Willow and Tara (though there is a Jingle for them too!), but to think about the complexities of families, of lives and callings that have to be kept secret, of desires and conflicts. Moreover this is thoughtful about what this show has meant to generations of queer people: sometimes wrenchingly painful, sometimes joyous, sometimes so so sexy, and more. 5) As a spoiler-free (mostly) podcast, the show doesn't always dig into where some of the larger arcs or characters are headed (for that, Slayerfest 98), but it DOES really spend time appreciating the moments inside of each episode. This has brought so much queer feminist Buffy joy to my life -- THANK YOU BUFFERING!
Not quite my cup of tea but still drinking
I’ve been a fan of Kristen for a long time and I’m big BTVS fan so I thought I’d love this podcast. While I do love traveling down memory lane with each episode, there’s a lot that rubs me the wrong way. Ironically, they’re a married couple but, I don’t feel they have much “on air” chemistry; conversations often feel forced & awkward and the forced jokes are more cringey than funny. The one-sided viewpoints for the social/political issues raised by Buffy is incredibly frustrating for me. While I tend to land on the same political side as the hosts, the exploration into themes and character development comes across as myopic. I’d rather they not address issues if they can’t explore outside their bubble. If you love Buffy, have a similar sense of humor to the hosts, love original songs/jingles (I skip them), and don’t mind a rather rigid POV…I think you’d genuinely enjoy this podcast.
Fun at times, grating at others
I really wanted to rate this podcast higher. Though I don’t care much for the songs at the end or the fashion updates, I do appreciate the hosts’ unique spin on a Buffy podcast. Also I love when they have the actors come on the show and reminisce with some unique anecdotes about being on set. But if you’re looking for any sort of in-depth review of what makes Buffy such a great show that speaks to viewers regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientations, this is not it. The analysis is shallow at best. I enjoyed the hosts connecting us back to the 90s when the show makes references, but sometimes they kinda go off the handle and blab on forever about one small detail. Like one reviewer mentioned, I feel like the hosts don’t give Buffy quite as much love as she deserves for what she goes through as a slayer. On the other hand, Cordelia is praised endlessly despite her cruelty towards other female characters on the show. So much for being pro-feminist? It’s a total double standard as they attack Xander left and right. Yes, he does annoy me sometimes, especially his obsession with Buffy, but that’s why watching Xander develop as a character and mature overtime is so rewarding. I don’t know if the hosts were bullies back in their day, or perhaps really looked up to the popular girls in school - their worshipping of Cordelia seems to indicate so. If you’re looking for deeper episode reviews without the tween gushing, check out Passion of the Nerd.
I love this show! Podcast season 2 episode 11 one of my faves
This show has been a wonderful find for Buffy and I enjoy Jenny and Kristin! I have really liked all the cool guests you have had on. This has been a rough year for me and this show has brought so much happiness! Thank and I plan to listen to both the other podcasts you are doing. I maybe a little obsessed...
My nerdiness for Buffy feels so validated ❤️
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show of all time, I know every episode backwards and forwards, and although I’ve always known there is a huge following for the show, I’ve never been particularly involved (aside from badgering all my friends and family to watch). This podcast made me realize how passionate and wonderful and smart this community of Buffy lovers is, and it makes me so happy to hear other people express all the thoughts I’ve been having about Buffy in relation to feminism and queerness and innovation and character development and so many more for years. I came for the James Marsters interview, and now I’m listening to every single episode and it may be my new favorite podcast. Thanks for bringing all us scoobies together for some good old fashioned patriarchy smashing!
Seriously my favorite podcast
I had to reset my itunes password just to leave this review. It is the best podcast of its kind. It is so fun and inclusive. The music at the end of everthing is phenomenal. I listen to the albums in between the episodes. I love it.
This podcast fuels my entire week!
I’ve FINALLY caught up to the current episodes with these lovely ladies, and can’t wait for season 5. The songs by Jenny are fun, sometimes moving, and always a fun way to look at an episode. I find myself listening to them on Spotify and humming them all week.
Buffy would be proud
I’ve been holding off on listening to this podcast because I wanted to listen to it while rewatching the show-and that magical time has come and WOW is it the best thing. These ladies are.... “slaying”.... and bringing my Buffy joy to new levels. The Giles mug love alone gave me life. 🧛‍♂️ 🧛‍♀️
I only wish I’d found it sooner!
