The Amazing Science Behind Why You Dream at Night & How to Make Real Friends and Connections
Published December 17, 2018
46 min
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    There are a lot of theories and myths about alcohol and how not to fall victim to its effects. For example, mixing caffeine with alcohol will make you feel less sleepy or that light beers are healthier than regular beers. I begin this episode with an examination of which of these and other common held beliefs about alcohol are true or false. Why do you dream at night? Do those dream serve a purpose or are they random thoughts the brain has as your body rests? Journalist Alice Robb, author of the book Why We Dream ( explores the science of dreaming and reveals some proven ways that you can use your dreams to help you in your waking life. What is the best tasting ketchup? Is it some fancy organic gourmet ketchup or is it Heinz or Hunts or maybe Del Monte? Blind taste tests reveal a very clear winner. Listen and discover which ketchup reigns supreme. (The New Best Recipe cookbook by America's Test Kitchen - ( You probably have a lot more electronic friends on social media, texts and email than you have real friends. And while electronic friends are fine, having traditional friends and connections is probably more important than ever before. Susan RoAne author of the book How to Work a Room ( explores the importance of friendships and offers practical ways to find and make new friends. This Week's Sponsors -Quip. Get your first refill pack free when you buy an electric toothbrush at -Robinhood. Get a free stock when you sign up at -Stitch Fix. Get an extra 25% off when you keep all the items in your box at
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