How to Get People to Notice Just How Great You Really Are & Answers to Fascinating Life Questions
Published December 20, 2018
41 min
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    Does being unhappy make you more likely to get sick or even shorten your life span? A lot of people believe that. So, in this episode we look at the science behind that belief. How could unhappiness cause illness? The answer is complicated and not what you probably think. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people would notice and appreciate just how great you are at doing what you do? Yes it would be but it seldom happens. If you want to really get noticed – if you want people to really see how competent you are, you have to project an image of competence. Jack Nasher, a consultant and negotiation trainer is author of the book Convinced: How to Prove Your Competence and Win People Over ( Jack joins me to explain what it takes to really get people (including your boss) to see just how great you are and how well you do your job. What time is it at the North Pole? Why does a whip crack? Why do people stick out their tongue when they are concentrating on a task? These are just some of the interesting questions I tackle with science writer Ivan Semeniuk. Ivan along with New Scientist magazine, published a book called Why Don’t Penguins Feet Freeze? ( (yes we answer that one too.) which explores some of these fascinating questions you’ve always wondered about. What makes a food a “comfort” food? It turns out your favorite comfort food has more to do with who cooked it and where you ate it than it does with the food itself. Listen as I explain. This Week's Sponsors -Quip. Get your first refill pack free when you buy an electric toothbrush at -Robinhood. Get a free stock when you sign up at -Stitch Fix. Get an extra 25% off when you keep all the items in your box at
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