Jenny and Kristin are gems and I’ve told every Buffy fan I know to listen... I binge listened to the first three seasons when I first found it (in three weeks) to get caught up, truly every spare moment. Listening every other week through S4 only made me love this podcast more. New and old Buffy fans, this is the podcast you NEED in your life. Non-Buffy fans, you’re probably not seeing this, but if you are, you should watch the show AND listen to the podcast - it’s spoiler-free!
Best podcast ever
I stand behind that review. My first podcast and remains my favorite! 😄
So Much Fun
A podcast is only as good as it’s hosts and Jenny and Kristen are the best. I love the laughter! It was a revelation for me (not evil!) to find the love and devotion I have always felt toward BTVS shared by so many others. Thank you!
Hosts need to learn how to be podcasters
I am both a huge Buffy and a huge podcast fan, so I can’t help but be drawn to this podcast. The content is good and I love the jingles and songs, but Kristin and Jenny don’t know how to be even remotely professional. The shrieking! I have to constantly dive for my Bose and turn down the volume when Jenny and Kristin start taking fast and yelling. This isn’t fun to listen to! There is a difference between being lively and sounding like you’re 14. I listen to a lot of great podcasts led by two hosts who are at once engaging and funny and also good communicators. Jenny and Kristin could learn something from their sister podcast Angel on Top, which is infinitely more pleasant to listen to.
Shoutout to the buffering cast
Shoutout to the buffering cast
I absolutely love this show I have listened to session 1-3 and part of 4. my only wish is to meet the cast and I can’t imagine my life without this show. If that was not enough they make a wrap up song at the end and all the jingles. This is to the all the people that make this show a possibility on YouTube there is a video called “princess rap battle” and in a more recent one the actor who plays Buffy is one of the main rappers.
Great Buffy Podcast
I just found this podcast so I'm binging it - fantastic! Great (spoiler free for new "watchers"). This is a show I've watched over and over since the beginning and this podcast really does a great job critiquing the show. Jenny and Kristin are a hoot to listen to and even with all my viewings of the show they've brought up points I haven't thought of before. I love the music (which I've purchased) and the jingles and the guests! Fantastic job! Me and my cats (Oz, Spike, Rupert and Riley) look forward to many more episodes!
I got into Buffy only a few years ago and it soon became my all time favorite show. I stumbled upon this podcast and LOVE it. I listen to it everyday day on my way to work and on my way home. The hosts are amazing and really relatable. Every episode they say something I’ve thought a million times while watching! New favorite podcast!
The Best Buffy Podcast
It has music, enjoyable commentary, great professional editing, and I like the guests they bring on. I'm fond of this style of commentary on a show, where it's unspoiler'd recap/comments/ connecting to the hosts's lives. A nice blend that keeps the discussion super contemporary. Not fond of the big chunks of ad after ad but I'm guessing this podcast costs a hot dime to make so I guess it's worth it. I love that they get actors from the show to come on. Definitely one of my favorites.
I finally found my tribe
So happy there are people out there who have watched Buffy as much as I have. Watching along episode by episode is awesome. Kristin jokes about doing the podcast a second watch too, and if you do I’m there - maybe the second run can have spoilers. Love you ladies, feels like I’m back in high school hanging out with my friends at the lunch table.
Smash the demon lizard patriarchy!
What am I even doing?! I become a Patreon and I buy myself a t-shirt from this podcast a year ago and I haven’t left a review?! If you are a Buffy fan this podcast is everything you are hoping for! I love how Kristen and Jenny dissect the episode and also bring personal situations and feelings into the discussion. I’ve learned so much about the show from their amazing guest interviews and fact finding. Do yourself a favor and start listening right now!
Would recommend to other Buffy fans!
Emily Robin
This podcast is a delight! Kristin and Jenny are fun to listen to, and their love for the show comes through even when they share some (justifiable) critiques of the plot or characters. This podcast, along with a few others (Angel On Top, Stuff Mom Never Told You, and Alice Isn't Dead) helped get me through many long runs during my half marathon training.
Obsessed with Buffering the Vampire Slayer!!!
I love this podcast!! Kristin & Jenny feel like old friends who make me think, feel empowered, and constantly crack me up! The special guests, interviews, and special segments (spooky news, fashion watch, the sexual tension award, and more) are all a delight! I am rewatching Buffy along with the podcast and loving every minute of it! This is probably my 5th rewatch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it has been so great to rewatch with the Buffering crew and fans! Thank you Kristin & Jenny!!
