How to Actually Make Yourself Smarter & How Too Much Efficiency Makes You Less Efficient
Published March 14, 2019
40 min
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    Everyone has heard about antioxidants. In fact, a lot of people take antioxidant supplements. But is more better? We begin this episode with a look at antioxidants, what they do and when too much of them could be a bad thing. Just how smart are you? Well, actually it depends. It is clear that your brain works better when you do certain lifestyle things and avoid other things. For example, how much you sleep you get and much alcohol you drink can have a real impact on how you think. David Bardsley, author of the book Smarter Next Year: The Revolutionary Science for a Smarter, Happier You ( joins me to reveal simple lifestyle changes that can make you smarter and improve the way your brain functions at any age. What makes a woman beautiful? That may seem like a complicated question but in one significant way, the answer is quite simple. Listen as I explain. Efficiency is good but too much efficiency may not be. In fact, trying to be too efficient can actually make you less efficient. That’s according to Edward Tenner, a distinguished scholar at the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation and author of the book The Efficiency Paradox ( Listen as he discusses how doing things efficiently isn’t necessarily always better - and how we have to balance efficiency with quality and intuition.  This Week’s Sponsors -LinkedIn Jobs. For $50 off your first job posting, go to -Calming Comfort Blanket. For $15 off the posted price, go to and use the promo code: something.  -Care/OF Vitamins. For 50% off your first month of Care/Of Vitamins go to and us the promo code: something50  -Geico. To save money on car home or renters’ insurance go to
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