Instantly Improve Your Decision Making & Vices that Are Really Good for You
Published June 13, 2019
37 min
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    Every airport runway has a number and it is always between 1and 36. This episode begins with how airport runways get their numbers (it is not random) and what purpose those numbers serve. I’ll also explain why sometimes the runway numbers have to change. When you make a decision, you hope you make the right one. And there are some decision making models that can help you make better decisions more consistently. Gabriel Weinberg has looked at these mental models and put them in a book called Super Thinking: The Big Book of Mental Models ( Listen as Gabriel explains how these models work and how you can use them to be a much better decision maker. So often we’ve been told that things like alcohol, coffee and other vices are bad for you. That doesn’t always tell the whole story. A lot of what people consider sinful, may not be so bad in moderation according to journalist Erik Ofgang. Erik and his father Dr. Henry Ofgang have looked at the latest research and found some vices may actually be beneficial. They have putt their findings in a book called The Good Vices: From Beer to Sex, the Surprising Truth About What's Actually Good for You ( Listen as Erik joins me to explain what they found. With summer vacation season here, there is a phone call or two you need to make before you leave for your vacation that can save you a lot of hassle when you get to your destination. Listen to discover who you should call. This Week’s Sponsors -Paint Your Life. To learn more and get a 30% discount text SYSK to 48-48-48 -SimpliSafe. For free shipping and a 60 day risk-free trial go to -Stroke of Genius Podcast. Subscribe to Stroke of Genius on Apple Podcasts, at, or your favorite podcast platform. -Lively. For $10 off your first order go to and use promo code: something -Linzess. For information about your IBSC symptoms go to -Capital One. What's in your wallet? -Geico. Save 15% or more on car insurance at
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