How to Dramatically Increase Your Willpower & The Fascinating Ways Time Affects Food
Published July 8, 2019
44 min
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    People are not getting sick and dying like they used to. The number of cases of some very common diseases have dropped dramatically over the last few decades and you’ll never guess why. Listen and find out as this episode begins with an explanation – sort of. Do you ever wish you had more willpower? It does seem that some people have a lot more of it than others. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal says you probably have more of it than you think and you can create more of it. Kelly is a lecturer at Stanford University and author of the book The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More ( She joins me to explain how willpower works and how you can have more of it.  When was the last time you washed your credit cards? Never right? Well your credit cards are one of many things crawling with germs you probably never think to clean. Listen to discover what else in your home might need a little disinfectant sooner than later. You may not think about it much but one very important ingredient in everything you eat or drink is – time! Too much time can ruin a lot of food yet some food gets better and better the longer you leave it alone. Food writer Jenny Linford, author of the book The Missing Ingredient: The Curious Role of Time in Food and Flavor ( joins me with a fascinating explanation on how time matters in almost anything you eat or drink.  This Weeks Sponsors -Quip Toothbrush. Get your first refill pack free. Go to -Capterra. To find the best software solutions for your business for free, go to
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