So good
I’m a longtime fan of Buffy, and I’ve loved revisiting the show with new eyes. The hosts are great, and while I don’t always agree with them, they always make me think. I love the original songs as well!
A True Delight
This podcast made me into a hardcore Buffy fan and I look forward to every episode. Kristin and Jenny are hilarious and insightful, and the songs are legitimately good music.
#1 favorite
This podcast is the reason I am now a podcast listener. I was a Buffy fan back during the original run and saw reruns here & there. So getting to relive my own love for the series scene-by-scene with such enthusiastic, thoughtful, and enjoyable hosts is a perfect delight! I, too, was a teen in the late nineties, so Kristin & Jenny's podcasts feel like talks with my own friends.
It has its pros and cons
I have been a fan of Buffy for a long while and I enjoy some of what these ladies have to say about the show, their humor is fun, and there were some random facts I didn’t know that I enjoyed learning. On the other hand, I don’t care for the feminist and lgbt overtones. Not to say I don’t support these things, but when I hear the term “man-splaining” and about “finding the gay” in every episode, I lose interest. I thought I could get around it, but when one of the ladies started talking about how Cordelia is so cool because she puts “men out like cigarette butts”, I wasn’t into it anymore. Hating Xander for the reasons you stated, yet liking Cordelia for treating men like old cigarettes, doesn’t make any sense. I just think the angle they are going at the show with is a little too biased for me.
This podcast is so fun! Kristin and Jenny cherish favorite Buffy moments and to tease the show's goofiness in equal measure. I really appreciate hearing queer women's perspectives centered in this podcast. I also appreciate that they don't shy away from acknowledging painful truths in the show and in our world, while still not letting that stop them from bringing humor and delight to their conversations. Their love for the show's characters and for their listeners comes through strong in every episode. And the songs and jingles are such a treat! All around, a joy to listen to.
The best of the best!
By far the best podcast out there! This podcast gives me life! Buffy has been such a huge part of my life, I love that this podcast breathes fresh life into a 20+ year old show! What a gift! Jenny’s songs provide a beautifully moving transmedial extension of the show and are listened to on a loop in my home. Kristin’s spooky news segment is a delight and her intersectional queer feminism delivers spot on analysis. Kate Leth’s fashion watch is a true delight. And the jingles, pure confection for your ears!
I Love This
Row bean
I’ve been in love with Jenny Owen Youngs forever. And when I found out she and Kristen Russo had a commentary podcast I was like “Click immediately!” and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.
I love it
As a huge Buffy fan, I think this is an incredible Podcast. It’s funny and smart.
Great. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, on to the review. I am a big fan of this podcast. I love the fact that it’s hosted by two gay women. I also love their songs, the way they come to conclusions that I would not have thought of. I love Buffy Fashion Watch. I basically love almost everything about the podcast, and the one thing that I don’t love, the Xander-bashing, I’m willing to wait until later seasons, when he actually shows some growth. I really hope that Mrs. Owen-Young and Mrs. Russo (hope that I spelled their names right!) continue the podcast all the way to the end of both Buffy and Angel. Thank you for your time, and until next time, AWOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
One of my favorite shows!
Kenady W.
This show got me into Buffy and I don’t know how I lived before I started listening. Like catching up with old friends over your favorite tv show!
It’s like your very talented and thoughtful and funny best friends talking about one of your favorite things. I just started recently, and I’ve been listening absolutely non-stop, because they are just such a joy. Thank you Kristin and Jenny for bringing Buffy back to my life ❤️
Best. Podcast. Ever.
Seriously. The best.
Self indulgent
It’s hard to take it seriously when they push back so harshly on the patriarchy but say things and objectify the female characters so blatantly. They constantly punish the show for its sets, costumes and storylines it’s a wonder they even like the show in the first place .
Pure Buffy Fun
I love this podcast! The hosts are entertaining and thoughtful, and they put a lot of effort into making jingles, songs, and segments that add a lot to the experience.
I love this podcast and the fantastic women who make it!
Totally fills my post-buffy rewatch void
There is no show as good as Buffy so when you finish watching it there's not much you can do to feel better about the emptiness left in your life. This podcast definitely helps - reviewing each episode with people who have very interesting takes is the best.
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