Are We Killing English or is It Just Evolving? & How to Make Big Changes Easier
Published March 28, 2019
41 min
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    Springtime means the return of annoying allergy symptoms for a lot of us. I begin this episode with some simple but very effective techniques that can help minimize the suffering from allergies and they come from a top allergist. If the English language is constantly evolving then what is “proper English”? Should you judge people if they use the language differently from you? Is it okay if someone says, “Let me axe you a question?” These are some of the things I discuss with Anne Curzan, professor of English, linguistics and education at the University of Michigan and host of a series of online courses at The Great Courses ( After listening to her, you may look at the language in a very different light. Should kids question authority or follow the rules? As a parent, you would like them to behave but if you look at the effect it has on their future income as adults, you may change your mind. Listen as I explain some fascinating research into this. We all know that making changes is hard even when those changes are exactly what we need. So is there a way to approach change to make it easier? Yes, according to Gregg Clunis, host of the podcast, Tiny Leaps, Big Changes and author of the book Tiny Leaps Big Changes ( Gregg offers some important insight to making personal changes whether it is reaching for a big goal or eliminating something negative in your life.  This Week's Sponsors -Fab Fit Fun. For $10 off your first box, go to and use the promo code: something -Trip Actions. Go to complete a 30 minute demo and receive a $100Amazon gift card. -ADT. Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you. -Select Quote. Get your free insurance quote at -Indeed. Post a sponsored job for free at -Geico. Go to to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance -Capital One. What's in your wallet?
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