2.22: Becoming (Part 2)
Published July 5, 2017
80 min
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    Buckle up for a heavy one, friends, because it's a very emotional day in Sunnydale. Angel wants to destroy the world, and Buffy wants to stop him. This episode is SUCH a doozy that Kate Leth decided to forgo fashion talk and record a Buffy FEELINGS-Watch! This week we're discussing s2e22: Becoming (Part 2).  This episode is brought to you by Book of the Month. Get your first book for $10 at bookofthemonth.com/BUFFERING. This episode is also sponsored by Care/of. Go to TakeCareOf.com now and get a personalized vitamin recommendation, then use code BUFFERING to get 50% off your first order. Jenny Owen Youngs is @jennyowenyoungs on twitter, and you can check out some of her non-Buffy songs at jennyowenyoungs.com/buffering.  Kristin Russo is @kristinnoeline on twitter. Learn more about the resources she creates for LGBTQ individuals and their families at everyoneisgay.com and mykidisgay.com. Get to know Buffy FEELINGS-Watch correspondent Kate Leth better at kateleth.com, or give her a shout on twitter (@kateleth).  Follow Buffering the Vampire Slayer on twitter (@bufferingcast) and on facebook (facebook.com/bufferingcast)! Try Stitcher Premium for an ad-free experience, and to access oodles of exclusive content from a variety of podcasts & creators. Stitcher Premium is offering our listeners a free month-long trial, and $5 off the first year of an annual plan - just visit stitcherpremium.com/buffy and use promo code buffy. We've got NEW MERCH, including a wolf-y AWOO shirt designed by Isabella Rotman, an ADORABLE "even a werewolf is better than misogyny" tee designed by Cameron Glavin, and the JUST KEEP FIGHTING tee in a new color! We've also got CDs ready to order - limited quantities of both SONGS FROM SEASON TWO and SONGS FROM SEASON ONE. Visit bufferingthevampireslayer.com and click on SHOP to check out our little shop of WONDERS. If you prefer your music in non-corporeal form, Buffering the Vampire Slayer: Songs From Season One is available now on iTunes, or wherever you get your digital music. You can now support the show on Patreon at patreon.com/bufferingcast. Logo: Kristine Thune (kristinethune.com)
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