The Amazing Benefits of Creating Order in Your Life & the Math that Changed Your World
Published April 29, 2019
47 min
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    If you want to feel good, grab some money! I begin this episode by explaining how the simple act of handling money can make you feel a lot better if you are feeling a bit down. And the money doesn’t even have to be your money.,8599,1912574,00.html When you walk into a neat, clean and organized room, do you feel better? Calmer? A lot of people do. More order and less clutter can help you feel happier says Gretchen Rubin, host of the podcast, “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” and author of the book Outer Order Inner Calm: Declutter and Organize to Make Room for Happiness ( Listen as Gretchen explains the psychology of order and how it relates to happiness. Plus she offers some great techniques to organize and create a calmer space. People hug their dogs. It is a sign of affection. However, dogs hate it and it can cause a lot of stress in your pet. Listen as I explain why it is not a good idea to hug your dog – in fact it can be dangerous. Mention the word “calculus” and people probably think of it as a high school math class that was very difficult. However, calculus is so much more. Without it there might not be cell phones or GPS or television. Calculus helped find a treatment for AIDS and helped us discover Neptune. Steven Strogatz is a professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell and author of the book Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of the Universe ( and he joins me to explain exactly what calculus is and how critical it is to our modern world.  This Week's Sponsors -Fab Fit Fun. For $10 off your first box go to and use the promo code: something -ADT. To get a secure smart home designed just for you go to -BetterHelp. Get help with a counselor you will love at -Capital One. What's in your wallet?
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