Fascinating Backstories of Modern Technology & What Really Determines How Long You Live
Published March 7, 2019
44 min
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    Every driver has likely had the experience of encountering a motorcycle that “came out of nowhere.” How does that happen? There is actually an explanation for why this is such a common occurrence and we begin today's episode with the explanation. http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/motorcycles/a19641/why-you-dont-seemotorcycles-on-the-road/ Every piece of technology you use has a story of how it came to be. Some of those stories are fascinating. For example, did you know YouTube was originally a dating website? It’s one of the many stories told by Dagogo Altraide, creator of the Cold Fusion YouTube channel and author of the book, New Thinking: From Einstein to Artificial Intelligence, the Science and Technology that Transformed Our World (https://amzn.to/2T8RmUu).Listen as Dagogo explains fascinating backstories from the original telephone to the iPhone, Netflix and even the movie, Toy Story. Here is the link to Dagogo's YouTube channel, "Cold Fusion": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4QZ_LsYcvcq7qOsOhpAX4A Some photos just don’t belong on social media – not because they are offensive but mostly because they are boring to look at and nobody cares. Listen as I offer some suggestions on the types of photos most people would rather NOT see you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else. https://www.purewow.com/tech/Things-to-Never-Post-on-Social-Media There is an assumption in the U.S. that if you get sick, you go to the doctor and he or she will fix it. The problem with that assumption is that it isn’t true for a lot of medical problems. Relying on the healthcare system to live a long and healthy life is a risky proposition according to Robert Kaplan, a behavioral scientist at Stanford University and author of the book More Than Medicine: The Broken Promise of American Health (https://amzn.to/2IISfy9). Robert explains why healthcare can’t fix a lot of problems and what you can do to stay healthy and live a long time. This Week's Sponsors -ADT. Go to www.ADT.com/smart to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you. -Select Quote. Get your free insurance quote at www.SelectQuote.com/something -Trip Actions. Go towww.TripActions.com/something to complete a 30 minute demo and receive a $100Amazon gift card. -Geico. Go to www.Geico.com to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance
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